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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Blizzard of '09

Hi everypuppy and everycat! It's me - Ammy! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that all who celebrate it are having a nice Boxing Day!

Were any of you singing that "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" song? In case it didn't quite pan out for you, please come on out to Ao4 Headquarters. We have plenty for everyone! Yep - a nice, old-fashioned blizzard for Christmas! Thanks, Santa!

Our dad took me and Zimmie on a special hike down the Hudson Trail today to enjoy the snow! He took pix of us with his iPhone and Storm said we should share some with you! Would you like to see? Let's get hiking!!!

Here's Zim out in front, breaking trail:

Zim breaking trail
Zimmie breaking trail

See how deep the snow is? We had lots and lots of blowing (30-over 40 mph wind gusts) so there was a lot of drifting. In some places the snow was nice and deep like this:

IMG_0262 Zim
Zim again!

And in other places, there was just an inch or two, like this:

IMG_0268 Zim
More Zimmie

Didn't Zimmie do a great job modeling the snow? Here I am:

IMG_0265 Ammy
A very happy me - Ammy!

I think you can tell what I thought of our hike from the look on my face!

Mom said I should point out, though, that the conditions out there have been treacherous. Along with the high winds and blowing snow, we've had bitterly cold temps! Sounds nice, doesn't it? Umm... if you're a Siberian Husky anyway.

When you're out on the trail having an adventure, it's important to stop and have some fun. Here I am, letting my instincts take over:

Ammy hunting
Oooh! What's down there? Is that a vole? Or a mouse?!? Or a mole?!!?

IMG_0288 Zim hunting
Where, Ammy?!? Where!?!?

Hee hee hee. That would be my "play drive", not my "prey drive". There wasn't anything down there. Hee hee hee. Faked Zimmie out!

4215415325_993c2daed4_o Zim
Funny, Am. Very funny.

He DOES look cute with the snow all over his face, though, doesn't he?

IMG_0279 Zim
Ya just never know. There could be something down there. I'll sit here and wait to see if anything pops up.

What's a girl to do but sit and keep her little brother company!?

IMG_0281 Ammy
You're right, Zim... you just never know!

Oddly, our daddy didn't want to sit there with us; he said something about wanting to keep moving and something about a hot cup of coffee.

We sure did have fun on our hike! Many thanks to our dad for taking us and for taking photos! (If you'd like to see more blizzard pix, please click here!) I hope you enjoyed coming along with us!



  1. Ammy, you look SO pretty sitting in the snow! I'm glad you had a good time. My bestest friend Zim looked very cool too.


  2. I am glad you got your wish for big snow. Me? I am watching our snow melt and waiting for spring.


  3. Humans are so strange with their need of warmth!

  4. I think that Zowie would get lost in that snow. It is so deep! You looked very nice in the snow Ammy. I hope you are having a lot of fun.


  5. WOW you guys got all of the snow!!

    Glad you had fun in it! We got a little bit but nothing like that. Hailey would have gotten lost in your snow lol!

  6. You guys look good in the snow!! We are getting lots of snow too. My mom doesn't like it, but I think it's great!


  7. Glad you got snow too! We got 22 inches last weekend! Ammy, you look beautiful! Love your smile!

  8. Awesome, awesome pictures. I'm glad you got snow for Christmas. I actually had my first white Christmas ever in all my eight years. It wasn't much but I was still thrilled.


  9. I love the pictures!!! Your dad is sure nice to take you hiking in all of that snow!!! I bet the Kansas Ocean is frozen now!!!! We had a couple feet of snow over a week of go. Holly loved it. Me..I'm waiting for spring!!! Enjoy your snow!!!!!

  10. What grea snow pictures. Thanks for sharing your prey adventure with us Ammy
    Benny & Lily

  11. Santa delivered us the same blizzard!! Isn't it fantastic?!?!

    Holly and Khady

  12. So you Sibes got your Christmas wish. What about your folks? Why aren't they out there digging in the snow with you, looking for voles?

    Too bad your mom is like Jan -- stingy with the people food.

  13. You both look so happy in the snow! Wish I could go on a stroll in the snow with you!


  14. Anonymous8:56 PM

    GORGEOUS! Woo two look like woo belong in snow. I wonder why??

    wild dingo

  15. Superb! Best Christmas ever, perhaps? :)

  16. Hi, Ammy!
    Sure you had fun there in the snow!
    Cold weather is not for me but sure I enjoyed looking at you all in the pictures!
    Kisses and hugs

  17. What a beautiful snowfall and you look like a fox in the snow.

    Lovely pictures!

    Happy New Year!
    Riley and Star.

  18. I hope you don't get lost in the deep snow!! its sunshine here where I live and lovely to sunbathe!!

    You'll be happy you have thick fur coats!!!!

  19. Anonymous2:26 AM

    WOO Ammy! Woo and Zimmie are a couple of lucky pups. We would love to break trail like that some day. How fun is that? Too much fun, we think!!

    WOOOO woo rar rar rar,
    Kayla and Maebe

  20. Your snow is just beautiful!
    We're getting rain and it's washing all of ours away! We can't let this happen!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  21. Wow that is really deep my little sister woudl be lost in that. Looks like you had lots of fun

  22. What great pictures - Ammy we loved the happy one with you smiling!
    We are loving the snow too but dont want it to be much deeper!
    We are having to jump now.......
    You all suit the snow so very well - you will need to get a sledge!
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  23. those are beauteous pics of you both in the snow! I think may be your snow is thicker and deeper than mine here, but it will be fun while it lasts.

    I lurve the snow, luckily we have had lots of snow but not any real blizzards as such.

    keep cool, lotsaluv, Marvin xxxxxxxx

  24. We see you had a pawesome Christmas! We thought of you guys when we saw the weather on the news!

  25. Woo - Snow for Christmas. How thoughtful of Santa.

  26. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Your Dad did a fantastic job with the photos!!! Love the one of Zimmie with snow on his snoot!
    Puppy Woos
    Cornelia Marie

  27. That looks a lot like my neighborhood! We got a bunch too, with high winds, and blowing snow.
    Its pretty nice today though except the temp is dropping down into the sub-zeros. Not what I like too much. I love the snow, though.


  28. What a great hike! I'm coming along on the next one. Let me just grab dad's credit card and I'll be on the next flight out! :)


  29. I am furry late in coming over to play with you in the snow!!! Wowwowwow - you dogs were made for the snow!!! Love your tunnel in the snow - did you ever see any activity down there??? And you do look adorable with all that snow on your face, Zim!!! Glad you had so much fun out there - sure was some deep snow - hope the roads are less treacherous now.
    Big Hugs xo