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Friday, September 18, 2020

Walk And A Question

Hi everybody. It's me, Ragnar. This morning, we left super early on our walk. It was still dark and Mom couldn't get any clear photos. When we got up into the hills, the sun had come up -- take a look at how pretty it was!

Mags & me and the hazy sunrise

It was nice and cool, so we took a good, long walk. Actually, we did that all Summer long, but it was a lot more pleasant today! When we started our downhill descent, Maggie started looking at me in a certain way ... so ... 

🎵"Oh, Ragnar!!!"🎵
"Maggie ... are you going to BOOM me?"

She said she was going to, but since Mom and Dad were onto her, she decided not to. Besides, there was a car coming and we have a big SAFETY FIRST focus around here. Whew.  

Instead of going the most direct route home, we headed back up the big street -- here's another look at the sunrise:

Mags & me again!
What a great walk! 


PS: We had plenty of BOOM! action once we got home!



  1. You two sure enjoy your walks. We bet your "Boom" time was a blast.

  2. Thank you for taking us on your walk.

  3. It is so cool on our walks now Lady needs gloves and a hat!