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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dental Health Month

Hello, everyone!  It's me, Cammie!  Did you know February is Pet Dental Health Month?  It's true!  And as part of the celebration, we were asked to review a product by the KONG Company!  A very nice lady named Abby wrote our mom and asked if we'd be willing to participate.  We normally don't accept offers like this, but (a) we love KONG products and have quite a few of them already and (b) we're going through toys around here lately like you wouldn't believe!  Mom jumped on it!

We received some literature in the package; I read it to everyone:

"Gather 'round, everyone!"

It's all about how we pups love to chew. Mom kept looking at Maggie while I was reading it for some reason. Anyway - here are the products we were asked to review:

Maggie, me, and two KONG Dental Chews!

Don't those look great?!? They are designed to be stuffed into a KONG, to keep you chewing for a long, long time!

These aren't on Zimmie's prescription diet, of course, so us girls did the testing. OH! Don't worry. We didn't want Zim to feel left out, so Mom took our KONG Stuff-a-Ball and stuffed some frozen Stinky Goodness (his canned prescription food) into a couple of the grooves.


Mom stuffed the Chews into KONG toys for Maggie and me.  Mine was put into a traditional red KONG Classic ...


... and Maggie got hers in a KONG Classic - the extreme/black kind.

"I love this!"

As Maggie has mentioned, KONG toys are the only thing that holds up to her super jaws and teeth.  In fact, it's only the KONG black/extreme ones now.  Mom has already emailed the people at KONG about this, but if anyone else from the company is reading our blog post -- is there any way you'd consider making some of the Dental toys out of the black/extreme rubber?  Just thought we'd ask.

I eventually got my Dental Chew out of the KONG:

"Oooh!  Go, me!"

I can devour similar-sized chews in a matter of seconds, but this one actually lasted about 15 minutes!  Mom was quite happy with that - and happy that I didn't try to swallow it whole.

Zim had a lot of fun with the Stuff-a-Ball; he really doesn't play with toys much, so that delighted Mom.  She decided to take the KONG Dental (the barbell) and squirt some toothpaste in the grooves for him.  He really liked that, too:

"This is so great!  I love chicken-flavored toothpaste on a KONG!"

Meanwhile, Maggie was still working on hers over in 10 Downing Street:

"Chew, chew, chew!"

She eventually got her Dental Chew out of her KONG, too.  It lasted maybe 20-25 minutes!  That has to be some sort of longevity record!

"Do you need any help, Maggie?"
"No, thank you, Cam.  I'm almost done!"

I was just trying to be a good, thoughtful big sister.  Ahem.  You know.  She's just a little puppy and she might not have been able to finish the whole thing.

Once she was finished, she went to get a beverage.  I thought I'd check things out:

"Wait!  This might be a tiny flake of it!"

Unfortunately for me, there were no remnants of the chew to be found in 10 Downing Street.  That's one of the things Mom liked about these chews, as opposed to some of the others we've tried -- no mess!  Also, no strong smell.

Here's our summary - Maggie and I loved the KONG Dental Chews; Zim can't have any, due to his restricted diet, but he loves KONG Dental Toys stuffed with things he can have.  The chews lasted longer than similar ones we've tried, without the mess or strong odor.  Mom would never give these or any other kind of chew to us unsupervised, as there is always a chance we would try to swallow them whole.  (Call it an occupational hazard of being Siberian Huskies; it's just who we are!)  AND ... if there are any product developers out there from the KONG Company who are reading this, please consider making Extreme/black KONG Dental Toys for overachievers like Maggie.  Thank you.

Many thanks to Abby from the KONG Company for inviting us to participate and for the yummy Dental Chews!  What a great way to celebrate Dental Health Month!


PS:  Disclaimer:  We were not paid for this review, but did receive the two free KONG Dental Chews.  The KONG toys shown in this post are ones we already had on hand.  We've since ordered more, as someone got some chunks off the barbell the other night, and we need new Dental Sticks and Jump'n Jacks.  No need to point the paw at anyone in particular, but that certain someone is pretty much only getting Extreme KONG products from now on.  And lots of LONG walks now that her recovery period after her spay is over!!!

PPS:  We have a special set on Flickr of our product review.  Click here to view.


  1. You are SO LUCKY to be test huskies! You gave the product a licking, and it kept ticking---for about 15-20 minutes! A very interesting post, makes us want to find our Kongs!

    Your jealous friends, Kiki and Nala

  2. I could be a test cat, I think. I know all about using my teeth on things.

    That was a very thorough review!

  3. Hi there, So glad you got some test "products" to review. I always love reading the reviews. I have read one negative about Kongs(though we've used them for many many years)-but it made me realize that I shouldn't leave Hunter unattended with any toy or treat. I need to get serious about brushing Hunter's teeth. Thanks for sharing!
    Wags, Noreen & Hunter

  4. OMD...they looked really good!!

    Dory, Jakey, Bilbo & Arty

  5. We say clean nashers are happy toothies. We love a good chew. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Our mom likes anything that lasts for more than 5 minutes. We'll be checking these out! Thanks, guys!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  7. I love Zim's WOWZER picture - looks ike everyone did a great job testing!

  8. What a grreat review! Kong products are the BEST. I get a Kong every day in my crate when Momma goes to work.

  9. WEsa never thought about putting the toofpaste in a kong, mom is going to try that tonight. Mom ordered us a kong dental chew after seeing it on Goose's post the other day, we are excited about getting it. Maggie and Gussie love to chew, I do not.
    stella rose

  10. We always worry about giving our pups plastic toys, purely because they can chew anything into tiny pieces. We've got a set of the black Kongs too - how do you clean yours? I stick ours in the dishwasher every week, but I worry about how clean they are.

    Monty and Harlow

  11. Your mom puts your teefs paste on the Kong thingy???? THAT is a brilliant idea.

  12. I really like Kong treats. Much better than those dang toothbrushes
    Lily & Edward

  13. great review - we don't eat dog treats but mom is always looking for things to give as presents and keep in the car for travelers. Maybe that "someone" can get a job as a toy tester :)