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Monday, January 26, 2009

Wubba Wubba Wubba!

Woo, everypup and everycat, it's me - Dave!  Remember that day that Ammy and Zim got to go on another really long walk to the Kansas Ocean and back?  Well, Mom's really pretty good about making sure all four of us have special time with her, so when they got back, it was my turn for some fun!

Oh, yeah... a couple things before I get started!  Remember that seed pod thing that Zim said he likes to try to eat (but Mom doesn't let him)?  A very kind blogger from Flint Hills, Tall Grass stopped by and let us know that it's Sumac.  Not poison sumac... but not something you really should chow down on.  Sorry, Zim.  We've added the blog link to our sidebar (under "Learn More About Our Area") and encourage anyone who would like to know more about our area to check it out!  Thank you so much for stopping by and educating us about the Sumac!

The other thing is about that funny cloud Zim said was following them.  When the redheads and Mom were almost back at Ao4 HQs, they turned around and this is what they saw:

Sort of creepy, isn't it?  Woo!

Anywoo... Mom snapped my leash on and said, "Let's go play!"  We headed to the back yard to do one of my VERY favorite things - play with my Wubba!!!

Here I am, waiting ever so patiently for Mom to throw it.  

Come on, Mom! Throw it!

I thought she wasn't going to for a minute there!


But she did!  And I ran and ran and brought it back!

Me and Wubba!

Then we played tuggy-tug.  I love that!

She threw it again and again and I kept bringing it back.  Oh, how I love this game!  ...even if it does make Stormy say that I'm a Lab in a Sibe suit.  Siberians do SO play fetch!


Throw it again, Mom!

We played and played... 

...then Mom said it was time to go in the house.  She had some special things she wanted to do with Stormy, which is only fair!

When I got inside, I noticed that the strange cloud was directly over the house.

I thought I should hold on to this chair so nothing would happen to it.  Woo.

Mom and Storm went out front and took a series of pictures of the cloud.  Storm is helping Mom figure out how to do some panoramic thing on Photoshop Elements so you can get a good feel for it.  Once they get that set, we'll post it!

Happy Australia Day to all of our friends down under!



  1. Soomac! We knew that but Mom couldn't rember the name of it. Back in old times, people used the berries to dye clothing or yarn to be pinky to red.

    I love getting educated!


  2. I barked to you yesterday, about the red shoes and the tornado, Dave, I would hold on to all of your chairs if I were you!

    lotsaluv, Marvin xxxxx

  3. Ooooo....scary cloud! Do you get tornadoes out there? I would be holding on to the chair too! Love the picture of you playing tug with your Mom. I also like that you aren't afraid to admit what you like to do despite the breed stereotypes! You rock! :)


  4. Wubbas are THE BEST TOY!

    Especially when woo have to wrestle it from a wild skhwirrel!

    Akhtually, I got turned on to the world of wubbas from Zim's sweetie Sitka...she wasn't interested in hers SO her mom sent it to my mom!

    I'm now on wubba #2 and I have the bestest times playing with Fred and/or myself!

    Great job on being the chair sekhurer!


  5. Anonymous12:41 PM

    What a strange cloud guys!!! Is it a storm cloud??? You better hold on to all the furniture in the house....

    Josh and Jess

  6. Great job holding on to that chair for your humans. Those clouds looked pretty wild to us. How do woo keep your wubba looking so good - we can't show woo ours, somepuppy here likes to get them frayed and then works at getting the ball out. We think it may be time for Mom to get some new wubbas.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  7. Fetch! and tugger! and a wubba! All my favourite things! I hope that cloud leaves you alone and does not make puddly rain on you all.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  8. Hi Dave!
    It looks like you really love to play fetch! I hope that strange cloud didn't get any of your chairs!
    :) Tibby

  9. Fetch is a lot of fun and great exercise. Almost as good as doing zoomies.

    Princess Eva

  10. I was gonna say that looks like one of them scary Kansas clouds, tie your house down! Looks like you had great fun with the Wubba too :o) cool pics!
    Slobbers xx

  11. I have a wubba too. I just sleep with mine though. At least that's what mum thinks.

    Happy Australia Day to all of us!

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

  12. Mom says you have that look in your eyes that I get when I'm in a serious game of fetch. I'm going to have to get Mom to get me a cool Wubba like your's!

  13. That was a very scary cloud. Did you get any bad weather from it?
    That wubba looks like so much fun..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  14. Keep an eye out for flying houses and witches in red slippers mate!

  15. Mom tried to get us to retrieve the other day, we are not good at it. That cloud looked a little ominous, if I saw it I would probably have to go hide in the bathroom.

  16. Well...someone has to hold down the chairs. Am I right!!

    I love chasing my wubba too. I will also go fetch and am proud of it. Huskys with Freckles that fetch UNITE!!!

    I would probably be chewing on that sooomack stuff too. I know it smells good cuz we have some at the golf course.

    Keep on wubbin'


  17. That cloud does look scary.

    Those Wubba shots with you are great Dave. We Love, Love , Love ours. They are great toys! :-)

    Holly & Zac...XX

  18. I think those clouds were the ones stuffed with all the snow they're supposed to dump on us tomorrow and Wednesday! They were just passing through to say hello.

  19. That is a scary looking cloud but I'm glad it didn't keep you from having fun with your Wubba! Good job on holding that chair down!

  20. We have never seen that plant but sure is good to know about it!
    Is that a scary rainy cloud??
    Wubba! I know how much you like it!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  21. Woo Dave, we fetch too, but only indoors. Outside we will chase a thrown object but we won't bring it back. We would tell woo why but that would mean huMom would know and we can't have that!!

    WOOOO woo rar rar rar,
    Kayla and Maebe

  22. Hey Dave, I love to fetch too. I'm an amazing fetcher. Somepuppies just don't realize what a unique talent it is for a sibe to fetch. I guess we're just extra-special, eh? Can't wait to see the sinister cloud... furry mysterious!


  23. Omg, that is you back yard? It is so beautiful! And all those pics...I mean woooow. I hope that cloud didn't brought you some tornado?
    Paws cross,

  24. That is a very creepy cloud Dave. You looked like you were having lots of fun with your Mum. Mum's are the best aren't they?
    Big licks to you

  25. Those clouds are truly awesome. Your yard looks good -- really like the curved brick walkway. hmmm....storing some ideas. ;)

  26. It's okay, I play fetch too. I'm picky though. I only play fetch with a ball. Steve only plays fetch with a stuffie. Do you think that's weird?


  27. I really enjoy my Google Alert for Blogs on “Kansas Flint Hills!”
    Yours came up today!
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    Hard to believe it has been over a year now since the 22 page color photo spread in National Geographic’s April 2007 Issue on the Kansas Flint Hills, as a distinctive landscape. We are now working to get the Kansas Flint Hills designated as a National Heritage Area.
    We would appreciate a link from your site, to ours, if you are willing to do so. THANKS!
    Best wishes!
    Dr. Bill ;-)
    Personal Blog: http://flinthillsofkansas.blogspot.com/

  28. Queen Natasha the Evil is so named because of the so many ornery things that she likes to do. But, dear Dave, she loves to fetch and will do it until the humans are exhausted. And she is very clear that she is VERY siberian.

  29. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Dave!!! Guess what? My purple wubba has a hole in the top. And the Blue Snugga one too. I have NO IDEA how it happened!
    Puppy Woos,
    Cornelia Marie

  30. Dear Dave Dave,

    Woof, you know whothis is don't cha! Playing fetch is such an awesome fun thing to do, isn't it!?
    Could ya do it like all day!?
    These are questions you must ask yourself!

    Really it's ok to come out and proclaim that you would love nothing better than to play Labra-fetch all day with your mom.
    She knows what we all know, ya knnnnnnnow! wink wink......
    seriously, she must have by now had to replace tha zip zip zipppper.

    Woo (f) Woo (f) ;)

    Luv, Maddie the Chocolate Labbie

  31. We're noticing a marked lack of snow in that yard pups... what's the deal? You all need to pack your mum and dad up and head over to our pad... we've got plenty of room for ya'll... and, most importantly, plenty of SNOW!!!