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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Serene Scenery Sunday

Hello and greetings, everyone!  It's us, Cam and Maggie, here with this week's Serene Scenery Sunday photos.  This week, we're sharing a bunch of photos Mom took yesterday out at Tuttle Creek State Park.  Are you ready to go birding?

Here's a sweet, little bird, posing on a sign:

Eastern Phoebe

Here's a bird Mom has probably only shot once before:

Yellow Warbler!

Hey, look who's up in a tree!

Great Blue Heron

Speaking of herons, here's another variety:

The ever-elusive Green Heron

Mom said she had to shoot that into the sun, with the birdie in the shadows. She may have used an HBO word to describe the uncooperative nature of this bird. Maybe. (Good chance of it, but let's stay serene!)

Moving right along ... anyone up for a game of volleyball?

Turkey Vulture

Umm ... perhaps another time?

Here's a colorful bird!

Female Baltimore Oriole.  Or a juvenile.  We don't know.

And here's an even more colorful bird!

Red-Headed Woodpecker

Mom whispered to her birding buddy that she'd love to see a woodpecker in that hole, peeking out!

"In here?!?"

Well, he kind of got it backwards, but it was STILL creative and rather cooperative of him!

This guy shared the tree with the Red-Headed Woodpecker:

Yellow-Shafted Northern Flicker

When Mom was driving to another part of the park, she spotted this next guy in one of the little beaver ponds.  She thought he was someone else, so she stopped her vehicle in the middle of the road, threw it into reverse, and backed up to take a shot of him.

This is not an Egret, it is a Great Blue Heron. 

Cool picture anyway, Mom! Even if you have ... (wait for it) ... no Egrets.

And here's a shot of one of our favorite wildflowers!

Snow On The Mountain!

Seriously. Siberian Huskies and Snow On The Mountain - what a great pairing!

Anyway, we hope you feel nice and serene now! Have a great rest of Sunday!

Cammie and Mags!

PS:  If you'd like to see the rest of Mom's pix from yesterday, please click here for the set on FlickR.


  1. Your Mom gets the best pics of all kinds of beautiful birds. We had a turkey way up at the highest point of our roof this morning, not sure how he/she got way up there. By the time Mom figured out what Ciara was stalking from down below and then got the flashy beast, the turkey had flown away. Bet your Mom could have gotten a superb shot.

    Happy Sunday.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  2. such pawsome pics! and the woodpecker, mol! we love going birding with you pups and your mom :) we enjoyed some bird watching today from the comforts of our catio :)

    pip, smidgen, minnie, hollie

  3. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Beautiful! I love Woody! We have wood peckers but it's hard to shoot photos in a forest. But I find their feathers everywhere. Sometimes in a big clump, sadly. Such is nature.

  4. Those are all great pictures of those birds. Those warblers are tough to catch since they move around so fast.

  5. Hope you guys have a kick butt week!!

  6. SO beautiful - every single one! Our birdies here just blend in with everything. We love your mom's birdie pix!!

    -Ruby and Otto

  7. So much serenity on one place!! Mama just loves the green heron, she has only seen one of these...and that was in Roatan!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  8. Beautiful birdie shots and the Snow on the Mountain is just gorgeous!

  9. Wow! Those are some great birding photos! We have so many birding trails here in Florida but Ma only knows a handle of birds names. What to do when you see one and don't know what it is?!? Now, for the Turkey Vulture....I hate those guys and I bark and chase them every time I see them, even when they are soaring in the sky. BOL

  10. Such gawjuss pictures! I hope Great Blue Heron didn't feel sad when your momma only wanted his picture thinking he was someone else!

  11. Such gawjuss pictures! I hope Great Blue Heron didn't feel sad when your momma only wanted his picture thinking he was someone else!