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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How To Give A Sibe a Pill

Ha roo, pups and kit-cats! It's me - Zim! Have you seen those emails about "How to Give A Cat a Pill" that make the circuit? (You can see the basics at this link.) In many ways, Siberians are like cats - we're independent, we don't feel like we have to come when we're called, and we can be quite challenging to train. Those are just some of the similarities! Let's look at how Mom gives us a pill!

Most of the meds we get are chewable, but I do get one pill every night before bedtime (a Pepcid AC so I don't horka in the morning when my tummy's empty) and we have a routine we follow. It's pretty tricky - so here's the play-by-play!

First, Mom gets my pill, then gets a HUGE thing of cheese out of the magic cold box.

It's about a quarter of a whole inch wide, and a slice deep, and the length of a whole cheese piece! Then she splits the cheese up into four really huge pieces - 'cuz there are four of us. Oh, see... since I get my Pepcid, everyone else has to get something, too. House rules. Here's how that looks:

Look at those HUGE hunks of cheese!!! Isn't it exciting! Then Mom makes a big cheese and Pepcid sammich, like so:

See how well the pill is hidden in there? With all that cheese, I never even know it's in there! THEN the fun part! Here's a video! (Please ignore the really weird voice Mom's using - she doesn't usually sound like that!)

Umm... yeah, OK. Maybe we aren't exactly as challenging as cats when it comes to giving a pill. Or apparently any of the pups Mom's ever been around. Or heard about. But hey, we don't get much "people food", so we really look forward to this nightly cheese fest!

How are the rest of you at taking pills? Maybe your bipeds should hide them in huge hunks of cheese!

Play bows,


  1. It doesn't really matter what Mum hides it in, I eat the yummys and spit the pill out. There isn't much she hasn't tried, and none of it fools me. Mum has to go down the route of throwing it down my neck, snapping my mouth shut and rubbing my throat, even then I have been known to *somehow* produce the pill, slimy but whole on the floor a few minutes later! Luckily for Mum I have only needed pills once so far, that ten days was enough trauma for her to last a lifetime!! hehehe

    Ben xxx

  2. I don't have to have pills BUT khousin Merdie does (when it gets small s out there) -

    Well, she's a challenge - my mom has to put it way down in bakhk AND massage the DoofTriever throat -

    Maybe next time we'll try the cheese method -


  3. The Herd is a whole mix. Qannik and Kodiak will eat anything, so a plain pill goes straight down. Natasha is the craftiest (surprise) and gets any pills in peanut butter (as good as cheese!) That started because of a pill regimen Natasha was on for a couple of weeks as a pup. After several days, management picked up her bed and found a stash of pills. She had pretend swallowed each one and then hidden them under her bed. Sigh.

  4. Heh heh, cheese works for me too (I'm a cat). I like Velveeta. I have to eat it quickly so my woofie brother doesn't steal it. He spits out pills though, so if he needs one he gets it in a little mini peanut butter sammich.


  5. Our mom is pretty sneaky. She uses that Crack-Whiz Cheese in a can and puts a dollop onto a small biscuit, then sticks the pill down into the cheese so we can't see it or smell it. Sometimes she even puts more cheese on top, just to make sure. We get so excited about Crack Whiz that we eat it without disassembling it first.
    It works. And as long as it means we get Crack-Whiz, we'll kho-operate, cause that stuff is irresistable!

    Woos & a-rooos,
    Star & Jack a-roo
    (Crack-Whiz addicts)

  6. You get magic cheese every night? You are so lucky!! Mom gives us our pills the same way. When we dont' feel good, it's called magic cheese because it helps to make us feel better. When we get cheese any other time it's just regular cheese. We only get magic cheese when one of is sick. Same rules here, if Sasha is getting magic cheese, I get regular cheese. I'm going to have to convince mom we need cheese every night, too!

  7. Peanut butter rules the day when pills have to be taken. Cheese works too, but we loves our peanut butter.

    Thanks for the compliment, Zimmie. You are very handsome and our mommy has a secret crush on you

    Love & Snoses, Guinness

  8. Oh-my-dogness! We have officially been duped! All this time we just open our mouths and let Dad pop the pill right down. I just can't believe what we've been missing out on! This is a travesty! Well clearly tonight will be different. Hrrrmph.

  9. WOO WOO Zimmy

    We love our cheese too and Mom hides pills in our cheese too but we are just too busy trying to get multiple cheese bits because Mom throws it up in the air(somehow I think she's being sneaking but we haven't figured that out). But Yesterday, I got to french kiss that model in my photo shoot because Mom gave him a piece of cheese to put part-way in his mouth so I would kiss him for the photo. He said he never kissed a fur-boy before. Mom kisses us all of the time!
    Marco Polo and Thor

  10. Mom swipes our pills through the peanut butter! yummmmmmmm

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  11. I don't do pills. Yuck. Maybe if they were wrapped in HAM though...

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

  12. Cheese? Um, hello LIVERGREAT!!!! Cheese is so yesterday, you need to experience the love of livergreat... so tasty, so yummy, so stinky.


  13. You should include this in your curriculum at your school. HOw to get a treat EVERY night 101! I could be a guest teacher on how to put the horkas in the right spot to leave a good stain!!

  14. If you sibes have a fatal flaw, it is this: we humans can feed you just about ANYTHING if it is wrapped in cheese from the magic cold box.

  15. If we have to have pills, we prefer them with ice cream please:))) Since we can't sleep on the beds, that is the least Mom can do. Cheese would work too, but we would need a much bigger piece than that. Sometimes nothing works with Phantom but Mom tries peanut butter, cream cheese, fresh meat. Eventually he takes his meds.

    Thanks for the great lesson.

    Woos and wags, the OP Pack

  16. Harrrrrrrr Matey Zim
    That is a great way to take yer pills Harrrrr.
    Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

  17. I am so silly that I can eat everything my mom gives to me... even pills!
    Kisses and hugs

  18. Mmmmmm... cheese.... we like the pill pockets too. HuMom puts our monthly heartworm pill in those.

    We have an award for WOO on our blog!

    WOOOO woo rar rar rar,
    Kayla and Maebe

  19. Our humans use cheese for us when there are pills we have to take that aren't chewable. They usually go down with no problems!


  20. Oh you sure are excited during cheese time. Heee I love cheese too

    ~ Girl girl

  21. Mom tried the cheese thing with me, but I still knew the pill was in there so I picked it out and ate the cheese. Then she tried some meat. Same story. Now she has to put the pill in my mouth, hold my mouth shut, and make me swallow. Luckily I only have to take pills if I'm sick, not every day.


  22. Hmm, I think I'm going to have to be pickier about taking pills. Mom usually just throws them in with my kibbles and I hoover them up. The kitties are another story, hehe.

    Your pal,

  23. Cheese tastes so yummy! It definitely slides down easier. I take my pills best with cheese or sometimes if my human is feeling naughty (cause it isn't the most healthiest for me) I get a HOT DOG. YUM.

  24. We get cheese with our cheese cookies every night before bed. Our moms are great! Give her lots of kisses.
    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie