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Monday, February 11, 2013

Sorry I'm Late!

Ha roo, pups and kit-cats!  It's me - Zim!  Sorry I'm late posting today.  Guess where I was?

IMG_3545z Zim

Yep.  At the KSU Vet Health Center.  It was my 6-month Senior Care Recheck.  I was really  good  very Siberian for my appointment.   You know - very friendly, but resisting initial requests to hold still for the countless procedures.  AND I made sure to leave plenty of fluff in the exam room (and all over a certain someone's clothes) for everyone to enjoy.  It was great!

Anyway - I'm going to grab a late lunch and a little stroll, then settle in for some sack time.  So far, everything has checked out A-OK; we should have the rest of the test results later this afternoon.

Hope your Monday is going well!

Play bows,


  1. Excellent job leaving fluff! That is a most Siberian thing to do.

  2. I was about to come on out and search for you and Dave. Glad you are A-OK my friend. I am sure the fluff just added to the place, a special something for all to enjoy.

  3. hehehe it is a good thingy you got here when you did... there were rumors that a certain SOMEBUDDY was gonna put your SPOT up fur sale on the intermutts.

    Well we are sorry that you had to endure the Dreaded CHECK UP... butt you did GOOD by leaving them a little somethingy to REMEMBER YOU BY!!!

  4. It's always good to remind the humans just who is in charge! Glad all the results are looking good so far.

  5. We are so glad your checkup has went A-OK!!!
    stella rose and mags

  6. I hope all your results are excellent, Zimmie! Did you study hard to make sure you passed all the tests?

  7. We all know you are JUST FINE Zim...no need for all those tests...I mean, you're still silly and good...right?

    Paws crossed the vet agrees with me.

    Swiharts are a super awesome couple--Jud and Nancy. Your parents are so cool we just thought maybe you all knew each other!

    They go to Grace Baptist we think...Nancy taught at MCC for many years but retired before Mrs. Master worked there just a few years ago.

    They have land in Keats and that reminds Mrs. Master of their barn so maybe it was theirs?


  8. Not land...they live in keats...their house is there too.

  9. Glad your check up went okay. We think they make you go in every 6 months cause they like you so much BOL.....

    The silvers and more

  10. Hi Zim, Glad your doing so well! Hope you are having decent weather. Glad you got to hang around outside.
    Hugs Noreen & Hunter

  11. We know your results are fine!


  12. We're glad you checked out okay Zim and good job making sure your furs were left behind for everybuddy to remember you!

  13. you have to be good, but not TOO good - and how nice of you to leave some floof to remember you by :)

  14. So us cats want to know about this fluff stuff you speak of. Is it that cool marshmallowy stuff in the jar that Glogirly used to eat at midnight with a giant spoon when no one was looking???
    ; )
    Katie & W2

  15. Hope you pass your check-up with flying colours Zim. He he we like to leave furs everywhere too. Pip is white and me black so no clothes choice is safe. Peeps always comes back from the vet furrified. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  16. Anonymous4:31 AM

    Please to hear everything is a-oK!

  17. We're so happy that you checked out A-Ok, Zim!

    Love ya lots
    Mitch and Molly

  18. An unremarkable visit to the vet is the best kind.


  19. We are happy to hear you are a healthy senior
    Benny & Lily