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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Hey, There's Dad!

Ha roo, pups and cool-cats!  It's me, Zim!  Ammy and I took Mom on a real cool adventure this past week and I'm here to tell you all about it!

At first, we walked through all the normal neighborhood stuff, then we headed up toward the Giant's castle!  Mom had her earbuds stuck into her iPhone, so I'm not sure what she was listening to, but she kept saying things like "I didn't know that!" and "Cool!"  so I think she had a Typical Mac User podcast going.

Anyway, there are a bunch of stores over by the Giant's castle now.  I was hoping to see a Starbuck's or something exciting like that but there are only stores right now and no restaurants or cool coffee places.  Mom said we could window shop...

Here's a good one!

...but we didn't buy any windows at all.  Go figure.

Come on, Am, let's go.

We hiked up around the castle area to a cool pathway that leads to one of the golf courses here.  Dad was playing there and I thought maybe we could see him.  We went over this one hill (remember, we live in the Flint Hills and it's hilly here!) and Mom wanted to stop to admire the view.  We let her turn around and snap this photo:

If you look closely in the center of the sky area, you can see the moon!

Then she started talking back to her iPhone even more, saying stuff like, "Where are you exactly?" and stuff - so I think the phone part must have rung and she was talking to someone.  Then she said, "Look toward your left, up on the hill!" and she started waving.  Ammy and I looked over and saw this:

See that silver SUV coming toward us?  That's DAD!  Hey, Dad!  Ha roo, how cool!

We kept walking and saw this:


Doesn't that place look cool, in a scary kind of way?  Mom didn't seem too keen on going through there, but Ammy and I sure wanted to explore it!  We're Siberians!  We fear nothing!  Except maybe getting brushed... but that's another matter altogether!

For some reason, Mom made us go through it really, really fast and we weren't able to get into anything!  Can you believe that!?  Rats!  (Sorry, not you, Roger!)  Mom said something about it being dark in there and "who knows what you two will get into" and other stuff ... I wasn't  really paying attention, as there were so many cool SMELLS!  Besides, like I told my SiberMal pals, if Mom had downloaded that flashlight App to her iPhone, she would have been able to see in there just fine.  It's not my fault she doesn't have built-in NVGs like we do. 

As to what was on the other side...

...more sidewalk!  

We eventually wound our way back down the hill, then went back up the hill toward the house.  Storm, Dave and Dad met us a few blocks from home - how did they know how to find us!?!?  It was cool.  Sorry Mom didn't get a picture of that; she should have!

It was a pretty cool adventure.  Window shopping (even though we came home empty-pawed), seeing Dad, walking under the road, meeting up with Dad and Storm & Dave - what a full day!  It was all we could do to have a round of zoomies then crash for a while.  Thanks for letting me tell you about it; I wish you all could have been there!

Play bows,


  1. WOW!

    I need a nap now!

    Tank woo fur sharing those GRRRRREAT pikhs! We saw the moon!

    PeeEssWoo: I think Ammy helped paw the post!

  2. Such a great time had by all! Woo two are certainly fearless! I am too...I just don't like other hoomans. HaRoooooo!!!

    Mya Boo Boo

  3. Wow, what a great adventure you had! I don't like window shopping much either because how would you get them home and where would you put them.
    Keep on having fun!


  4. Great adventure. I not think I would be brave enough to go in there!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  5. What a grand adventure! You girls had a marvelous time out together-isn't it fun seeing the guys afar off? Doesn't it make you smile?

    Speaking of which, you might practice your best toothy smiles, AO4-you may need them very soon!

  6. Anonymous1:06 PM

    Golly! Mama had to put on her glasses to be able to spot the moon in the centre of that pic :)

  7. What a great adventure you went on! Thanks for sharing your pictures of your wonderful outing!

  8. Anonymous1:34 PM

    Fun adventure, Zim and Ammy...and I'd be just like your Mom, hurrying through the tunnel to be sure my furry friends didn't get their noses into anything ikky, too! Glad you didn't have to carry any windows home...they're heavy!

  9. Yay I could see the moon, how cool is that. What a great walk you two had and then to meet up with everyone else. sweet. my grooming is not scary at all, I love it!! that tunnel looked a little scary if you ask me, I would have went around. =)

  10. Wooo! what a fun walkie, I bet you had a nice nap after that!
    PeeEsss- I fear the brush!

  11. Wow guys, thanks for taking us along on your exciting adventure...we love love love that sky shot...and we saw the moon too!
    Slobbers xx

  12. Awww, Zim. I'm beggin' your pardon and that's for sure. Somehow'r'nother, I got to thinkin' it was the girls out with your mom and the guys out with your dad-that and I kinda got caught up in the idea of seein' your dad from afar-I'd like to see my Sandy Man, near OR far. It would make me smile. Do forgive me the slip, won't you?

    Oh, and yes...be very careful to keep your smiles bright..you'll need them very soon-to say more would be telling!

  13. A most excellent adventure. Did you leave nose art on the windows as a test?

  14. Sounds like you had a wonderful walk. To bad you didn't get to snoop around a little in that tunnel!! I myself, Gus, would have let a little pee-mail..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  15. Wow Zimmie, what a busy day! It's a shame you didn't get to buy any windows; you could have spent the afternoon practising your nose art.

    Huffle Mawson

  16. Another great adventure!
    Sure it was nice to be there "window shopping" and then seen you Dad!
    Kisses and hugs

  17. Hey Zim
    My sister Tahlia said what you should have done when you got to the dark place is you run one way and Ammy should have run the other, that would have confused your Mum, she may have let go of your leash and at least one of you would have stopped to smell things in there :)
    Big licks to you
    ps that workout video sounds like a good idea... i might get my Mum onto that :)

  18. Great walkie photos. Love the moon/sky photo.

  19. That is cool that you saw your Dad driving by...how funny! :) That tunnel looks really cool. We have a couple of tunnels here too but Mom has never taken me. She says there are crazy birds that live inside them who like to dart about and almost hit you. Did you see any of the crazy birds in your tunnel?? Have a great Sunday!


  20. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Wow! What a great trip. The window shopping looked sorta cool. HA roo! Oh, and mom liked seeing Zim and Ammy's furry butt!

  21. Well that sounds really fun! It's too bad you didn't get to shop for some treats, but I'm sure you have plenty at home anyway.


  22. HaRoooo.
    Woo two really has sum nice walkies. Too bad dat place didn't have a barkery at least. The nerve of dem.
    Is da moon really made of cheese?
    Great pics.

    Husky kisses,

  23. That is the coolest adventure ever! I've only ever been to Petsmart. I would LOVE to go window shopping.


  24. Thanks for sharing that great adventure! I've never gone window shopping, maybe I should try it sometime.