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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Snuggle Sunday

Woo, it's me - Dave. It's Sunday. Just a couple quick suggestions for some of you who left comments on Zim's tutorial yesterday.

OP Pack - What's to stop you from going up stairs to get on the bed? Rules? We're Siberians. "I'm just sayin'." If it's a barrier, please see my next response.

Thor and Marco Polo - A "gate" is keeping you from the bedroom? Don't you two do agility? I know you do, Thor. Leap that baby (please see my sterling example on that post)! If Marco Polo isn't in to leaping over stuff, knock the gate down for him. I do that for Zimmie and Ammy. Stormy knows how to knock ours right out of the brackets. Woo.

Princess Eva - The door is shut? Hmm. I haven't solved that one yet, but great-brother Booter knew how to open doors. Brice seems rather enterprising - maybe he can figure it out and will open the door for you. He seemed pretty gentlemanly to me when I met him; I'll bet he'd do it for you!

Joey Stains - You said that you always have to kick pillows on the floor to get comfy and speculated that maybe you're part Sibe! As Henry said in Goodfellas, "Only the good part." Ha woooooo! I think you'd fit in around here just GREAT!

And lastly ... before I close my big blues for a quick nap ...

...to the Huffle cat - No need to worry about me. I just know that it pays to stay on Mom's good side. Woo.

And now ... We have another bizarre (but lovely, as far as we Sibes are concerned) cold front that's moved in. It just barely hit 60 degrees F and we have winds of about 35 miles per hour. Time to snuggle in.


PS: Little Domi buddy - Stick with me, fellow pickle nose to be. I won't lead you astray! (And my condolences about your mom buying one of those evil trash cans. Woo.)


  1. Our weather is nice like that, too!

  2. My weather - well - I won't use the word but let's just say temp of 88 with humidity of 57 makes for dp of 71 and a feels like of ninteyfreakingfive -

    Please send it this way ASAP!

    Khyra and Merdie

  3. We'll take some of that cool stuff. Its 94 freakin degrees here. I haven't moved off of the cold vent in hours, except to rush out, pee and run back in.


  4. But Dave, staying on your mum's good side is bad for my best bud Zimmie! You gotta look out for him too!

    It's very cold and raining and windy here today. I'm staying inside.

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

  5. It's supposed to be cold here, but it's hot, British weather is just strange!
    I would have tested out the tutorial this morning.. but Mum didn't attempt to make the bed for once, she got her coffee and came back for snuggles.. hmmm she must be up to something!

    Ben xxxx

  6. Yep, we got the cool temps and that wind too. But what a delightful walk we had.

    Yes, we have gates, and gates and more gates. It is like that Leavenworth prison here. Maybe that's why Mom hasn't taken us to agility classes.

    Woos and wags, The OP Pack

  7. As you know, Ari is only half husky, so we spend a lot of our time around here wondering which parts of her are particularly Sibe. We have two very strong contenders now: 1) she sleeps on our bed just like Zim does and 2) she has freckles on her nose just like Dave's. Maybe those jindo genes are recessive.

  8. WOO WOO Dave

    Thanks for the helpful hint! We will need to jump that gate - it's cold and windy here too! We need to get into bed and get warm!

    Thor and Marco Polo

  9. I wish I could borrow some sibe fur for the upcoming cold here, I am going bald!!

  10. I would like to snuggle with you Dave!!!! You look soooo adorable on your mom's shoe!

    I liked Zimmie's post yesterday. Samuel likes to do the same thing to mom and dad's bed too.


  11. Of course Dave, I am so right behind woo! I know a fellow pickle nose will always have my back!!!!!


  12. our weather is improving :) i love the picture, so sweet!!

  13. But, Dave, Kiska has a question on the use of baby gates. You see, she can leap over them in a single stride, so management got creative in The Herd world. Steps going up curve at a landing, so they put one gate at the bottom step and a second on the curve so there is just enough room for one sibe, but not enough room to get a spring straight up over the next gate and the steps. Kiska gets stuck in the middle zone at least once a week.

  14. Hey, I know how to open doors. Maybe I need to send you some instructions.


  15. Mom said she can't wait for snuggle weather. That's when she trades the cold air boxes for my fluffiness. She loves it when I lie on her feety feet.