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Sunday, December 08, 2013

Serene Scenery Sunday: Christmas Portraits!

Ha roo, pups and cool cats!  It's me, Zim, here with Serene Scenery Sunday.  More or less.  Mom decided it was time for the annual Christmas portraits on the porch session yesterday and she thought we'd have plenty of lovely shots of the three of us to share with you today.  You know - my sisters and me sitting sweetly, looking at the camera, some Christmas lights and greenery ... sounds so serene, doesn't it?  Yeah, well, that was the plan, anyway.  Let's just go with it, since we don't have anything else planned, OK?

Keep in mind that yes, Mom had treats, and yes, she got us tired first.  This first one is really pretty good, I think:


Yeah, well, Cammie was looking at the camera.  Maggie and I were pursuing other interests.  One out of three isn't bad.

Mag decided to go up onto the porch, which is what Mom actually wanted in the first place.

"Oh, I wonder what's down there?!!?"
"Don't do it, Maggie!"
"Aw, let the kid have some fun!"

We took a short break after that photo, so Mom could brush all the leaves and Yew needles off of Maggie.  I'm not sure why there aren't any cool action shots of it, but Maggie dove head-first into the Yew bushes.  It was great!

OK.  Back to the portraits.  Let's try again.  Check this out -- Cam and I are facing the right way!

"May I have another cookie?"
"Yeah, Mom.  Where's the rest of the Stinky Goodness?"
"Oooh!  What's this, you guys?!?"

Cam and I covered Maggie, while she checked something out.

"Oh.  What's that, Mom!?!"
"Yeah.  Look over there, Mom!"
"Thanks, you guys!"

It was a crispy leaf.  She loves leaves!

Maggie has figured out how to open doors already and even how to lock Mom out of the house!  Isn't she smart?  She took one look at how Mom had our leashes attached to the front door and assured Cam and me she could unhook all of us.

"I'll have us all loose before Mom can say 'NoNoMaggieNo!'!"
"I just can't look."
"Hey, Mom!  Look at me!"

Seriously.  It was a nice shot of me!  I was looking right at the camera and everything!  Mom seemed to be more interested in what the Magster was doing.

"Maggie!  Don't make me come over there!"
"I was just ... um ... seeing what was over behind the flag rock."
"Hey, Mom!"

I thought it was great.  While the girls were horsing around, I was getting Stinky Goodness treats!  What a deal!

Since Mag stopped trying to free our leashes, Mom backed up and tried to get our attention.

"There's someone across the street!"
"Really?  Who?"
"You guys!  There's a pile of snow back here!"

That wasn't the shot Mom was aiming for, either.  Here's one where Maggie isn't behind the trees:


Mom mentioned something about frozen hands (she took the pix at the hottest part of the day, though, so I don't see what the problem was -- it was up to 20 degrees!) and decided to throw in the towel.  Actually, she said we'd try again later.  Works for me -- more Stinky Goodness Treats!

So ... um ... how about a sunset?


Everybody feeling the tranquility of the Zen of Zim Zone now?  

We'll be heading out later today to try again with the porch portraits.  It's snowing, so it'll work out really well - I just know it!

Play bows,


  1. As always, excellent work everyone!


  2. hahahaha......super proud of you sibes. Of course, we in the lab and cat cat-agories can always make you proud of us.

    Dolly & Maui

  3. Between your Camera Cavortings and the annual Card Count of Shame... this is turning out Quite Well fur you three. Keep up the GRRREAT work.. PEEPS are SO FUN to Mess with. BaaaaWaaaah.

  4. hee hee! now your porch pics made us feel nice and serene, Zim! we can understand how your mom would prefer the sunset pic :D

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, HOllie

  5. You better watch little one behind you getting into mischief, BOL. Thank you for the camera answer.
    Moms iPhone is in stiff competition with her good camera

  6. We love all your portraits! Our mommy was giggling at every one but we think you did a great job!

  7. Ditto Frankie. BOL thwarted at every turn.
    Have a serene Sunday and enjoy some big easy today.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Your mum's annual attempt to get a christmas portrait is one of my favourite events of the year!

  9. That sunset photo is amazing! I love how tangled Maggie looks in the leashes. I hope you guys were able to enjoy the snow today. I went out and rolled and roached in it for a few minutes.

  10. I liked the photos. Butt if your mom wants you all looking at her at the same time then she can just take those photos and clip each one of you out of them and put them together in one photo. Yea, that sounds like fun for her.

  11. Heehee! But seriously, did your Mom actually think she'd get a picture of the three of you sitting and looking at the camera? Has your Mom actually met you three? However, it is clear that you and Cam have been very good in teaching Maggie her Sibe Responsibility Code. Good work, everyone! We think your Mom should probably go with the sunset for the Christmas photo! :-)

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  12. Keep up the good work all of you and keep them guessing! I thought all of the pictures were great for some of you. I hope you get some pretty snow to play in and build a fort.

    Loveys Sasha

  13. I only get good group photos during nap time or sun baths

    Stop on by for a visit

  14. You are crackin' us up, Maggie! What a beautiful sunset ☺

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  15. THAT is exactly why you never see the three of us in one picture together, usually we are ripping each others clothes off or something degrading like that!
    stella rose

  16. What a beautiful sunset Zim!!

    Mama knows how much "fun" it is to take pack photos!!


  17. It looks totally serene to me! Maybe your momma could just crop one of those good pictures of you with the tree in the background and use that. The kitties are never in our cards since they won't pose, so Camo and Maggie might just have to miss one too!