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Friday, June 20, 2014

Photo Finish Friday: Portraits at the KSO

Hello, everyone.  It's me, Cammie.  You know, here in Kansas, you just never know what you're going to see!  With our different waterways and open farm fields, we are a great stop for all sorts of different migratory birds.  And our crazy winds blow even more interesting birds through just about any time of the year.  Mom likes to keep an eye out for the more "unusual", rare visitors, like the Brown Pelican she saw out at Tuttle Creek River Pond or the Caspian Tern she just recently saw up at a wetlands refuge area by Milford Lake.  But sometimes ... sometimes we see things a lot closer to home.

There we were, it was a walk like any other walk ...

"I wonder what we'll see today, Cam!"
"Could be anything, Maggie!  Squirrel, deer, turkey ... I'm getting hungry."

We never know what we'll run into on our way to the Kansas Ocean!  But that day, there was an odd stillness, the calm after a mighty strong storm.  We should have known it was a sign that we'd make a remarkable discovery!

The water level seemed high on our way across the trans-oceanic bridge:

"Look at that!  High tide!"
"The KSO is looking good!"

Since the KSO was looking so nice, Mom did a quick portrait shoot. The ocean made a beautiful backdrop!  I sat, while Maggie stood.

Me and Mags

It was such a great day, we decided to even BOTH sit down!  At the same time!

"Just don't look at the camera, Maggie."
"Got it, Cam."

Mom tried to get us to look at the camera, but we refused.  She shot us in profile, instead.

"What a great day!"
"I'm surprised there aren't a bunch of birdies out enjoying this!"

Mom was surprised about the lack of birdies, too.  She thought maybe the Great Blue Heron would be here, since the ocean was so nice and full.  He must have known she had her camera!

Mom kept trying to get us to look at the camera, trying every trick in the book:  making squeaky sounds, pretending she had treats, doing the "say cheese" thing ... but hey.  We are SIBERIANS.  We didn't want to.  UNTIL Mom said, "Look at the birdie!"  Yes, yes, we've heard that one before, too, but ...

"I think you better turn around, Mom!"
"This one's going on the blog!"

She turned ... and THERE!  In a yard across the street!  Well... LOOK!!!!  Look at the birdie!!!!

"That is the BIGGEST birdie I've EVER seen!!!
We should report this to eBird, Mom!"

He held nice and still, so Mom was able to get a good close up!

Wingspan of about 7 feet, mostly white, with black masking on the face, orange bill.  Unable to see feet.
Latin name:  Plasticum Goosius Maximus

Isn't that exciting!?!  There was another one there, probably its mate.  She was in the same yard, but in the fenced-in area, by the peoples' pool; she must have mistaken that for a pond.  We're so glad we got to see them.  Mom thinks the storm probably blew them our way.

It's so cool that the Kansas Ocean attracts such interesting wildlife, isn't it?  I wonder what we'll see today!?!?



  1. THEY sure do grow them big in Kansas don't they!!! You girls look like twins in that picture oh and mom said she would be sending you out that request for extra fur.
    stella rose

  2. Wow! I have nefur seen anything like that 'round my place!
    That is way coolio!

    Yu jus nefur know whut yule find.

  3. OMD a giant swan?????? LOL bet that would be fun to bite. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. yoW! maybe those two giant gooses blew in from Texas ;) hee hee!

    Great portraits of you both! Have a great weekend!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  5. that was one big swan !

  6. That is the biggest bird I have ever seen! Oh, Ma just loves your portraits along the water. She loves your smiles.
    Have a great weekend, my new pals.

  7. OMD! Don't tell our dad or he'll be buying one of those Plasticum Goosius Maximus's for the pond!
    Great photos of you girls together!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  8. i love the "don't look at the camera Mags"
    that is some goose!

  9. OMD, that's the biggest bird I've ever seen!! I thought Texas had big birds, but that one puts ours to shame!