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Sunday, September 13, 2020

Serene Scenery Sunday

Greetings to all!  It's me, Maggie.  Today, Ragnar and I thought we'd take you on our morning walk, OK?  It was a sunny, "cool" (for Kansas in September) start to the day (in the 50/60s) and we saw lots of pretty things!  Ready to go?

Let's head down the street!

"C'mon, Ragnar!"
"Where are we going today, Mags?"

We take turns choosing the route.  Today, we let Mom and Dad decide.  We headed up the big road and passed by some awesome Sunflowers:


Don't they make you smile?!?  We love our state flower!

From there, we zig-zagged over through a couple housing areas ...

"Check out that sunrise!"
"It's going to be a warm day today, Mags!"

... then hit Anneberg Park!  At first, we enjoyed the wide open spaces:

"I love this park!"
"Me, too!  Oooh!  Flowers up ahead!"

Mom stopped to shoot the flowers.  Of course.

False Sunflowers

I stopped to enjoy a tree!

"So many messages!"
"There are people coming!"

Anneberg is quite the happenin' place - especially on the weekends!  We decided to pull over to let the people pass us.

"Let's pull over by the bridge!"
"Great idea, Mags!"
"I don't think we're going across, though, Ragnar."
"I thought we were going to cross that bridge when we came to it."

Ragnar can be mighty funny!  (Our dad took the picture of us by the bridge, by the way!  Nice shot, Dad!)

"Into the woods we go!"
"It'll be nice and shady and cool in there!"
"It's awesome in here, isn't it?"
"This might be my favorite part of the walk!"

I think my favorite part was when we ran into a lady who fussed over us and said how pretty we are and how we'd be nice to paint.  She was very nice.  We ran into lots of nice people today!

When we were heading back, going through the neighborhoods again ... well ...

"🎵🎵 Oh, Ragnar!!?!!  Come here a sec; I want to tell you something. 🎵🎵"
"What is it, Ma-oh.  Oh!  I'm not falling for that a second time!"

OK, so MAYBE the other day I tried the same thing, then BOOMed him. Maybe.  Not saying for sure one way or the other.  Ah, c'mon!  It was FUN!  Serene even, depending on your perspective!

Anyway, have a GREAT Sunday, everyone!  We hope you enjoyed our walk and all the beauty we saw along the way!

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher


  1. What a lovely walk. We walked in the pouring rain this am.

  2. It has been the perfect weather weekend in Kansas, hasn't it? So sunny and no too humid!!! We have been walking more too, short walks but lots of them now that Misty has been cleared to walk a little farther. We didn't see any bridges to cross, but if we do, we are going to see if we can cross it too. And then maybe do some BOOM BOOM:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  3. That looked like a great walk. We always love it when people fuss over us too.

  4. Oh, I LOVED seein' the SUN!!!! Haven't seen that for a week nows....okays, yesterday it did come out for like an hour, and Ma was all happy, til it went away again behind all the smoke. sigh. So your walkie made me super duper happy guys! Thank you for takin' us along!
    Ruby ♥

  5. Anonymous6:22 AM

    I love how you see your world! XO

  6. What a grreat walk! I love the pretty path through the woods.