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Saturday, September 26, 2020

What An Adventure, Part 3!

Greetings to all!  It's me, Mags, here with the third installment of our great adventure - the "off-roading" part of the Hudson Trail.  We hope you've enjoyed parts one and two -- ready to continue our hike?

After we went over to Marlatt Park, we circled back to the grassy part of Hudson Trail.

Me and Ragnar, back on the Trail!

Here's a look back at where we had been -- the hill that you see is The Top Of The World!


We kept going and finally saw the edge of town in our sights:

"Up on the horizon is where we entered the trail!"
"We've still got a couple miles to go before we're there!"

How awesome!  We love our wide-open spaces here in Kansas!

"Is this great or what, Raggi?!!?"
"I love it!"

Ragnar was checking on Mom again.  He always does that; he wants Mom to be happy with what we're doing.  He's mighty sweet.  In a manly, Viking kind of way.

"I think Mom and Dad are enjoying this every bit as much as we are, Ragnar!"
"Then they're having an AWESOME time!"
Just when we thought the walk couldn't get any better ...

"WOW!  The trail goes down here!  How exciting!"
"Oooh.  Good sniffies here, Mags!"

Ragnar often takes the lead -- neither of us really cares, we don't really care about "alpha status" or anything; we're both laid back about that sort of thing.  But since he stopped to do some sniffing, I took the point!  We ran into THE Trippy Trap Bridge!  I mean, I'm SURE it's the real one!

Dad and I went over first, then Ragnar, then Mom.  Mom tried to get shots of us crossing, but it was slippery, round logs and our feety-feet were wet, so this is the best she could do:

Me, off-camera in the lead, Dad, and Ragnar crossing the bridge

Here's a look back at the Trippy Trap Bridge:

THE Trippy Trap Bridge! 

It was so cool!  No signs of Billy Goats or Trolls, though.  This time.

After the bridge, we headed up another small hill:

"Oooh!  Mud!"
"I love mud!"

We kept hiking, then eventually exited the trail the way we entered.  Here we are, back in civilization:


As you might be able to see, we got fairly muddy - wet grass, mud, dry dirt ... it happens.  But being Siberian Huskies, by the time we got home, we were clean.  We're magical like that.  And we might have gone through a few sprinklers.

Thanks for coming on our adventures with us!  Tomorrow, Ragnar will share some of Mom's wildflower shots with you -- just so he can make her happy.

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher


  1. Absolutely FABULOUS!!! We bet it was fun to go over that bridge. Mom says it looked scary to her:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  2. Anonymous5:32 PM

    you say you get muddy... but you always finish looking so CLEAN to me!
    a great hike was had by all! xo

  3. What a great walk. That bridge sure was cool. We're glad there weren't any trolls or goats hiding under it.

  4. Muddy walks are amazing! Thanks for taking us with you.

  5. yay, The Top of the World! your trail makes for such a beautiful walk, Maggie. whoa, that bridge would have scared our mom, lol. on account of the trolls, she says...riiiiiiggghhhht....

    minnie, hollie, sharpie, ditto, TL

  6. Goodness, that looks like the best walk ever! So good that it needed 3 chapters!

    Kiki and Rosie