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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Salute - The Nowzad Dogs and Ben!

Today our Sunday Salute goes out to our buddy Ben the Rotti and an organization known as "Nowzad Dogs".

As most of you know, we love and support the members of our military - and the allies who stand with us, shoulder-to-shoulder! And naturally, we're quite fond of fellow canines, as well. Ha roo roo roo! The Nowzad Dogs organization was born from a group of British Marines serving in Afghanistan who wanted to rescue the stray dogs who had become their companions during their deployment. Now the charity group supports the troops who are trying to help the stray dogs.

In Ben's words, the Nowzad Charity helps ..."support those soldiers who find themselves trying to look after the Afghan strays that seem to have no hope and by further funding the vital work of the Afghan rescue by helping them with their educational programme for children, free neutering programme for stray dogs and cats bought into the rescue and to help with the further welfare and local re-homing of rescued animals. They also support the Mayhew Animal Homes' training programme for vets from developing countries who are working to help the animals in their local communities."

We encourage you to click the icon above for more information or please visit our good friend Ben's blog - he is doing a big fund-raiser to help them out! Let's show Ben our support! Sounds like we'll have some fun in the process, too!

We salute the Nowzad Dogs Charity and our pal Ben! (And Dave sends Ben's mom more "woooo"s!)

The Army of Four


  1. I saw that last evening and made sure to khomment -

    When Mom goes out today, I'll khrakhk into her pawpal -


  2. Thank you so much to all at AO4, this is a charity that is very close to Mum's heart as she is a big supporter of our troops and of dogs in need so it's all she supports rolled into a nice little package!
    Mum thanks you for the Woo's Dave.. geeze, like she needed to get anymore smitten with you!!

    love, licks and honorary Woooo's

    Ben xxxx

  3. What a cool group! That's awesome and definately due a great salute.

  4. Thank you for telling us about it. We just added a link to your story on our post for today.

    We're with you on hoping we get our own cheesecake - minus chocolate - for our letter writing today.

  5. I'll be doing this too... I hope I can join in while I'm on my world tour.

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

  6. w00f's A04, thanks fur reminding me i need to git the code...mama iz old and slow sumtimes...will cross post about it too, we gots to help those lonely pups...

    b safe,

  7. That is so great of Ben to head that up.. We got our paws cross that everyone donates...

    Big sloppy kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  8. Salutes from the OP Pack to Ben and the Nowzad Dogs Charity - such wonderful work!!!

  9. Woof Pups

    Really pawsome thing to do. Many people forget that dogs need help too.

    Desert Pups

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