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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Frozen Fog

Woo, everypup and everycat. It's me, Dave. Thank you for all the kind comments you left on my Wordless Wednesday post! Didn't the Kansas Ocean look cool? We had a weather condition Ammy called "frozen fog" the other day, so I got to go out on a photo shoot with Mom. That's right... Zimmie's not the only one who gets to go on special adventures!

DSCN3462 Dave

Besides, the day we went was the 12th, which was
Adopt-a-Dave Day! To help celebrate the day, I got to go on that cool adventure and I just loved it! Just to show you how cool that frozen fog thing was, here's what one of our favorite trees at the Kansas Ocean looked like the day Zim went:

Tree without frozen fog

Just one day later, here's what it looked like in
frozen fog conditions:

Tree in frozen fog

No hocus-pocus with PhotoShop! Pretty cool, don't you think?

The photo Mom got most excited about was of two guys who were out hunting together. Want to see it? Here you go!

DSCN3444 Two red-tailed hawks!
Two Red-Tailed Hawks

Mom got so caught up in admiring them that she almost didn't take any photos! Can you imagine!? She did get a couple, once again muttering something about forgetting the tripod and having a Siberian tugging on his leash. (Just for the record, granted I was busy trying to explore, but I could have sworn I was the only Siberian there... hmmm...)

We put up a little photo album you're welcome to check out at this link; we'll add more to it, too, as Mom processes everything. I hope you enjoy seeing our frozen fog pix!



  1. That frozen Fog stuff can be a real pain. It does make for pretty pictures, but just coats all over everything, everyone, and - importantly - everypup. So watch out.

    By the way, if you find that Siberian, please let us know. An amazing number of our hu-dad's pictures are blurry because of that same pulling Siberian.

  2. Woooooo! Furry pretty frozen fog pictures! Mom says she had never seen that till a few yers ago & it made everything look like a fantasy world. And harumpf, I get accused of ruining shots too, but I think its a flaw with the camera, not me. Everything looks fine to me.

    a-roos to yous,
    jack -a-roo

  3. How incredibly facinating, Dave. It's quite hard to believe. I am quite amazed.

  4. Very cool Davey!!! We get that sometimes here too. You look very handsome in your pic!! The hawks were very cool!


  5. Happy Adopt-a-Dave Day! You are looking very good in your photo shoot and the other shots looked quite good too.......
    Not as good as you of course. That 'frozen fog' makes for pretty pics.
    Martha & Bailey xx

  6. That is definitely really neat! I have never heard of frozen fog before, but if Ammy says it's true, it must be true!


  7. Frozen Fog is very pretty!!

    So are those red tailed hawks!! My Mama says she has lots of pictures with auto "Doryblur"...But sheesh, if we are on the string, they should only be taking pictures of US right???

    Happy belated "Adopt a Dave" Day!!


  8. Those are cool pictures of the frozen fog and the hawks! We love the photo of you too Dave! You are so handsome!

    Happy Adopt-a-Dave-Day too!

  9. Wow that made for realy cool photographs. I love these pics and dad thinks they are great.. Hugs GJ xx

  10. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Oh my those are GORGEOUS photos! i love the frozen fog photos. sigh. even cold areas can have their beauty.

    wild dingo

  11. We love the photo's. Those birds look pretty content to be out of your reach Dave..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  12. The Kansas Ocean is always beautiful and the frozen fog is really cool! Happy Adopt a Dave Day!!! The pictures are beautiful! I can't imagine mom going out and not taking pictures!! Bad news here today...my cousins husband who spent most of his life in the Army passed away and his son is coming in from Afghanistan. Sonny..the Army man that passed away was a big animal lover..he will be missed by many. Thanks for the pictures, they are the only thing that made me smile today! Lots of love, Debbie and Hollydog

  13. well hewo there army of four
    we saw u over at dory's bloggy and wanted to come over and say howdy
    we are a pack of four as well.
    maybe we can be furryends
    wiggles and slobbers
    the houston pittie pack
    guero, coco chanel, brinks and bella

  14. I LOVE the frozen photos!

  15. I've never heard of frozen fog before! Thanks for posting the pictures.. they're GORGEOUS!!!

  16. Hahahahaha! Are you rolling your eyes and saying "Okay... if you really have to take another photo of my handsome face..." in that first pic? It's so funny!


  17. We love those freezing cold icy frosty pictures!
    Benny & Lily

  18. Frozen Frog! I am frozen just looking at your pictures!
    Were the birdies frozen too??
    Kisses and hugs

  19. Very cool! I don't think I've ever seen a frozen fog before. And you look handsome as usual Dave!


  20. Coooool pics!!

    -da boyz, Cosmos & Juneau-

  21. Those are really beautiful pics! I bet it is tough on your mom trying to take photos with you guys on the leash.

  22. Happy Adopt-a-Dave Day!!!

    I love all the pics! Frozen fog is cool! :)


  23. Hi to all friend..
    the frozen fog is fantastic.. and your mom´photos too..
    a big hug

    we came back

  24. We have those hawks here too. I think they eat chipmunks which are most plentiful at the estate.


  25. That makes some pretty piccures. Auntie Penny says that the best bit beed your freckly nose!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  26. yes it is stunning--you guys are all up on the seasons and the weather!!!

  27. It looks very cold, but very purty!!

    Woofs and Kisses!

  28. oh my goodness, Dave - do you know, I didn't read your title properly on Google Reader and I thought it said "Frozen Frog" so I rushed over to see this amazing phenomena - ha! ha! ha!

    Gosh it looks freezing but gorgeous pictures!

    Honey the Great Dane

  29. Frozen fog? I have never heard of it. How cold does it get?

    Sam and Cisco