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Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Deck Stairs Game

Greetings to all, it's me, Maggie!  Remember a while ago I told you about a really fun game I like to play?  I call it The Deck Stairs Game; I go racing up and down the deck stairs as many times as I can!  It's really fun!  Anyway, the other day, Cammie and I went out on the deck together and Mom said we could run down to the lower level if we wanted to!  (There's a gate she has to open for us so we can run down those stairs!)

Mom and I went down first, then I went back up and came back down a couple times!

"Here I come, Mom!!!  Wheeeee!"

Mom was cheering me on, with calls of "Go, Maggie, go!"  It was great!  I tried to get Aunt Cammie to play the game with me ...

"Chase me, CamCam!"
"Wait!  I need to check something!"

... but she got stalled out on the landing.

I needed to be more persuasive!  On my next trip up, I gave her some nudging:

"Let's GO, Cammie!"

She wouldn't budge.  With Mom's encouragement, I ran up and down a few more times to show Cam how it's done!

"See, Aunt Cammie?!!?  Now c'mon!  Chase me!"

I don't know if I underestimated Cammie's speed, or if there's a slight chance that I was getting a bit tired ... but after I showed Cam how to play the game about 17 times ... well ...

"Come on, Maggie!  Let's race!"
"Cammie!!!  Wait for me!!!"

I got down to the lower deck, raced around, and then before I knew it ...

"Oh, Maggie!!!  Where ARE you, little one?!?"

Can you see her up there at the landing?!?  How did she get past me?!?  And why did I feel so tired all of a sudden?!?

Cammie and I went in and got a beverage after that, then I seem to remember napping.  And Mom being quite pleased about something.  Cammie, too.  I have no idea why.  I do know that I love playing The Deck Stairs Game, though!

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher


  1. Wow Maggie....we need to show Arty that game!!!


  2. We use to play the stair game and we still do when it is raining and we can't go out. Peeps throws a tennis ball up stairs and I run and get it etc ext 87 million times. Way to go Mags. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. we have steps in our house and we sometimes do the same thing....

  4. I am pretty sure she was only out there babysitting

  5. This Deck Stairs game of YOURS seems to be a LOT like the one MOM encourages ERNIE to play of ICKY outside days.. Mom calls it...
    Stuffies Down the Stairs... She sends them DOWN and Ernie brings them BACK... about 87 times and then he tells her it is time fur QUIET BOOK READING... Which is the game I like best.
    Wonder why our moms like these two games so much????? It is a MYSTERY.

  6. I am sure your mom and Cammie were very disappointed that you had so much fun that you had to nap for a while. What ever do they do without your "entertainment" factor?

  7. We bet your mom was so sorry you had to nap after that game Maggie. We bet she didn't mean for that to happen!

  8. We don't have a deck so there are no stairs to go up and down. We do that inside the house sometimes though. It is so much fun.

  9. You can't let Cammie get the best of you. Go, Maggie, go! Maybe you can play deck stairs game again today!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  10. That sounds like a FUN game! I love the stairs at my grandma's house. She has TWO sets, so I'll run UP one and DOWN the other, all day long!