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Saturday, May 30, 2009

I'm On Top of the World! (Again!)

Ha roo, pups and cool cats!  It's me - Zim!  Lots to tell you about today, so let's get to it!

Remember back in March, I told you about me and Mom going to the Top of the World!??  We went there again!  The Flint Hills are all lush and green now, there are tons of wildflowers blooming, and oh, the SNIFFIES!  Wowzers!  Check out the path with me:

Sniff!  Sniff!

Can you almost smell it!??  Let's get started down the trail!

We walked and walked and looked all over the place!

Hey, what's over there?

Then we got to what we thought was the end of the trail, but it really wasn't.  It's just that there's a steep drop-off.  Take a look:


I could see forever up there!  Can you see the sort of blue thing in the upper right corner?  That's the water tower near Ao4 HQs!  Cool, huh?  I thought we should keep going down the path.  Mom only had her iPhone, not the camera, so we couldn't shoot a cool video like our friends in the Thundering Herd, but I was thinking about them and asked Mom to take some action shots of me heading down the hill.  Here's the only photo she took:

...then we headed back up.  She was mumbling something about a "whole, new appreciation" for the Thundering Herd's bipeds.  Ha roo roo roo!

Back up on top, we came to another cool over-look.  Check out this scene:

I almost saved it for Serene Scenery Sunday, but hey, consider it a jump-start for that.  I found a path heading down there that wasn't quite as steep as the other:

Hey, Mom!  Whatcha think?

She said next time we'd go down there, but for now, she was worried I was getting too hot.

Good point.  Let's go have a cool beverage!

I was thinking Frozen Mocha Latte; Mom was thinking water.  Rats!  (Sorry, not you, Roger!)

As I got ready to mount up, Mom told me she had a surprise for me!  She told me a secret, and it made me smile!

Me, smiling

Want a little clue?  Mom and I are heading out on another adventure today!

Not down this road... though this gives you a good comparison to the last time I was here, doesn't it?  No... today I get to meet the mom of some fellow bloggers!!!  It's someone we've never met before and I'm TOTALLY excited!!!

Can't tell you any more right now; I have to go get ready.  I want to look my very coolest for her.  I'll tell you all about it soon!

Play bows,


  1. Hi boys!!!
    That walk look very cool!!!
    And is realy make good for ours sold and body :D

    Sorry we dont have been visiting a lot :(
    Aninhas is studing for her exams, so all the time she can spare is all for me and my plays with the ball :)

    Wish you all are ok and happy :)
    I hope that in the end of the week aninhas have time for update my new adventures ;)
    And trust that all buddies will burst into laughter a lot ;)

    Give a big lick to your mum an d dad from me and aninhas ;)

    auf auf

    hugs and kisses from kikos world

  2. OH WOW!

    A surrrrrrprise!

    That is soooo furry khool!

    I khan't wait!


  3. Nice walkie - beautiful scenery - and a surprise - they are so much fun

    enjoy your day

    woodrow sweetie mj

  4. Anonymous11:01 AM

    whoa Zim. U always go on cool trips! So I wonder who u r meeting. Oh I wish it were me. Have fun handsome

  5. Oh what a great place to go for a nice walk. Everything looks so beautiful there..
    We can't wait to see who you are going to meet!!!

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  6. Zim,

    You have the knack. You make whatever you're doing sound like IT'S THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD! Can't help but wish I was right along with ya!

    Your Buddy

  7. We can't wait to hear what the surprise is!
    What a beautiful walkie you had!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. Those scenery pictures were totally cool. thank you for sharing. =) and can not wait to see which DWB member you get to meet. =)

  9. What a nice walk! Can't wait to hear about your new friend. :)

  10. What a cool walkie up that great big mountain. I don't think my Mommy could have made it. I think the frozen latte sounds good too!
    ~puppy kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  11. We love surprises - wonder who it could be.....
    You had a lovely walk way up on top of the world - we loved your smiling picture Zim!
    You love going adventures with your mom. It is always lovely to smell the wildflowers - great for sniffing.
    We have still to read your post about bridges but we will do.
    Hopefully we will have read it by the time you tell us the surprise!
    love and kisses
    The Basset Babes xxx
    We kinda like our new name you gave us xxx

  12. What a great walk you went on Zim! And we can't wait to see who you get to meet today!

  13. Wow, Zimster. That looks like a great place for walkin'. I'd'a hyperventilatin' for smellin' all the cool smells there. Hey, my mom saw a Husky in PetSmart last night, and guess who she thought of? That's right! The Ao4! It was a"Stormy" lookin' Husky-Gorgeous.

  14. That's a great place to visit and how lucky you were the one to get to go. Too bad you didn't get that latte. Can't wait to see and hear about your trip today.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  15. What a great adventure Zim! And you get to have another one ! You're so lucky.

    Huffle Mawson

  16. Looks like a fun place for walkies! And we're glad you had fun!

    Feather, Darla, Pappy & LizzaBella ^..^

  17. Two adventures in one day?!? You're one lucky pup! We can't wait to see who you get to meet.

    Princess Eva

  18. Whoa! Wish i could come along too, looks like a very very cool place to walk. The scenery is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing!!


  19. It's so beautiful there!

    Can't wait to hear about your other adventure! :)


  20. Hi Zim
    I was wondering if you could do me a favour... You may be aware that my cousin Scruff was missing and has now been sighted with a pack of coyotes. Well, Khyra mentioned that you may be able to help bring him home because you speak coyote. Would you be willing to have a chat to him if we can find out what feeding station he was spotted at? He may have suffered some memory loss.
    Big licks to you
    PeeS - Bark is furry excited that you may be attending Scooby's wedding.

  21. Excellent hiking pictures (though we were looking for our video - grins). But why is it humans always insist on taking us for long hikes before we meet someone new? Something about lowering the excess energy?

  22. Psst...

    Zom, you're supposed to put your siberian skills to work and pull your mom down the hill. That way she has more energy to go back up!