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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thank You Thursday!

Hi everypuppy and everykittycat, it's me, Amber! Whew, yes, I did make it through Wordless Wednesday without saying anything, didn't I? It wasn't easy, but I knew I'd have a chance to tell you all about lots of nice things today, so that helped! We have lots of thanks to say and Stormy said I could be the one to say it and oh, that makes me so happy!

First up, we got this very adorable award from our lovely friend Stella!

Isn't it very sweet!?! I just love all the hearts and Davy said it's very colorful and Stormy said it's RED and red is her color and Zim said it's a bug and so... well, so we all just love it! Thank you, Stella!

Remember a while back when we got a very nice package from the Dughallmor Beagles? I showed you one of the toys they sent - well, Stormy showed you me playing with it and then how it somehow spontaneously exploded. (Hee hee hee!) I mentioned they sent another toy and what I didn't mention then but will tell you now is that Davy got to play with this one. He and I don't usually get squishy toys, but he recently had a lot of dental work done and just now he is allowed to do squishy toys and then maybe next week he can have Kongs and Zimmie's neck to play with. Mom gave the toy to Davy down in the Studio, so she could keep an eye on him. Here he is:

Dave and the Squishy Duck ("Help me, help me!")

When I came in, he pretended he wasn't playing with anything at all. So then I said, "Daaaaaavy? Do you have a Squishy Duck toy??!!??" And this is what he did:

"Duck? What duck?"

Hrumph. It's not like it would explode if I just played with it a llllllllllliiiiiiittle, right? Hrumph. Thank you again, Gabbi, Rosie, Alf and Snoop!!!

We also recently received a package from our very favorite Siberian in all of Hawaii! That's right, the very beautiful Mochi! Well, actually, the package was from her mom to our mom, but we knew there was something in there for us, too!

Here I am, inspecting the package!

"It's from Mochi! And there's something in here for us!!!"

Look at what I found in there!!!

"It's all-natural chicken jerky, made in Hawaii!"

Oh, my goodness! I asked Mom if we could have some and she said, "Yes!" and so each of us, Stormy and Zimmie and Davy and I, got to have a little taste and oh, it's sooooooo yummy! It's crunchy and chewy all at the same time and we all - and I do mean ALL - just love it! Thank you, Mochi!!!

There was something else in the package, too, and Zim thought it might be for him. Here he is:

"Do I smell coffee?"

It's coffee-glazed Macadamia nuts and Mom said "people only", sadly enough. Sorry, Zimmie!

Did you happen to catch Guinness and Shiloh's blog the other day!?! Did you see who was there? Zimmie! Guinness and Shiloh's daddy took some really incredible pictures of Zimmie from when he got to meet their mom and dad. They brought some really special presents for us (and for Mom!) and we wanted to say a big THANK YOU to them!

Their mom made a very, very beautiful quilt for our mom (Dave thinks it's for him, but Mom said it's not, but she hung it in the Studio where they can both enjoy seeing it!). Mom wants to get a good picture of it outside, where the colors will show better; we'll post that later! They also gave us these YUMMY treats:

Bananas AND chicken! Two of our very favorite things! I don't think I have the words to tell you how delicious they are! And if that's not enough, they gave each one of us - each one of us! - a really, really big Wubba! There's a red one for Storm and a blue one for Zimmie and a purple one for Davy and also a green one for me!!!

Mom let Stormy see them first and look at which toy she chose:

And Davy said, "Hey, Stormy, that's the blue one and I think that's for Zim!" and do you know what Stormy said?

Umm... well, I better not tell you exaaaaactly what she said, but we all like to share toys and Zim said he'd be honored if Stormy would break the blue one in but could he please have it before The Jaws of Steel has it (I'm not quite sure what he means by that!). But anyway, we all REALLY love the Wubbas and the quilt and the treats! Thank you so much, dear friends! We wish we ALL could have met all of YOU!

I think that's all for today! Thank you again to everypuppy and everybiped!



  1. As yes!

    I knew woo were ready to 'splode just like the stuffies those 'skhwirrels' got!

    Khongrats on the award!
    Khongrats on the furry khool pressies!

    A BIG FLOOFY TAIL UP TO STORMY FUR THAT PIKH - I saw the thought bubble with it!

    PeeEssWoo: My mom wants to know if the entire khan was used fur this post - I'm not what she means

  2. That's my girl! I love it when everyone lets you chat as much as you want. I can hear your happy voice like you're reading it me. Momma says that I'm a happy bouncy puppy so we're well matched.

    Congrats on the awards, treats and Wubbas!

    Gotta go! We're off on a new adventure today to hike along the St. Croix river.

    Love, Bricey

    p.s. I love that you are a little fluffier than me. It's more of you to love.

  3. Congratulations on everything. Great Award - Dennis gave that one to us and you have reminded us we have to post - he thought it might be a cherry pie! With a piece missing.
    What duck? We couldnt see any duck just some fluff hanging out of Davy's mouth.
    Those treats looked yummylicious.
    Three wubba's!!! Lucky dogs at least that way you dont need to share!!
    Have fun
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  4. wow what an exciting couple of days - all those pressies - and COOKIES - we love nummies

    woodrow sweetie mj

  5. boy, you guys all had a great day with lots of exciting news to report. it was nice seeing your handsome faces!

  6. Congrats on receiving that pretty ladybug and all the pressies and tasties - you are all so lucky. Has Ammy recovered yet?

    Woos, the OP Pack

  7. WOW! Lots of cool stuff in this post! Those bananananana chicken cookies look yummy! I gotta find some of those!

  8. It's so good to hear that Davey is getting better. We love that picture of his squishing the duckie!

    We're really glad that your enjoying the presents mom gave you all. We just wish we could have been there to visit too. Maybe another time. We really love the banananachicken treats too, so we knew you'd love em!

    More pictures of Zimmie in our next post - we promise

    Love & Snoses, Guinness & Shiloh

  9. We think you made up for Wordless Wednesday. Grins.

    And, Dave, you look just Kodiak when he is trying to steal . . . uh, borrow something from the humans and take it outside. He looks all innocent and tries to walk quietly (which gets attention itself), but we really like how his cheeks are all puffed out with whatever he is st . . . borrowing.

  10. Bol, I love that pic of Dave!

    Glad you like the chicken! :) The chicken with bananas sound yummy too!

    Congrats on your award! And how fun that each of you got a WUBBA!!!


  11. Wow so many new goodies and awards, you 4 are so very lucky. Glad to be back and all caught up with you, now off to another...................

  12. Oh what great presents.. our toys seem to explode too. Even our tennis balls break in half after time... Then mom says I look like Patch Adams when I carry it around...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  13. Ammy, are you sure you didn't get ahold of some of those coffee-glazed nuts? Phew! You sure had a lot to say today but it was all great stuff! Congrats on your award and all the great presents!

    Pee Ess: Tell Dave and Zim they made my Mommy laugh a lot today with their new song about Isabella!


  14. We've had some of those last kind of treats, but not the ones with bananas, only the chicken. Apparently Mom has been holding out on us!!


  15. I can just imagine what Stormy is saying, judging by the look on her face.

    Huffle Mawson

  16. You have so many great things to be thankful for! Congratulations on the pretty award and congratulations on your 1000+ posts!

    prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs and tail wags,
    Zeke, Sushi, Tiger Lily and Ruckus

    p.s.: You might want to mention to your Mom that Wednesday can be Wordy too. That is how mine usually turn out (hehehe).

  17. Woowowowoooo dear friends!!!
    What a wonderful couple of days you had!!!
    CONGRATS on your award...you deserve it!!!!!!!!
    YOu're sooooooooooo special!!!!
    But....What duck??????
    We couldnt see any duck in Davy's mouth......!!!Poor Davy....why humans thought that everything happend because we aren't good boy????
    Those treats looked yummylicious.....we're drooling...can we have one pleaseeee?????
    And...OMD...Three wubba's!!! Lucky dogs!!!!!!!!!!
    Have fun!!!!!!!!!!
    We love you a lot!!!!

  18. Hi, friends!
    Congratulations on your Award!
    You got lots of nice and yummy presents!
    Chicken jerky is my favorite too!
    Enjoy it!
    Kisses and hugs

  19. Chicken & Bananas??!! Man we're jealous! We love both of those things! Wonder where his Mom got those things so DawgMom can get some for us??

    Feather, Darla, Pappy & LizzaBella ^..^

  20. Ummmm...I think you need an official treat tester. I'll be right over. Congrats on the award. You deserve it! ~Twix

  21. Congrats again on the awesome award! Kool toys too, luv the pic especially with the ducky in those jaws!! Ha Ha!
    Thanks for sharing!


  22. Ammy that pic of you on Wednesday was so lovely that you didn't need to say anything with it.

    And what wonderful presents from everyone. Off over to G&S's place to have a look at Zim.

    Pippa x

  23. This is such a great post, Ammy. It's got a little bit of efurrything! That's furry furry nice of your friends to send woo so many wonderful gifts from all over the place. Our mom is still drooling over those coffee-khoated macadamia nuts.. she says "MMMMMMMMM!"

    Woos & a-roos,
    Star & Jack a-roo

  24. Wow! What a busy post!! Congratulations on the award and all the goodies :D
    Dave, you look adorable with the ducky in your cakehole....and those eyes....think you managed to hypnotise our Mum for a minute or two then, hehe!
    We're glad you got to play with him and hope you're back to gnawing on Kongs and Wubbas soon :D
    Umm....banana and chicken? Sounds dreamy...mmm!
    Slobbers xx