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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Toy Talk

Ha roo, readers!  It's me - Stormy.  Thank you so much for the kind words on the photo I posted yesterday.  Mom is still learning a lot about that Adobe Photoshop Elements program;Tia and her Sibe sisters' mom gave our mom a heads up about some helpful tutorials she could download through iTunes and I think they're paying off!  Here's a pretty cool one Mom did of Dave:


Wild, isn't it?

Anyroo, some of you asked about the cool real dinosaur bones we play with.  They are made by -- err, I mean excavated by the people at Nylabone.  I heard through the grapevine that Santa got ours at PetsMart, so I'm sure they're widely available.  They're hard rubber and can last the average hard-chewing Sibe a long, long time.  I'm talking years.  Unless the Jaws of Steel is around.  Here is what our real dinosaur bones looked like after she had them for about 10 minutes:


Sorry the color is a bit off, but you get the idea!  We recommend them... but recommend you check on their status frequently!!!  Not everyone can be gentle with things like me.  I can be trusted with more fragile things.


Oh, I know what you're thinking.  You think this looks like a squirrel, don't you?  Well, I thought about that...


...but I decided it's a puppy.

Stay here with me, little one.  I won't let Dave or the Jaws of Steel anywhere near you!

I only get to play with my new puppy when it's just me and Mom.  Or maybe if Zimmie's around.  It's just better that way!  Breed-appropriate and pup-specific toys!  We're careful about both around here.

Tail wags,


  1. So THAT'S where my skhwirrels have gone!

    PeeEssWoo: Make sure your mom shows woo Jakhk-A-Roo's PUP PUP PUPPY nieces and nephews!

  2. Be gentle to that squirr...er, uh, puppy. I can see your motherly instincts coming through. If I was there, I would cuddle up with all your motherly fuzz. Looks comfy.

    Fuzzily yours,


  3. oh Stormy, you look so snuggly with your squi-er pup. He'll stay safe with you.

  4. Storms - Say it isn't so. We think it is really a decoy squirrel to attract the real squirrels. Yeah, that's it.

  5. Now I am not for stuffee violence, evfurry body knows that, but if you just chewed a couple of inches off that tail, no one, NO ONE would evfur know!


  6. Your urr...puppy looks so happy cuddled with you! I have a squeeky shoe toy right now, but not sure how long its gonna last. But woo look bewootiful!!!

    Mya Boo Boo

  7. Do you have a puppy squirrel??
    I know you can take good care of him!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. Hmmm, so you're the gentle giant of the family, Storm. Good for you! Protect that squ -- uh, pup!

  9. Calling by to wish you all Happy New Year. Sadly our internet was crashed and we could not make it better.

    Even though my Dad tried to bribe it with cool real dinosaur bones (which we keep in the garden here), however tinternet was having none of it.

    And tinternet had a huge darn huff. No, not a big Huffle cat, just a sulk, which lasted most of the day. And beyond.

    Luckily, my Pa managed to sort the problem and we are back on line. We have lots to catch up with so I wanted to bark how much we had missed you.

    We will comment soon!

    Love and licks, Marvin xxxxxxx

  10. What a coincidence! Momma bought "The Boy" a real dinosaur bone yesterday but he's refusing to play with it because it's magenta. Apparently he only plays with toys that are manly colors.

    Princess Eva

  11. Stormy, you are so cute with your "puppy"! Thanks for the info on the dinosaur bones! I was wondering if Santa dug them up in the Flint Hills or what!

  12. Harrrrr
    that is a great pic of dave Harrr.
    Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

  13. I would like to come and snuggle with you on the bed please Stormy.

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

  14. We guess some puppies have bushy tails like squirrels. We all think the shot of Storms thinking is great. Tell Mom to keep track of all she learns about Photoshop so she can teach ours if she ever gets her Mac and Photoshop too.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  15. BOL, it is just too cute, you and that lil puppy...

    We love your mum's mad photoshop skills...

    M & I

  16. Happy New Year Army Friendzees! Golly it's been furever that we got to sniff around

    Storm awwwh you one gentle soul how lovely but what caught our eyes the most is how you is lucky cos you're on the big bed!!! we have never been on the big bed and that just isn't right lucky ya'll. We think your baby is adorable and totally lucky to have your pawtecting

    love licks lots of love licks

  17. Oh Storms those pictures of you with your "puppy" melted my heart!


  18. Soooo, won't you send my mom the links to those tutorials so she make me look good, too? Thank you! I think that you look very thoughtful, Stormy. And I think you'd be great with puppy,you're such a good leader of your pack.

    Ps-did your mom get my email regarding the Deeve?

  19. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all and your mum and dad. Wow your mum is getting very creative with Photoshop. Mum has it on her computer but its all in Japanese and she has no idea about how to use it! We look forward to another year of visiting your blog.

  20. I have a collection of squirrel stuffies...I chomp on them every now and then to let the real squirrels know what I'm capable of. ~ Nebo

  21. Stormy, You are so gentle with your plush squ..pup... Heidi asked ifshe could come snuggle with you.

    Rosemary, aka Bat Girl

  22. That is such a cool picture of Dave! And Stormy you look so cute protecting your um...puppy! I'm afraid I would not do so good with that. Thank you for the info on the dinosaur bone! I think I'm going to hint to my dad about getting one for me!


  23. omdog that first pic looks like the beginning of a dream sequence!! That is a curious looking pup!

  24. I'm known as "Shredder" around these parts. Shadow said it's because of me all of the stuffies have disappeared. But I know where they went - they're upstairs! Meeka gets to play with them when he has Meeka and Mommy time. No fair. She said he stacks them all up and rests his chin on them. Pfft. I love your puppy. He looks nice and fluffy....I mean cute.

  25. Awwww, Storms, woo are so sweet! I've been guarding my sqwirrel...eer, puppy from Jack a-roo too. He'd like nothing better than to destuff the fluff out of him!


  26. That looks like a squirrel to me, but I trust everything you say, Stormy, so it must be a puppy. I'd keep my eye on it though, just to be safe.