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Friday, December 13, 2013

Photo Finish Friday: Stairs

Greetings to all, it's me, Maggie Thatcher!  This week's Photo Finish Friday shots center around a very fun thing called "stairs"!  We have several sets of them scattered around Ao4 Headquarters and I've been having all kinds of fun with them lately! Now that I've mastered them, I can go up and down and up and down REALLY fast! I have some photos - are you ready?

Before I get to the actual stairs, this week, my mom moved aside this one little gate that I normally have to knock out of its brackets, climb over, or squeeze through to get to the very upper floor of Headquarters. She was going up to get some Christmas decorations, and I went with her! I discovered something called The Guest Rooms. Here I am in one of them:

"Ooh.  Did you make this quilt?  It looks comfy!  I think I'll just ..."

Are any of you familiar with the word "off"?  Any idea what it means?

Anyway... after I explored The Guest Rooms and the bathroom for a while, Mom said it was time to go back downstairs and gave a "C'mon, Maggie, let's go!"

"I'd rather not.  Thanks for asking."

I was having too much fun!  I guess Mom wasn't exactly asking ... and rather than calling me again, she sent in the big guns to get me downstairs.

"Mom said 'downstairs', Maggie!  NOW!"
"Yes, Aunt Cammie..."
"Oh, look!   There's Zimmie!  Hi, Zimmie!!!"
"Look out, Zim.  Here she comes!"

Zim was off-camera, so you can't see him, but he was down there waiting for us.  I ran up and down the stairs a couple times to celebrate ... something, but I could only go as far as Aunt Cammie; Mom had put that gate back up.  It was really fun, though.  I zoomed all over the place and up and down a few times before Cam could even move!  When I was ready, I did this:

"Cammie!  Mom said 'downstairs'.  NOW!!"
"Oh, Maggie!"

That's me at the bottom, there.  And Cammie was still upstairs.  Ha rohrohroh!!!  I thought it was pretty funny!

We also have stairs on the deck, and they are equally fun!  After I had played in the yard with Mom for a really long time, I tried this new thing:  I zipped past Mom and flew all the way up to the top deck and ran to the kitchen door -- that's two and a half flights of steps!  I did it four times before I decided I'd like to go inside.  Here's one of the few stair action shots of me:


It was a blast!  Mom and I and Zimmie went on a short walk after that, then before she could unhook my leash, I flew into the house and did zoomies with Cam.  Here we are, taking a quick break:

Me and Cammie doing our Serious Look

Mom kept looking at us, asking where her "little puppy" went.  I must be too fast for her - I was right there!!!

I hope you enjoyed the stairs edition of Photo Finish Friday!  Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher


  1. I so enjoy watching y'all play around. Maggie - you need to pay attention to Cammie and Zim…. they can teach you all the tricks for gettin lots of treats and lovin from Mom.
    Ps….. I wish I had a live-in playmate.

  2. Oh Miss Maggie, all that zooming around! I hope up and down crazy dog on the stairs maybe wore you out a bit. I'm thinking mom took Zim for a walkie to have a bit of quiet time.

    I think your guest room looks grand, but I can understand mom not wanting any of your fur to get on that lovely quilt.


  3. Off what is that word???? MT know one ever told the BIG MT OFF so suggest you don't listen, LOL. You have a reputation to keep up. Have a Fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Zim and Cammy.... you may just need a bit of Name tweaking... instead of MARGRET THATCHER... you could say...
    There Goes Margaret..CATCH HER.


  5. Oh little one, pretty soon "off" will be your middle name

  6. mom was thinking that you are growing pretty fast too....

    we only have one set of stairs here, but on a good day all the foster kittens and a couple of us will play the thundering herd of elephants game up and down them :)

  7. Wow, you've got those stairs mastered! Woohoo! You need to come visit my Grandma's house. She has TWO staircases, so you can run UP one, through the hall, and then DOWN the other. OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!

  8. Oh Maggie, you are just too adorable! Our mommy thinks you are too but she also keeps saying something about how that's the reason we don't have another puppy sisfur yet. Something about how she doesn't have enough energy to keep up. Sometimes she says things that doesn't make sense kinda like your mom saying "off".

  9. Hey, that word "off" is used all the time at our house too, Maggie! Have you figured out what it totally means yet? I sure haven't!
    Our mom was in hysterics reading your post!

    Love ya lots♥

  10. WOW Maggie....you do excellent stair zoomies!!