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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Hit The Trail With the Redheads!

Hi everypuppy and everycat! It's me - Ammy! Did you see Zimmie's Wordless Wednesday post yesterday!? We had just the BEST walk the other day! He and I went down lots of parts of the Hudson Trail and we saw about a million squirrels! They were everywhere! It was very exciting! We saw lots of other things, too. Mom took pix with her iPhone so we could tell you all about it.

Here's a collage I put together of some of the photos:


You can see us on different parts of the trail, pulling and snoofing and checking the treetops for squirrels! Remember the new color-coding - my leash is hot pink camo and Zim's is woodland green!

At one point during our walk, we heard these VERY loud calls of "
Ha-looooo! Ha-looooo!" The voices were VERY friendly and excited! I looked over and this is what I saw:

IMG_4648 Basset Trio

Can you see them behind their fence? (You can click and see a larger image in FlickR.) It was a trio of Bassets! We wagged our tails at them and asked if they knew
Martha and Bailey Basset, but they said they didn't. That's really too bad - they would all make a lovely quintet!

There were all kinds of wonderful smells on the trail! Here is Zim, checking out some crunchy leaves:

IMG_4642 Zim

Do you remember the
limestone chunks Zim posed on when we had our foggy walk? We got to walk down the part of the trail that starts/ends there - and Mom asked us to pose on the rocks. Here's a collage:


Do you see the picture of Zimmie in the top row, third picture from the left? We saw a fire engine go by! Can you see it? We thought about singing with the siren, but decided not to. Oh! And see the shot of Zim in the bottom row, also third one over? He was thinking about doing something other than striking a pose on the limestone... if you boy puppies know what I mean.

IMG_4674 Happy Ammy
Hee hee hee! Zim's so funny!

He can always make me laugh. A puppy's got to do what a puppy's got to do!

In other news, remember Mom's super secret project? Everything's done except for making a label (she does special calligraphy on the back) and doing a special inscription type thingie. Here's the front so far:


And here's the back:


She's very happy about this, and so are we - more time for walkies!!! Umm... after the whole calligraphy thing. Yea!



  1. What an absolutely GORGEOUS quilt!!!!

    What wonderful pictures of your walkies!! Mama loves your collages!!


  2. Beautiful quilt. Lots of work in them. Our Mom has done some quilting too. Love the pics of the walkie. The collages are great! How did you do that? Do you have a special program?
    Ernie & Sasha

  3. Very nice quilt, AO4 Mom! Was it going to be for something special?

    Looks like just a perfect snuggler!


  4. Love the pictures, especially the last one of Ammy with that cute grin on her face. :)

  5. That quilt is spectacular, our mom is lucky if she can sew a button.

    We love all the photos but are especially fond of the one of you smiling...

    Nellie & Calvert

  6. Your walk looks like it was lots of fun and you saw some neat things - even dogs hidden behind a fence! Your mom's quilt is very pretty. She's very talented!

  7. We are loving the quilt - your mom is very talented but you are right - she will be better with more time for walks!
    That Hudson Trail is beautiful but these squirrels are little pests - everytime you catch up with them up the trees they go!
    We reckon we dogs need to get some help with climbing.
    We liked your collages
    Martha & bailey xxx
    Are you sure those bassets didn't know us - Martha feels certain they are cousins twice removed!

  8. everything is perfect about the post. loved seeing silly zimmy! hehehe what a quilt! i think the pups want their head shots in the brown squares--hahaha

  9. Wowee, what an amazing quilt! Your hooman sure does know her way around a needle and thread :-)
    Glad you guys had a nice Thanksgiving; I had frozen peas, too! Yummers!
    Your pal,

  10. Squirrels sound interesting...

    The Boss say's nice quilt as well :-)


  11. Ammy you look adorable! And my bestest friend Zimmie is cool as always.

    I think my mum has already pawed to your mum how lovely that quilt is!


  12. Anonymous8:06 PM

    Ammy, woo have a great smile! I like how much woo giggle! I'll bet woo wiggle too!

    wild dingo

  13. Hi, Ammy!
    Those collages of your walkies are pawesome!
    And the quilt sure is beautiful!
    Your Mom is greeeat!
    Kisses and hugs

  14. Excellent walk and excellent collage. And Rusty agrees with Zimmie's Needs.

    By the way, did you see Stella's comments about red heads on our blog today? Here it is:

    Here is what I have noticed about Sibes since reading a couple of blogs. The redheads seem to have a great sense of humor (Ammy of Ao4, your Rusty the Rooster, Ruby), while the black and whites look at life a little more seriously. (Tartok, Natasha,Kiska). Do you find this so, or is it just the way things happen now and then?

  15. That's a gorgeous place for you guys to be able to walk in. I don't really have that kinda scenery where I live.

    Though I do have squirrels too. Those little stalkers get around everywhere!


  16. That is a beautiful quilt!!! Talent for sure!!! Love the collages too. You all have so much fun. I love reading about it and seeing all of the wonderful pictures.

    Luv to all, Holly and mama Deborah

  17. Anonymous9:11 PM

    Hey Brats,
    A big well-done to your mom for such a GReat quilt. also GReat color matching,especially for a color blind people; Dave must've helped out there.
    We''re guessing that Ammy's new collar is the standard army camo meant to "shock" the enemy. We really can't throw too many stones though cuz the Navy has sailors on big battleship gray ships wearing blue digital camo; like that will make the aircraft carrier more difficult to see. It that case, pink camo would probably work as well. Zim was just gonna leave a pee-mail message in the rocks. That trail walk sure looks like it had a lot of interesting features.
    - TBH&K (OBTW - GN,BA)

  18. That's a beautiful quilt. Your mom is very talented!

  19. beautiful quilt!
    Ammy you look so happy in that picture! Too cute!

  20. Your walk looks like fun, and that picture of Zim is just too cute! The quilt is lovely too!

    Woofs and Kisses!

  21. what a great walk you had!!! i'm jealous :)

    i must also admit that i am very jealous of your mom's sewing abilities!


  22. Great pics of you guys! No singing with the siren? I almost always sing along!

    You are so funny, Ammy! :)

    Beautiful quilt! Your mom did a great job!


  23. We love all the pics, we biggified the doggy behind the fence pic and thought for a minute they were bostons, but no bassets :) We think the quilt is pawesome!!

  24. Squirrels on a walk are so great! And you know what else is great? Your mom's quilt! It looks fantastic.