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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

TV Time

Tail wags, pups and kit-cats.  Stormy here.  Before I get started, a quick update on Sinatra.  Dave and Mom asked about her when he went in for his appointment yesterday.  She's doing well, starting to act very Siberian (ha roo roo roo!), and Sinatra's surgery is scheduled for this afternoon!  Please say a prayer for her and her care-givers!  Because she is in quarantine for Parvo, there has been only one person (her student) allowed access to her, and he treats only Sinatra.  We were hoping Mom could slip in and visit with her and take some pictures, but it just isn't safe to do so yet.  Perhaps later this week!

As many of you know, since Mom doesn't let us sit on the furniture, we insist that she sits on the floor with us.  Well, mostly with Dave - but the rest of us like to get in on the act sometimes, too.  Take the other night, for instance.  Mom and Dad were watching "COPS" on TV.  It seemed like a pretty good episode, so I thought I should enhance Mom's viewing experience.

Hey, whatcha watching?  COPS?  That's a cool show.  Any K9s on tonight?

Mom said something about not being able to see the screen, so I moved.

Not much, but I moved.  I thought it was mighty nice of me, don't you?

I'm a Siberian... and I'm here to help.

Tail wags,


  1. ...and woo do such a fine job of it too!

    Tank woo fur the Sinatra pup pupdate!

    Woo know my paws are khrossed fur her!


  2. you look very sweet stormy--helping out with the view and such! what a face!

  3. Pups can "help" in so many ways. I like to supervise and Brice likes to carry Dad's tools.

    Thanks for the pupdate on Sinatra. It's good to hear that she has her own staff at KSU.

    Princess Eva

    p.s. Brice is still laughing at Ammy's tuna joke.

  4. That was very nice of you to move a little Stormy! And thanks for the update on Sinatra. We are sending our prayers still.

  5. Looking great, Stormy. Mom is mumbling something about Dad doing that all the time when he gets up to get a drink or snack and stops right in front of the TV. He must have learned that from you.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  6. We hope Sinatra's surgery goes well. It must be boring to be quarantined and only see one person on occasion.

    Yes, Storm, you are very cooperative.

  7. That was very good of you to move, Stormy!( I think I would have made Mommy move) We think it is pawsome for all of the support for Sinatra. We are keeping our paws crossed.
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  8. Rusty here likes to sit in our hu-dad's lap when the TV is on. Except that means that if he really does sit, then he is tall enough to block the view. Apparently dad disagrees with 50 lbs of Sibe in his lap that blocks the TV. Why?

  9. You are such a great help too! We have our paws crossed for Sinatra and pray for a good outcome for her.
    Our mum sits on the floor too although we sit on the chairs. We are the only dogs mum has ever had that have been allowed on the chairs!
    This is because they felt sorry for us when we first arrived - but they have made a rod for their own back as they say!
    Sofas are comfy though so keep trying.....
    Martha & Bailey xx

  10. Wooo! I'm sure your Mom appreciated all your help! I help my Mosmter all the time too when she's watching Animal Planet!

  11. That beed very nice of you to move. I likes to sit on Mum's lap when she watches tv.

  12. Looks like you helped your Mom perfectly!

  13. We are hoping Sinatra has a good surgery and recoop. The Parvo was a tough break, but he will win!

    Last week my Mom was watching the last episode of Wallander on PBS when I wanted to tell her there was a storm coming. She said I should sit and be quiet but I guess she didn't realize how important it was, so I kept on. She finally said something rood to me, so I went to bed.


  14. w00fs, u iz such a pawsome sibe, Storm...good thing they has u around to help them wiff their tv viewing..

    b safe,

  15. Really Storms, your mum should have been overwhelmed by your generosity.

    Huffle Mawson

  16. guess you make a better door than a window huh?! BOL.... furry cute!

  17. Wow Storm you are so accommodating to you humans. I never would have moved. You must really love them.


  18. Paws crossed for Sinatra!
    Stormy, I do the same thing but when my mom is using the laptop! And I don't move!
    Kisses and hugs

  19. OMD....I've missed so much...watermelon, the Flint Hills, and naps in the bathtub!!! That bathtub thing is hilarious but what an ingenius idea!! Hope Sinatra's surgery goes well and hope enjoy some more tv shows. ;)


  20. Anonymous8:32 PM

    Woo Storms!! Woo are so considerate of your humans. Be careful, they get spoiled easily.

    Thank woo for the Sinatra update!

    WOOOO woo rar rar rar,
    Kayla and Maebe

  21. Thank you for the update on Sinatra!
    So considerate of you to move so that your mommy could watch tv. Me, i usually take the tv controller and hide it!


  22. My gramps would say, you make a better door than a window!! Tell Ammy that one! Thanks for the Sinatra update!

  23. AND you do such a good job of helping wif the view, haroo!!

    -da boyz, Cosmos & Juneau-

  24. Oh Stormy, you are so cute! :) I like to block the tv too!

    Thank you for checking on Sinatra!


  25. Anonymous4:44 AM

    Hey Guys!
    We do that to mum and dad too, we love blocking the tv!

    We have just caught up on Sinatra's story. What a hard start she has had. Looks like she has the best possible people around to help her though, and a mummy waiting for her at the end of it all. Lucky girl really.
    Love Scott xx

  26. We still have a candle lit for sinatra - hope he feels better and the surgery goes well

    and mommy is always saying something about us making a good door - dont kno what she is talking about - but we tend to be in the way sometimes too

    woodrow sweetie MJ

  27. That WAS very nice of you! We like to wrestle and play zoomies while our humans are trying to watch TV.