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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Rest of Our Adventure

Hi everypuppy!  It's me - Amber!  I'm here to tell you about the rest of the big, long walk Zim and I took with Mom!  The whole thing was just SO exciting and we had a wonderful time and wish all of you could have been there.  The next best thing is showing you pictures AND we have a video today, too!

Zim was a bit disappointed that what we found wasn't the ocean, but I was able to reassure him that we'd find more really interesting things on the loop home.  Here's the first thing we found:

I'm not sure, but I think it's where Elbow Macaroni comes from.

We crossed a big road, then went over the bridge on Little Kitten Creek.  After a while, we came onto a big group of pine trees.  We were just walking along minding our own, when we heard this really LOUD chatter!  Zim stopped to look.

Hey!  Hey, who's up there!?!

It was a SQUIRREL!  We've seen them in that area before and it's always very exciting!  We don't have any by our house, so it's a big deal when we see one!

Zim was just captivated by him and stared and stared!  Then he told me even better news!

Am!  There are TWO of them!

I couldn't believe it, but it was true!  Take a look:

Can you see them!?!  Zim froze in place and wouldn't move.


Seriously fascinating!

Mom shot this video for us:

Like Mom said, they were looking right AT us!  She took this picture of Zim, then did a little PhotoShop work on it:

I'll bet Sitka will think he looks dreamy!  :)

Then Zim did what comes naturally to him when he sees something that fascinates him.  He sat.

And he sat.

He would have sat there all day, but Mom said it was time to head home, so she could take Storm and Dave on a walk, too. 

I told you we'd see something else exciting, Zim!
You did, Am... and you were right!  Ha roo!

I hope you enjoyed our adventure!  Thanks for coming along with us!


PS:  Another big day tomorrow!  Be sure to join us!!!


  1. No squirrels in your yard!! Poor pups. Squirrels are great entertainment.

    But I'm worried now. I'm having magic pictures taken of my elbows next month. Are they going to look like the macaroni pictures that kids make?


  2. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Oh Ammy! You and Zim have the funnest walks ever!!! That elbow macaroni thing looks pretty cool! I really like the photo of my redhead! He does look dreamy!

  3. So the squirrels were monitoring your walk and keeping the squirrel army alerted. Khyra better help out!

  4. Zimmie does look dreamy. and those squirrels were very exciting. They come to our yard all of the time and we have fun chasing them and the Oswalds out.

    Guess what? Mom and Dad are taking a vacation out your way in May. Can they come to visit and meet you in person???

  5. Did someone yip SKHWIRREL?

    I'm THERE!

    As fur the sitting, that's one of my OTHER favourite pastimes!

    In fakht, Merdie's dad stopped by The Doggy Nanny's Wednesday morning whilst Mom was at work...he was kind enough to let me out fur a bit BUT then he had the NERVE to khall my mom at work and say 'your dog is weird...she is just sitting out in the yard'

    Of khourse, it was only around 20 degrees or so - why NOT sit in the yard!


  6. Aaaarrooooo-roo-rooo! You saw squirls....real live squirls with moving parts and all...wow! Did you try and climb the tree for them? Did you roo-roo at them? We don't see them much here, they're sneaky....we smell them though, stanky critters :o) We loved coming on your walk with you and that was a cool video your Mom took...we'll be back tomorrow fur sure!
    Slobbers xx

  7. We have a family of grey squirrels, and one time a black squirrel came, but never came back!



  8. Wow! Did they skwawk at you? Did they throw stuff at you? That's what they usually do to me. Unless Kansas skwerls have better manners than Texas skwerls.

    Oh, and hey..what's a snorgle between friends?

  9. Squirrels! Good job keeping them out of your yard. They are tricky and pesky. We have some serious squirrels around our yard because it is all woods. We could not sit and watch a squirrel because we have to bark and bark and bark and bark and bark ... you probably get the idea.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  10. I love your adventures!

    And a double squirrel whammy too. Amazing.

    I wondered though, whereabouts exactly in your walkies, was the Loop Home? Is it a Home for Loops? Or a Squirrel Squat?

    Whatever it is, it sure kept Zim fascinated! Do the squirrels sit on top of the Loop Home?

    So many questions, so little time.

    A dog pal of mine calls Squirrels, Rabbits Who Climb Trees btw!!

    Hey, why don't you all come over here, there are lots of Squirrels here in my woods, I bark at them all the time, very fiercely.

    Sadly, here in the UK they do not have a Loop Home to go to.

    lotsaluv, Marvin xxxxxxxxxxx

    "Confused As Ever"

  11. Zim was sure mesmorized by those squirrels! They are the best doggy entertainment ever!

  12. Wow I've never seen a squirrel! We don't have those here. I would have sat there and stared at them too.

    Those pictures and video were so fun to look at! And your mom is awesome at Photoshop! My mom doesn't know how to use it at all.

    Thanks for the tip on the ginger snap cookies and for adding me to your sidebar! When I figure out how to do all that fancy stuff I'll be sure to add you to mine!


  13. *sigh* I has never ever seed a squirrel afore. They look sooo good. I is very jealous of you two's good discoveries.

    I loved the photos of Zim, he looks totally intent! BOL! Can't wait to see what tomorrows post is.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  14. Storms is very smart, we all know that and she is probably right about the ocean, but it still was a great find, Zim.

    Now, as for those squirrels woo found, I think they came here after they left that tree, we heard some of that chattering in the big tree outside our fence. We haven't figured out how to get to that tree but we will woo at them and see if they will head back your way.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  15. Squirrels! Did you tell Khyra about this? Maybe they're spies. I think you should be cautious....very cautious.

  16. I am considering asking mum to get me a leash so I can go on walks too. What do you think?

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

  17. We like barking at the squirrels too.
    Yepper we do lots of ARR ARR's when we play. Callie is the loudest..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  18. Oh, Zim you look very dreamy. Sitka is probably even crazier for you!

    I can't believe elbow macaroni comes from Kansas! I thought it would come from Wisconsin since that's where the cheese is.


  19. WOW! MACAROONI, KITTIES, & SQUIRRELS! All you need is a salad, some red sauce, and garlic bread and you have a splendid dinner.

    What's for dessert?

  20. What a great walk, can not wait til the weather is nice here again to go for long walks. Have a great day.

  21. Hi AO4!
    You did find something exciting! I saw one of those squirrel things the other day. It was in our neighbors backyard and Owner Girl wouldn't let me chase it - or I mean...go say hello. 0:)

  22. Woo Woo and HaRoooooo!
    Great job spyin' on dem shquirrels. Wese has dem too and we catch dem spying on us. We're on ta dem.
    Do you think dey's has cell phone kommunikation?

    Great walk. Keep up da good work!
    Husky kisses,

  23. Woo always has great adventures! And squirrels too!! Oh, woos lucky alright!! Such fun!

    Mya boo Boo

  24. Not one but two squirrels in that tree!
    Thanks for sharing the rest of your adventure!
    Kisses and hugs

  25. Elbow macaroni...PAWESOME! My Mom laughed at that but I don't know why because macaroni is no laughing matter. Also, did you know you have the same name as my Mom....that's right, her name is Amber too. Isn't that funny!

    Great job staking out those squirrels too....can't wait to hear about your next adventures.


    P.S. I would be honored if you would add me to your blog list....I added you to mine too! ;)

  26. That sure is a nice walkie you had. ;)

    ~ Bae

  27. Oh Zimmie! You really need to come to visit MY yard! We have squirrels all the time!! And they YELL at us! Well, actually it's more of a chirpy squeak, but I know they are telling us off when we chase after them and then stare at them.

    What a great adventure!!


  28. So that's where elbow oonies come from! We had no idea!
    We sure did love your squirrel video!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  29. woo how exciting!! I love squirrels but we dont see too many around here either!!!

  30. WOO WOO Ammy and Zimmy

    What a great walk but where is your snow??? We have so much and you have none!

    Thor and Marco Polo