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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Serene Scenery Sunday

Tail wags, dear readers. It's me - Stormy - here with Serene Scenery Sunday. I'd like to start this week's entry with a relatively rare atmospheric condition that Mom captured on film earlier this week. It's called sundogs (read more about it at that link) and everyone around here was all abuzz about seeing it! Our favorite TV weather people (49 Storm Team!) blogged about it and put Mom's photo on the news! If you check their gallery (at that link), you'll see some truly amazing shots! Here's Mom's:


It's that almost rainbow-looking arc around the sun! Cool, isn't it? And just to clarify ... that is called SUNdogs. This next one is of SNOWdogs.

Top row: me (Storms) and Zim; bottom row: Ammy and Dave

Ha roo roo roo! (That was Ammy's idea!)

Here's a close-up of the mugho bush in our front yard:


Mom said seeing something green in all of our snow made her feel serene. What could be more serene than snow? I mean, where does she come up with these things?!

Here's a shot taken on one of our walks earlier this week.


For lack of true identification, we'll call them
Cool Corkscrew Weeds. It works, don't you think?

And here is a little group of


They always remind us of all of our wonderful friends in Scotland! We know you all are blanketed by a bunch of snow these days, too. Isn't it wonderful?

If all that snow isn't something to howl about, I don't know what is. Oh, wait... how about this?

DSCN2204 copy
Ha rooooooooo!

Ha roo roo roo! Mom played around with photos she took of me and of the moon - and thought we went well together. Doesn't a good howl make you feel serene? It works for any bipeds out there, too - really! Give it a try and tell me if it doesn't make you feel good!

Have a serene Sunday!

Tail wags,


  1. BOL....that howling photo should be your Halloween card next year...I LOVE it! That is cool about the sundogs too...I learned a new word today! Thanks!


  2. We prefer snowdogs to sundogs, but our human seemed to be very impressed with the sundogs too.

  3. HaRoooo Storm!
    Dat was furry intresty bout da sundogs. Maw also calls us snowdogs. We jest don't wanna come in da house wid dat nice white fluffy stuffy outside.

    Thanks fur sharing.

  4. Wow, Stormy, I love the Moon and howling you picture. Its wonderful!

    We had some Sun Dog pictures up last winter. They are some of my, and my Mom's favorite phenomenon. Gotta be chilly when you see them though!


  5. Wooos! And to think that I thought I was a Sundog.... well you learn something new everyday!
    I just love the Howling Moon photo, It is BeaWoOOOOTiful!

    -Kira, The other Sundog

  6. Great photos. Is there anywhere that's not covered in snow?

  7. That sundogs effect is really cool. Nice job to your momma for getting it on camera.

  8. Very cool. I think we hear that howl over here.
    Benny & Lily

  9. We liked the snow dogs! We had never heard of sun dogs - is that one work or two? It is a very interesting effect and we will now be looking for sun dogs!
    Thank you for thinking about us and all your other friends in Scotland when you saw the thistle!
    We hope you also thought of us when you were howling at the moon!
    That was our favourite picture of today!
    It certainly made us smile.
    Enjoy what is left of your weekend.
    Martha & Bailey xxxx

  10. I thought I heard you howling at the moon Stormy! But then I had to have a nap before I could do anything.


  11. Hey Stormy! This blog gives me all kinds of information! I had never heard of sundogs..that is amazing. I think it is wonderful that the weather people blogged about it and put your Mom's photo on your news!!! Never heard of a mugho bush before but it is pretty!! Definitely know all about thistles and love the name Cool Corkscrew Weeds! The last time we had a strange thing growing next to the house, we sent pictures of it to the local college for identification...mom thought it was SO pretty...oh yes...it was pretty and deadly...was Datura. Mom had the lawn guys get rid of it really fast! Lots of love!! Hollydog and Debbie

  12. The pictures are awesome.. I love the last one the best and the first.. Wow never seen that before. Hugs GJ xx

  13. Love the Ha rooooooooo picture makes me feel good :-)


  14. I think if you put all four of you into that howling photo, and then put that photo on a t-shirt, it'd out-sell that best-selling t-shirt on Amazon.

    4 Huskies and 1 Moon > 3 Wolves and 1 Moon!


  15. I do not howl for happy making, only when I am being ignored! Guess you are different.

    Those sun dogs are really neat-o.


  16. Anonymous7:51 PM

    wow! i learned something new. so cool there's something called a SunDOG!

    wild dingo

  17. Hi, Stormy!
    Happy Serene Sunday!
    My mom agrees with you about howling. She did it a lot when she came from the Dentist!
    Kisses and hugs

  18. Cool sundogs but we really like the snowdogs! We haven't seen the sun in weeks so don't know if we have any dogs around our sun or not. We enjoyed the photos of your frigid week.

  19. Great snow pics & woo having a howwwlin good time!

    -da boyz, Cosmos & Juneau-

  20. Fantastical Snow pics!!!!


  21. Those are great snow photos!! I've never heard of sundog before; it was fortunate of you to catch it on film and get it aired on the news.

    My mom isn't crazy about the snow either. Actually I'm looking forward to spring when I can play football again. All this snow restricts my play and walk times :(


  22. KEWL! we have never heard of a sundog before!!!!! you guys have some interesting stuff!

  23. WOW...what a pawsome post!! We feel ever so serene!!


  24. OMG, what an awesome picture of you howling at the moon! How perfect is that!
    Mom thinks those corkscrew weeds are very cool!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  25. I love that last picture! I howled along with you!

    Cool pic of the Sundogs, but the Snowdogs are my favorite! :)


  26. w00fs, loveeee the moon pix...me not howl much, but mama says me talks back to here sumtimes...calls me sassy mouth..

    b safe,