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Saturday, January 09, 2010

King of the Cool Snow Fort!

Ha roo, pups and cool cats! It's me again - Zimmie! Today I'm here with Dave to tell you about the cool walk we went on. Well, not so much the walk as what we did when we got back to Ao4 Headquarters. We went all over the place with Mom, then when we got home, I noticed one of my cool snow forts needed some reinforcement. I got right to work:

DSCN3211 Zim
Me (Zim) working on one of my cool snow forts

I wasn't quite done when Dave said Mom was freezing and I should wrap up my work and let her take us inside.

DSCN3212 Dave and Zim
Dave and me

I said something to the tune of not being ready to go in and who was going to make me...

DSCN3216 Dave and Zim
I will, ya little...
You can't get me! I'm in my cool snow fort!

I had the high ground, so I knew his attack would do no good!

DSCN3217 Dave and Zim
Ha roo, I'm the King of the cool snow fort!

Then Mom said, "Oh, poor Zimmie! Your leg is stuck!" and went to untangle my leg from my leash, when Dave saw his opening!

DSCN3219 Dave and Zim
Woo! Gotcha!

He had me pinned pretty well...

DSCN3220 Dave and Zim

...but I was able to roll and get back on my feety-feet!

DSCN3222 Dave and Zim
Ha roo! Counter-attack!

Pure Siberian chaos erupted at that point. Oh, it was great; we had such fun! Check out this cool action shot:

DSCN3224 Dave and Zim
Me and Dave, the best big brother a guy could ask for!

Note: Mom wants to make it clear to those who don't understand the ways of the Siberian that we were PLAYING. To the untrained eye, it might look like I'm getting snarky, but no. It's all good, clean Siberian fun!

Seconds later, we heard something and stopped what we were doing!

DSCN3207 Dave and Zim
Hey Dave! Do you hear that? Somebody's coming! Maybe the UPS man or the FedEx man?
Woo! Yeah! Maybe we'll get ear scratchies! I love it when they stop and give us ear scratchies!

Unfortunately, it was just a truck that wasn't coming here. Mom took advantage of the break in the action to take us inside. By that time, she seemed to need a hot cup of coffee, so I didn't resist.

We sure had a blast out there! And I am the KING of my cool snow fort!!! Ha roo!

Play bows,


  1. I'm glad woo all had such a relaxing jaunt in the snow!

  2. Oh what fun Zim you had with Dave.. That is a pretty cool fort. Sure wish we had those here...
    You 2 play just like we do.. All teeth..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  3. Hi Zim, we are glad that you are still King of the Snow Fort.
    We could see Dave was just waiting for his chance and then when your paw was tangled he pounced.
    Well recovered Zim!
    We wanted to join in - that looked like fun in the snow.
    martha & bailey xxx

  4. Your Mom wouldn't need to tell us you guys were just playing. We know you now and you are good guys!

    Still too cold here to be out playing but maybe tomorrow or Monday its gonna warm up. Wahoooo!


  5. I had to burst out laughing at the feety-feet part!! That is so cute!! I love it when you are playing and doing major work on your snow forts! All good snow forts need reinforcements and you are the ones to call to do it! Haven't heard anything about the Kansas Ocean lately...I guess it's probably an ice ocean right now!

  6. Now that was a planned attack if we have ever seen one. Pinned down, count 1,2 ,3 ..up just in time! Have fun
    Benny & Lily

  7. Cool! A snow fort! That sounds like fun!!!

    Pow, Pow pow!

    I love Husky play!!! Then I scare them with my barks hehehe... They aren't prepared for that!


  8. mom has captured us making some mean looking faces when we play too.Our cats make snooty faces too, but we think they are real...
    Morgan & Maisie

  9. Love the shots, especially the bitey face one. You should see, or rather hear us when we get going. It sounds quite nasty but it is all play and a lot of fun...hehe

    Thank your mum for her kind comments on our blog. Our mum often has to throw the toy herself and try and get the shots. Which is why she takes so many sometimes...hehe

    The first lot of them on our post, were taken at home and she threw the balls herself as there were no humans to help. The last few she had someone to throw the frisbee toys which she says makes photo taking of us playing a lot easier.

    We are really envious of your snow, ours is still not very thick, although we are meant to get some more... It would be cool to wake up to a lot of it out there! :-)

    Stay safe you guys!

  10. Woo - we, of course, totally know the sights and sounds of Sibe play - and taking advantage when someone gets a foot caught in a leash. All is fair in love and Sibe wrestling - including Kiska famous diving tackles from the couch.

  11. Awesome snow fort. Ours was a big failure! We tried to carve out the inside of it to make a little snow dog cave, and it collapsed the next day. Oh well!

  12. Oh my God, I still can't get over all the snow in your pictures - it looks so soft and lovely - wish I was there!! And you guys look so good in it too - like it's just the perfect backdrop for you!

    Honey the Great Dane

  13. Hi Guys,

    Bet after all that action, you all were ready for a nappy!

    So much snow everywhere but here. We wish we had some. It's so pretty.

    Riley and Star.

  14. You are definitely KING, Zimmie!


  15. I know you were playing. I play like that with stupid PeeWee all the time. AR AR AR.


  16. Cool snow fort Zim! It is certainly worth defending - especially since you're the King! When I give that "snarky" face to my sisfurs, I get in trouble even though I'm just "playing".


  17. Sure you two were having lots of fun there outside!
    Time ago I was afraid when I saw you Sibes showing your teeth... nowadays I know that is your playing mode!
    Kisses and hugs

  18. Woo there AO4~
    Glad woo are keepin' the cool snow forts intact. Woo just never know. Great play shots. Keep those feeti feet warm.
    Your pal,

  19. Nothing like the Siberian Smackdown!!! You two look like you were having a fabulous time! Wish we could come down and play with you!

    Holly and Khady

  20. Anonymous12:36 AM

    Like woo would have to tell US, "WILD DINGO" about playing? did woo see our reso-woo-tions post? there's a lot of toofers in that, and tho it looks like Ammy's boyfriend Loki starts it and looks all mean, it's ALWAYS Juno starting the wrestling. TYPICAL SIBERIAN! woo!
    wild dingo

  21. whooaa..Zim! That's some snarly look there! No pup would dare come near your fort...i bet!


  22. You guys look just like us playing biteyface in the snow! The snow gets us all nutty because we love it so much, right?

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  23. Hey guys!
    What fun in the snow and what awesome pictures too! It's quite incredible - from our perspective - to see snow like that! Truly wish we could experience that on occasions.
    Keep warm and lotsalicks

  24. Ruffruff! What fun you two have! It great to see you being such great brofurs for each other.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  25. I love it! :) How did your mom manage to hold on to you two playing and take those awesome pictures at the same time?


  26. Does your pups reach down in the snow and eat it as they run? My olivia does.... I need to share a photo of that don't I?! Thanks for sharing your playful pets.... wonderful to be a part of your garden network!