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Tuesday, October 01, 2019


Hello, everyone!  It's me, Cammie!  Yesterday was a very busy day, with lots of coming and going and rushing around.  I thought maybe today would be a day to relax and regroup, but no!  Mom put Maggie and me to work already this morning!

Here we are, on KP duty:

"Something smells awesome up there, Mom!"
"I smell Stinky Goodness!!!"
"Thankfully, I smell my Campsite Coffee candle ..."

Somewhere along the line, Mom decided lighting a candle was a good idea while making Frozen Stinky Goodness Treats.  It's OK with Mags and me; we can still smell the Stinky Goodness!

Once my kibble had soaked, it was time for some taste-testing.  Mom leaves that up to me and Mags.

"They look fork-tender!  Let me taste!"

I thought Maggie should sample it, too.  Just to be sure.

"Oh, heck, yeah!"

I think you can tell from our pupils how happy and excited we were.  I mean ... we're Working Breed dogs.  We THRIVE on work!

Once we gave Mom the green light, she started mushing it up:

"🎶 ... cause we're making Stinky!  Stinky Goodness!  Stinkiest treats in the land!  Stinky, stinky goodness ... 🎶
 -- come on, girls!  Sing it with me!!!

Yes, it's hard putting up with her singing, but it's all part of the job.

Mom even made some super big ones in our special molds this time:

Super-sized Stinky Goodness Treats!

She did a couple like that, then filled the device formerly known as the ice cube tray -- now a Stinky Goodness mold.  After that, it was my job to clean the bowl out - with an assist from Maggie.

Whew, what a morning!  But I do love the work -- and I wouldn't mind putting some overtime into this job!!!



  1. Helping in the kitchen is the best kind of work and it's even better when the work is making treats for you.

  2. what a neat idea!!! you've got a great mom!

  3. When we saw the first pic, Cammie, we thought that was your mom's bowl of cereal :D
    say...you don't need any more help, do you? clean up is my speciality...


  4. Those must be EXCELLENT stinky goodness treats if your mom has to light a stinky candle! Yum!

    Kiki and Rosie