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Sunday, November 08, 2020

Serene Sunday

 Hi everybody!  It's me, Ragnar!  Today, Maggie and I got to take a route we've never taken on our walks before!  It was totally exciting and we had a blast; we thought we'd take you along with us!  Ready to get going?

First, we headed down the big road like we often do, but we kept going after we passed by the park!

"Hey!  We're walking right past CiCo.  How cool is that?!?"
"This is very cool, Mags!"

It really was exciting!

We had a few challenges along the way.  One, I'll show you later (same challenge on the way home) but here's the next one -- a narrow bridge thing that was right by the road!

"You've got this, Raggi!"
"Piece of cake, Mags!"

No big deal!  Mom said I went over it like I've been doing it all my life!

We kept going and going, then crossed the road when we got to the Kansas State University!

"It's the football place, Ragnar!  Keep your eyes peeled for Wildcats!"
"Ooh!  They sound more fun than squirrels!"

"I mean KSU Wildcats, with a capital W, Ragnar."
"Oh.  Too bad.  I don't see any of those, either."

We checked inside the stadium, too, but no Wildcats.

"Empty, Raggi."
"Yeah, I think yesterday was game day.  All the kit-cats have gone home."

Speaking of going home, that's what we did!  We took a different route at first, then ended up back on the big road.  While there, we encountered that first challenge again -- walking under a big highway!

"We've got this, Ragnar!"
"Shoulder to shoulder, Mags!"

I take a lot of cues from Maggie.  Mom says most of them are good ones.  I wonder what she means by "most"?  Hmm.

Anyway, we took a turn onto the Hudson Trail - familiar turf that Mags and I just love!

"Has this been a blast or what?!?!"
"I feel totally serene now!  ... maybe even a bit tired!"

It was so exciting!  Thanks for coming with us - we hope you feel as serene as we do now!



  1. Very brave sibes crossing that bridge and going under another. We had no idea you lived THAT close to KSU!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  2. What an epic walk you went on. It can be a bit scary going under a bridge. Sometimes when the cars are going over the bridge it can be very noisy.

  3. Wouldn't it be awesome if you could run on that field?

  4. Wowsa! How funs was that??! Too bad you didn't find any kittehs at the stadium....
    Ruby ♥

  5. Aww, sorry you couldn't find any wildcats. Weird that none of them would be home.

  6. That was an amazing walk, my goodness, you both covered some distance!

    Your friend Rosie