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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Family Photos

Woo, everypup and everycat.  Dave here today.  As Stormy told you, since all the Ao4 plus our bipeds got to walk to the still calling it the Kansas Ocean the other day, Mom thought it would be a good idea to get some group shots.  I told Storm Mom wanted all four of us Sibes to line up...

Mom wants a group photo, Storm.
Does she?  Good luck with that.

Here are the girls, lining up.

Well, OK, it's actually Ammy ... with Stormy's snooter back there.  Somesibe pulled the leash and made the camera move.  Sorry, Mom.

All four of us are in this picture!

Hey, Dave, look over there!
Where, Storm?
Hey, what's this down here?
Hee hee hee!

...but I guess it wasn't what Mom had in mind.

Dad offered to hold all of our leashes and give a go at having us all walk in formation.  We've done that before, so Mom and Dad thought it would work this time.

Here we are!

Stormy is in there somewhere ... just follow the red leash.

Let's try again!

OK, wait.  You boys line up over there...
Hee hee hee!  I can't even watch this... it's too funny!

We are starting to get lined up here...

... and almost had it, until Zim found something he just couldn't resist checking out in the grass.

Hey, you Sibes!  I found something cool here!

We tried.  Really.  But, hey.  Sometimes a Sibe's got to do what a Sibe's got to do.  Woo!



  1. PLUS, we all know a Lab's gotta do what a Lab's gotta do too!

    PeeEssWoo: I'm sure she khan use her magikh iStuff and iKhreate something!

  2. Mom tried to get my two Aunts and I in a picture together, yeah that did not turn out oh so well. he he. great try though. =)

  3. Anonymous7:56 AM

    Hey Dave! These silly mum's eh trying to get us all in one photo, our mummy does it all the time too, but we never cooperate either! Its more fun not to cooperate! BOL! x

  4. Well we all have to get back at Mom somehow for that annoying flashy box going off when we are enjoying a good nap.

  5. hee hee, you all crack us up! great non-cooperation there! but you all still look great. (Shiloh says "especially Ammy.")

    As I am not a Sibe, I tend to cooperate with pictures and try my paw at interupting other things - like mom's quilting.

    Ciao, Bacci

  6. Details, details, details. She got all 4 of you in the pic...what more could she possibly want? Moms these days!!

  7. hey Dave, the rate you four are going, you will be knitting a sweater next with those tangle of leashes!

    love and licks, Marvin xxx

  8. I agree wtih Echo. At least all four of you are in the same picture.

    Princess Eva

  9. BOL, we think you did well! Mum says it's hard with just us two... let alone 4! Way to go pals, beautiful as always!

    (We can't believe your pop found shorts to wear, mum says hers are all packed away still!)

    M & I

  10. We all know that sniffing is more important than cooperating for a picture. :) I love all the pics!


  11. Great job! Stormy has taught you well.


  12. Oh Dave...In the Sibe world, woo just have to fly by the seat of your furry furry tail! Sometimes it works...sometimes not. But it's all good anyway!!! Harooooo!!!

    Mya Boo Boo
    **It's always MY way**

  13. Did you find something interesting, Zimmie?

    Huffle Mawson

  14. BOL, River was right, you guys DO wait until the camera is on you and all face in different directions, haha....v.funny!
    Nice try though :D
    Slobbers xx

  15. Good try, y'all!!

    Gus and Waldo

  16. My Owner Girl has a hard time getting a pic of just me sometimes! At least you all tried!
    :) Tibby

  17. If you want to become models, you will have to get the posing right. I'm sure the Dughallmor Beagles can give some tips. Being the only hound in the house I am always in sync.

  18. Have you seen any sharks in the ocean yet? I was watching sharks on TV one time and it was really scary. . .I wonder who would win. . 4 sibes or a Kansas shark?


  19. We tagged you pals, we hope you didn't get tagged before!

    M & I

  20. All 4 in the picture and posing? We just go for all 6 on the same side of an outside door at any given moment. We don't succeed there often either.

  21. Way to give it a go!! You all look cute even if you are not all together. :)


  22. Dear Zim,

    You sound like you would make a great honorary cat.

  23. Ah, yes, we know all about family photos and there are only three of us. But they DID try. Maybe next time.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  24. Mom has hundreds of pictures of the back of my head! It's a Sibe thing..you understand!

  25. Very special pictures - I can relate! Have a pal named Honey and no one can get even one good picture of the TWO of us together heehee! These are fun!
    Hugs and Licks,

  26. You guys are just too funny! Maybe the thing your mom was missing was treats! You'd think she'd remember that worked before in your bandana photo!

  27. Great pics of non-cooperation, hawoo!!! You all were in sum pics just not posing the way yur mommy wanted you to pose - very husky of all of you!

    -da boyz, Cosmos & Juneau-

  28. lol, GOOD try!! Your Mom is very patient!!

  29. Mom says she's lovin' the backs of your heads! Sounds like your unit could use a little extra drillin'! 'Course, if it were a herd o' cats..'twould make more sense.

    By the way...how's your smiles? All bright n' shiny? Been practicin'.


  30. Dad made a noble effort there. We can't get a single half-husky to pose--let alone four full ones!

  31. Jan says you guys remind her of us. Don't know why. We walk in perfect formation! She's the one out of sync.