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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's Frozen Over!

Ha roo, pups and kit-cats! Zim here, reporting in on where I got to go yesterday! Remember I told you my mom said maybe we could go for a ride yesterday? Well, the day started out mighty cool!

First, me and Ammy took Mom for a walk. We went really far, so I thought maybe that would mean "no ride". That would have been cool enough, 'cause we had great fun! Unfortunately, Mom had download malfunctions with the pix, but she did manage to save one from our walk!

Me and Ammy hit a roadblock

We thought we should just go right over it, but Mom seemed to think going around it was a better idea. How is that a better idea?

After we walked and walked, Mom took Storm and Dave on a walk. Same deal with the downloading; here's the one she saved from their walk:

Dave and his shadow

Stormy was there, just the ones of her got zapped into the ozone or something.

So, that really would have been a cool enough adventure for one day really... but shortly after she got back with Storm and Dave, she whispered those words I love to hear, "
Hey Zimmie! Want to go for a ride?" WOWZERS, did I!

I'll save the drama and tell you straight up - we went to the Kansas Ocean! And guess what?!?! It was frozen over! Check it out:

DSCN3416 Zim
Wowzers! The Kansas Ocean has frozen over!

Who knew oceans could freeze solid like that?!?

There were cool tracks across the snow, too. Take a look (you can click it to go to FlickR):

DSCN3402 Tracks

Maybe one of the coyotes I hear singing at night? Mom thought the tracks made an interesting pattern and was fixated on photographing them and a bunch of scenery stuff. That was fine; it gave me time to do this (this is for our friend

DSCN3408 Zim
Ha roo in there?

Mom just loves it when I do that. Not really. She's afraid of what I might come up with. I was just snoofing around, though!

We walked all around that side of the ocean, just enjoying a day at the beach! Sadly, it got up to 30 and was sunny, so the Snow Thief came and took a lot of our lovely snow away. You can see that (or not, as the case may be) here:

DSCN3395 Zim

We were on the sunnier shore of the ocean. And Mom may still be wearing her jacket that makes her feel like the
Michelin Woman , but she did go glove-less for a while!

We walked over by the bridge that I've shown you, and the water wasn't frozen there. Mom took a cool picture of our shadows. I thought we should have a postcard made from it! Here, check it out!


I'll bet someone starts up a quaint little gift shop on the Kansas Ocean boardwalk and sells them! Guess we need a boardwalk first, though...

I hope you enjoyed our trip to the Kansas Ocean; I know I did and so did Mom! It's a beautiful place - no matter what the weather!

Play bows,


  1. Oh it looks like you guys had such fun at the ocean! Can you walk across it?

    Woofs and Kisses!

  2. Hey, Zim! I thought for sure you had a trip to the Vet in your future!

    Our lakes all freeze up, and guys put little houses on them where they go ice fishing. I might do a blog about that!


  3. Wow frozen ocean how exciting :o

  4. Thank goodness it wasn't TheVet that you went to!! The Kansas Ocean is much more fun!! I'm glad you and your mom had such a good time!


  5. Kansas Ocean :-)

    Some of the 'Oceans' are frozen here as well.


  6. Oh Zim - you lucky pup! Looks like you had a pawsome trip to the Kansas ocean and love your postcard! Furry creative! Also love that first pic of you and Ammy, cause your coats look so red in the sun! Bootiful! I know you all had a great time, but sorry about the snow thief.
    Hugs xo

  7. An incredible trip to the ocean - just think you guys can walk on water!
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  8. That was one brilliant trip. I never knew that the ocean could freeze.Your mum took some realy cool pics. I love the postcard one..Hugs GJ x

  9. Cool! (Or maybe I should say 'cold'!) I didn't know oceans could freeze... Looks like a lot of fun!

    *kissey face*

  10. Hi everyone!!! I am so glad to see you not only went for walks but got to ride to the Kansas Ocean!!! Wow..it is really frozen!! The tracks on it are very interesting..wonder who has been walking on your ocean? Love the postcard and I bet if you put a giftshop there after building a boardwalk, they would sell quickly!!!! Love the pictures and sure glad everyone made it back safely! I love the Kansas Ocean!! Lots of love, Debbie and Hollydog

  11. Looks like everyone had a great walk. We do enjoy the frozen ocean with the cool tracks on it...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  12. Fun! I love how you guys "take your mom for a walk" Great pictures as always.

  13. Mum says she has seen the ocean freeze when she was in the arctic circle in 2008 so it's not surprising the Kansas ocean has frozen over now too! Great pix Zimmie!


  14. We didn't realize an ocean can freeze. Looks like you had a really fun day!

  15. What a great walk. You sure must be tired. And the Kansas Ocean with singing coyote tracks was frozen! It must be awfully cold there. Stay warm
    Benny & Lily

  16. You guys didn't catch the snow thief yet? That guy's a jerk!

    Did you try to walk on the ocean? When humans walk on water, other humans go nuts and start offering them food and snacks. Maybe you should try!


  17. Anonymous7:31 PM

    We just love your Kansas Ocean! Must be pretty cold up there :)

    Love, Josh and Jessie

  18. The Kansas Ocean sure is a pawesome place! And I know how much you love it... with all that snow!
    Thanks for sharing your adventure!
    Kisses and hugs

  19. Zimmie, even though the Snow Thief came it still looks mighty cold to me! I hope to visit the KS ocean some day....but in the summertime when it is about 95 degrees. I loved your mom's sundogs photo. That was really interesting and I had to show my mom. She said she never heard of that kind of dog but was fascinated by it.

  20. What a nice sunny walk you had. I always take my mom on walks too. Otherwise she'd be too lazy to go herself.

    Ooh, I never knew there was an ocean in Kansas! You have all sorts of cool stuff where you live!


  21. What a fun trip to the frozen Kansas Ocean! We liked the postcard photo of you and your mom! Hope the snow thief doesn't take too much of your snow away!

  22. Anonymous12:50 AM

    Wow Zimmy, you got the extra special treatment that day! how fun!
    wild dingo

  23. That's the perfect postcard! :) I can't believe your ocean is frozen! Our ocean has lots of huge waves right now!


  24. Our pond is frozen just like your Kansas ocean! It's amazing how that happens, isn't it?!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  25. hahahaa! that is funny "Kansas Ocean"--hehehe

  26. Wow I love the post card! I'd buy one at the Kansas Ocean Boardwalk shop. :D

  27. We just love the Kansas Ocean covered in snow!! Thanks for letting us tag along Zim!


  28. Was that a road block or did someone just build a giant snowman?


  29. Looks like a fun day for sure. If you do get a boardwalk there, make sure you sell hot dogs then I will be right over!