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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

PMQs, Session Two

Greetings to all!  It's me, Maggie, here with another session of PMQs - Questions to the Prime Minister.  I know it's Tuesday, and last week I did this on Monday, and usually these Questions are conducted on Wednesdays ...

"Is anyone else's head spinning?"

... but I was gone all day yesterday.  I'll explain more about that shortly.

Our first question comes from that genius of a man-cat, one of my mentors, Teddy Westlife!  He wrote, "Last week, I sat on the dining table in mum's spot and then took a nap. Have you done that yet, and did you see the photo my mum posted on Facebook about it?"

Oh, Mr. Westlife! How I long to be on top of tables or the counter!

"Leave the kitchen, Mom.  Leave the kitchen!"

But alas, they keep such close tabs on me here that I've only managed to snag a couple bites off dad's plate when Mom turns her back on me. I long for the day I can lull my mom into trusting me - then I'll be all set for a real treat!

As per the photo your mum posted to FaceBook -- do you mean this one?

My mentor, Teddy Westlife
Photo used with permission

Of course you do!  You look SO cool up there, Mr. Westlife!  And comfy, too.  How I long to follow in your footsteps!  (By the way, Zim said Auntie Trace must have been really proud of you or she wouldn't have posted that pic on FB!!!  It's awesome.)

I haven't tried to lay on the table yet - and you know we have that silly "No Sibes Allowed On The Furniture" rule here.  Yes, we're allowed on the bed, but that's it.  As you know, one of my other mentors is my brilliant brother Zim!  As his student, I have done this:

"What?  Zim was keeping an eye on me.  I'm fine."

That's right - the Sitzbank! Please click here for background info.  This pleases Zimmie greatly!

I'm not the only one who has been seeing just how firm my mom is about that silly rule. Downstairs in the Studio, there is a wicker loveseat that looks really so very comfy. I'm usually busy running around playing when we go down there, but Cammie ... well, a picture's worth a thousand words, right?

"Oooooh, nice!"

Ha roo roo roo!!! Go, Aunt Cammie!!! (For the record, she said she was channeling our great sister Stormy who was also not allowed on that loveseat. Please click here for a great Ao4 flashback! It made our mom smile when Cam got up there, so I'm thinking we're close to tossing the rule out the window!)

Our kit-cat friends over at the Beaded Tail wanted to know, "Do you all have the same sleep schedule or is your mom up every four hours? Oh wait, maybe it's just that one of us wakes mom up every four hours!" Angel and Isabella, I thought I'd have Drill SGT Zim answer this one! Over to you, Zimmie!

"Ha roo!"

Thanks, kid. I mean Madam Prime Minister.  I can assure you, we let our parents sleep clean through until morning!  Granted my idea of morning might be earlier than some would prefer -- like 3 or 4 a.m. -- but hey!  I'm named after a Drill Sergeant!  Getting up early is part of who I am!

I'm very pleased to report that the Prime Minister is also an early riser, thanks to me. She waits until I get up, then insists on coming out on early morning patrol with me. Cammie likes to wait an hour or more, then gets up and wants out. After that and a quick snack, the girls usually try to grab some more sack time. Me?  I hang out with Dad, then catch cat naps throughout the day - as evidenced above.

So the short answer to your question, beautiful kit-cat girls, is we don't wake them up every four hours, but we do make sure they get a nice, early start to the day!  Back over to Maggie!

Thank you, Zimmie. ...


... here I am!

Our last question comes to us from Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie. Their query is, "Do you have an off switch?" Hmm. Cammie said this might be one of those rhetorical questions, but we thought it might be a good idea to answer it anyway. Remember earlier I mentioned that I wasn't here all day yesterday? I spent the night at the Veterinary Health Center at Kansas State University -- AKA our vets! I had my big girl operation and now ...

Can you see my pink tummy?

... I'm pretty wiped out. It does look like someone hit my "off button", and Mom said that since she's supposed to keep me calm (no running, no jumping, no playing Crazed River Otter Games) for two weeks, she REALLY wishes she knew where it was! Sorry, Mom. I have one, but I'm not telling anyone where it is!

That's a wrap for this week's PMQs. If you have any questions for us, please leave it in the comments or zip us an email! Thanks for reading!

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher


  1. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Maggie, Mum said you does not make a very good politician because you actually answer the questions directly!

    Wow, getting your big girl op already! You is growing up so fast.

    My question be who the best at harp seal eyes now?
    ~lickies, Ludo

  2. I am very proud of you Maggie! Also, just a note, your big brother Zimmie managed to get up on the dining table when he first moved in. You might ask him how he did it.

  3. hee hee! we love your disregard for the rules, Maggie! We are rooting for you to achieve the top of the table. Mightn't Zim have some pointers for you? You know, our mom has placemats on our table so we know where to sit...maybe that would help you.

    Thanks for fielding our question! we agree that it's best to keep the exact location of our off buttons a secret. Concats on your surgery! we hope you'll recover quickly (and maybe have yourself set to low for your mom's sanity :)) purrs,

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  4. Our pawrents think me waking them up at 8am is early! They should count their blessings they don't have Sargent Zim living with them.


  5. We love the PMQs! Thanks for answering our question Zimmie! I wake my mommy up at 3am too but she doesn't like it. It's good you're teaching Maggie to be an early riser too so your mom has double the reason to wake up! Maggie, we hope you heal up quickly!

  6. Heehee. When Abby had her Big Girl Surgery, Mom had to keep Abby sedated (with support from the vet) for several days, and even THAT didn't work too well. By Day 5, the vet just said, "Well, do your best, and if she gets really active and then starts acting funny, bring her back in..." In other words, Abby didn't exactly make the full 2 weeks. One week. Maybe. But I didn't engage her in bitey-face until the full two weeks were up. But I think Mom was at wits' end by the time the two weeks were up! So no off switch for Abby, either!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  7. We just loved the Stormy flashback! It reminded Mama of her try at the "no Lhasa's on the furniture" rule...yeah, that lasted maybe a week..teeheehee

    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  8. The whole thing about dogs and furniture can be confusing. Momma says that with all his woodworking activities, Master is much dirtier than I am and he gets to go on the furniture all the time. I think that in your house, looking adorable gets rules softened, so keep working on it.

    Oh, but don't steal foodables from the table, OK? That makes the humans universally grouchy (even my tender hearted momma).

    Calming hugs to help you recover from your surgery.


  9. We hope your mom finds your off switch and fast, Maggie. We can't imagine you staying calm for 2 weeks!
    We love your PMQ sessions!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  10. OMD you get up early pals. I am a real bed head and so no early rising for me unless I hear a cat or the foxes. Great PMQ Maggie. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  11. Congrrats on having your big girl surgery! That's an impawtant step. I hope you manage to keep your stitches in while still keeping your momma on her toes!