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Monday, May 18, 2009

When It's Sibe-Plucking Time in Kansas...

Hi everypuppy and everykitty!  It's me - Amber.  We weren't really sure what we were going to post about today and so Stormy said, "OK, Chatty Cathy, you're up!" and she was looking right at me and even though my name is Amber (or you can call me Ammy or Ram-a-Lamb or Yams or any number of other nicknames) Zimmie said, "Yeah, Ams is never lacking for something to say!" and I really don't know what they were talking about but Davy sort of winced but didn't say anything other than, "Woo!" and so we went out front and Mom took some pictures and here's a pretty nice one of us:

Davy and me

Well, it was one that Stormy really liked and she said she was glad to see Davy acting like a true Siberian and refusing to look at the camera and - oh, speaking of Siberians, I know a lot of you know our friends in the Thundering Herd and given their most recent post I'd like to show you this picture:

See, Natasha (who they call Queen Natasha the Evil, but I don't really think she's quite as evil as they say!) is blowing coat right now and they showed some of her little cotton balls fluffing out of her coat and my mom, who is a SERIOUS pluck-a-holic, wanted to reach in and start plucking but instead while she was doing the photo shoot of Dave and me she reached in and started plucking my coat instead and she started singing some song called "When It's Sibe-Plucking Time in Kansas" and I'm pretty sure it's a song she made up and...

Woo, Am.  You're givin' me suuuuuuch a headache!
I think she made it up, don't you, Davy?  Because I don't really think there's a song like that and...

Excuse me a moment, please.  (Yes, Stormy?  Really?  OK, sorry!)  Oh... Stormy said there's a special time limit on our posts for today, so I need to wrap it up.  Have a happy day, everypuppy and everycat!  And beware of pluck-a-holics!



  1. We know how you feel...mom is a
    "plucker" too...she won't leave us alone when its sibe-plucking time.

  2. Lol! I love all your nick names Ammy!


  3. It is always Sibe- plucking time here. I am never free from it. Pitty the Florida Siberian.
    -Kira The beaWootiful

  4. It is that time here in Pawsylvania!


  5. Uh, a time limit on your post? We think Storm made that up. But you did a good job plucking a post out of thin air.

  6. I don't have those kind of pieces that come off like you do, mine mostly just blows out and fills the air, the floor, the bed with fine black fluff! My Mom got me one of those Furminator deals but I hate it and run when I see it coming. This is a lot for us to pay, Ammy, for a bit of winter warmth!

    Kisses and sympathy,

  7. Hi Ammy or Chatty Cathy,
    We think we might know that song - we are just kinda humming along right now so we'll get back to you if we remember it!
    We thought chickens were plucked - we had no idea syberian huskies were plucked too - they dont cook you though, after they have plucked you, do they?
    We certainly hope not - you were looking very pretty in your pictures!
    Have a nice day in Kansas!
    lots of love
    Martha & Bailey xx

  8. My mom would SOOOOO be a plucker if she could. She's obsessive about eye boogers and stray whiskers and stuff like that, I know she'd go nuts and be pluckin' all ya'll ALL the time! And then she'd have to brush you!

  9. That is just the greatest picture of you two!!!

    We have a veritable pluck-a-holic here too. And TD is her enabler.

    Woos, the OP Pack

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  11. Mon plus cher Ammy,

    Je distrairai votre maman de sorte que vous puissiez se cacher sous la table.

    Toujours, Brice

  12. It's Sibe-plucking time in Tennessee too!!! And it's NOT me!!! Haroooooooooo!!!!

    Good job Ammy!!!

    Mya Boo Boo

  13. that is too sweet that your mom sings to you. My mom sings to me sometimes... but it's usually about my bad behavior and messes I make. She still wuffs me though.
    peee-essss... my mom used to pluck Gusto and Gretchen (german shephards)they are in a blog if you want to see them.. they crossed the rainbow bridge now - waiting for my mom to come play again!


  14. That was a great post.. We love the pictures even if no one looks at the camera..
    Oh I did very well at herding. I did pen work where I would go in and calmly get the sheep. Dad said I did awesome.. It was raining though and Dad really stunk on the way home..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  15. wow... I didn't know sibes got plucked!!! My momster would be a plucker too; after all, she didn't earn her name by being laid back and non-OCD!!! BOL.

  16. I have a strange suspicion that Kelly might be a plucker. .



  17. LOL Ammy you are so funny! If you want to come and stay at my house for a bit, you might be safe from plucking. I've never seen mum do that to anyone, not even dad.

    Huffle Mawson

  18. Ammy -

    Our humblest apologies if we ignited your mom's plucking. Our humans do not let one of us pass by this time of year without a plucking going on. It is almost embarrassing, but they say it is very, very addictive.

  19. Hi, Ammy!
    You have interesting nicknames!
    Thankfully my hair is very short! No plucking time here for me!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  20. What´s the funny?

    hugs ang kisses from kikos world

  21. I'm not a Siberian husky but I'm still a husky that gets plucked too!

  22. Oops, forgot to tell you it was me, Sadie, who wrote that last post!

  23. Aaarrgghh, our mom is a pluck-a-holic too. This time of year, I think I could just lose it & start biting any hand that comes near my beawootiful fluff.
    Thanks for all those interesting tid-bits of news, Ammy! IF woo think of anything else, do another post!

    Woos & a-roos,
    Star & Jack a-roo

  24. Oh Dog, don't get my started on pluckers... Last month was my blow-coat month, though, so I'm finally free of that and the brush.

    Be careful and take care of yourselves!


  25. My mom is a major pluck-a-holic too!

    That pic of you and Dave is so cute!

    I could listen to you talk all day! :)


  26. hey Am, I think you and Tanner should get a cell phone plan together and you guys could just talk and talk all day.

  27. With 4 dogs and all that plucking going on your mom is going to have to start knitting! Imagine the sweaters she'll have!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  28. yep! Its fur plucking time here too, it is driving me crazy. My J said she could make another dog at least with the spare fur she plucked off me this morning!

    Yay! Its good to be back!


    love and licks, Marvin xxxxx

  29. Mom is a pluck-a-holic, too!
    In fact, when she saw that tufty picture, she went all SQUEE-y. hehe

    Your pal,

  30. Ammy, let's not ever let our moms meet. First, my mom is a pluck-a-holic as well and she also wants to get the brush out constantly. Second, she also makes up songs and usually they aren't ones you want to hear. If our moms met and combined their powers, it could really make life miserable for you and me.


  31. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Y'all gotta be cooler when that undercoat is thinned out, at least in Kansas, maybe not in Seattle.
    - TBH