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Monday, February 22, 2010

New Bed For Zimmie!

Tail wags, dear readers, it's me - Stormy! It was a busy weekend here at Ao4 Headquarters; I think it will take a few days to tell you about it! I thought I'd start by telling you about the new bed that came in for Zim.

It might not seem like a big deal that a bed Mom ordered arrived - but she ordered it back in the beginning of December and was pretty much resigned to the fact that it would ever show up. But show up it did, and she was all excited about giving it to Zimmie. She let him try it out in the living room. At first, he wanted absolutely nothing to do with it (he has learned the ways of the Siberian sooooo very well!), but then realized it was a good spring board for play-wrestling and doing zoomies with Dave and used it for that! Well done, Zim!

IMG_5463 Dave and Zim
Dave and Zim. Zim's got the high ground!

Despite Zim not being interested in actually laying on it, Mom put it in his usual sleepy spot, washed his really cool polar bear blanket and his quilt, and put those on top of the bed. You know, she thought that would make it all cozy and "his" and that he'd like it. Here's how that went: (please excuse the poor quality of photos; these were taken at bed time)

IMG_5476 Zim
Hey! What's this under my really cool polar bear blanket and my quilt?

IMG_5477 Zim
It's that new bed! Hrumph!

Then he went and slept on another bed on the other side of the room.
Ha roo roo roo - that's my boy!

The next day, Mom tried showing Zim how comfy it was and asked me to help her out. Sure, anything for my puppy. I tested it out -

DSCN4005 Stormy
Hey, Zim! This isn't too bad!

He said he still wasn't sold on it.

DSCN4001 Stormy
But where are you going to sleep?

I was concerned for his comfort! He reassured me that he had found an alternative sleepy place.

DSCN4013 Zim
Ooooh... comfy. I'll be fine right here.

Then he said something about Mom could have it if she thought it was so comfy.

DSCN4012 Zim
Is she buyin' it?

Well, no. Not for bedtime. He did give it a trial last night for a few hours and napped on it a little bit after breakfast this morning. I think it'll work out eventually.

Tune in tomorrow for a look at the snow we got over the weekend!

Tail wags,


  1. Hello Stormy!

    I laughed very much at your post about Zim and the new bed.

    'Cos when I first chose to live with my Jeannie, I was given a new bed, but I refused to sleep in it. So long ago now I cannot remember why I should do such a ridiculous thing. Possibly trying to exercise some choice in the matter ;0D

    However, I also insisted on taking all the comfy and warm blankets out too!

    In the end, my Jeannie got in the basket and curled up in front of me, and then I wanted to get in it too! After all if it was good enough for her to sleep in, it was good enough for me.

    I hope Zim comes to some arrangements with it all soon!

    lotsaluv, Marvin xxxxxxxx

    "Without A Song In My Heart" today.......ha ha!

  2. Zimmie! That looks like a mighty fine bed..... and hey it has lasted! As you know, we have had a bit of troubles with our beds since we became a two sibe household and we discovered doing Arr Arr's on beds can be quite entertaining, but a bit dangerous for beds. So tell mom its all good! It's in 1 piece! harrrrooo roooos.

    Frankie & DomiNOOOOO

  3. i very much like Zimmie's idea of switching beds with mom!

    xoxox guinness

  4. Hollydog says that she understands not wanting a bed on the floor when you can sleep in a real human bed. Zim looks very comfortable there! Lots of love, Debbie and the boss Hollydog

  5. The human bed is always the best! But, that new one you have sure does look pretty nice! I think maybe your human should have about 7 of them all over the house like we do. But, then again, Khady and I DO both prefer our couches to the doggie beds! Ha rooooo!!


  6. Ha! Momma paid about a gazillion dollars to buy a special big dog orthopedic bed for my Beautiful Raja and she would have nothing to do with it. Made momma mad for sure. I hope some doggie at least uses the new bed.


  7. Hi Stormy, we understand that Zimmie might need time to get used to the new bed.
    We are not so keen on new things either.
    We could see that mom and Zimmie could try a bed swap - after all Zim looked so very comfy on mom's bed.
    We both prefer whatever bed the other is sleeping on!
    As soon as one of us gets up the other sneaks right into that spot!
    We are looking forward to seeing your snow!
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  8. I agree -- if your mommy likes it so much she should sleep on it....ha ha!

  9. We like mom's bed best too even though ours are a bit comfy. Your long awaited bed is a nice one. Hope you guys enjoy it
    Benny & Lily

  10. The big bed is always best for puppy backs- that is how we convinced our parents to let us sleep with them!

  11. But Zimmie, your mum bought a new bed JUST FOR YOU! Do you know how lucky you are?


    (I just said that while mum was looking over my shoulder. I think you should totally ignore the new bed and drag your really cool polar bear blanket up on the big bed to nap with. Seriously.)

  12. Major applause from The Herd. We have many beds and refuse to use most of them.

    We went through a period where Queen Natasha the Evil would rip open a bed if she was unhappy. Which, apparently, was often. The humans kept sewing up the beds and she kept ripping them up.

    Our humans got smart and bought parachute material thinking she could not tear through that. One problem. Parachute material does not let air through it. Poor Kodiak would try to lay on it and roll off into the floor because the air would not leave it.

    Oh, and Natasha tore a hole through that too.

    The humans are happy she is beyond that phase now. It only took until she was five years old.

  13. Hey Stormy!
    Zim is very lucky....that be looks really confortable, glad he likes it!

    Sleep tight!

  14. We think your new bed looks really comfy! Gee, it's even got your special blankie on it, Zim!
    We can't wait to see your snow pictures!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  15. We sure would like to see Mom on that bed too.. We would take the much bigger comfy one too...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  16. We have beds that we use. . but mainly . . we like the King Sized Waterbed and the couch for sleeping! heheh

  17. Woooos! I totally approve of woo having Mom's bed and her yours! woos to woo for trying it anyways!
    I am looking forward to the Snow pictures!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  18. Between my own bed and my Momma's bed, I'd pick Momma's too. Not because it's fluffier or anything, but the smell of Momma makes me feel more relaxed.

    I'm sure Zimmie feels the same way!


  19. Zimmy knows the difference between a comfy dog bed and a very big and comfy bed!
    Kisses and hugs

  20. Zimmie is no dummy. He knows that the big bed with the pillows is where it's at!


  21. aww look at those peepers
    i bets ya'll get whatever ya'll want wiff those
    pibble sugars
    the houston woggie pack

  22. Eventually your new bed will get broken in and be comfy but until then, the human bed should work!

  23. Hmmm...That bed does look comfy. Zim are you sure you won't give it another try?

    Wags and Licks,
    Mollie Jo & Bobo

  24. We think it looks pretty comfy too, especially with that really cool polar bear quilt on it! (Our mom wears really cool polar bear print jammies.) Then again, how can woo argue with Zim's alternate choice???

    a-roos to yous,
    jack a-roo & moo too

  25. Aaron bought Sam a really nice bed when we were first married. Sam has yet to sleep on it, preferring a blanket on the floor. Instead, he uses the bed as a wrestling partner.


  26. LOL! good luck getting mommy to trade you for that big bed Zimmie!


  27. Hello Stormy!

    That's a real cool bed for Zimmie. It looks like it's big enough for me, Mocha & Sugar to sleep in.

    Over here, only Princess Mom constantly sleeps in a basket. Mommy bought another basket but the 3 of us take turns taking naps there. We usually prefer to sleep on the cool floor.

    Hope you eventually get used to sleeping on your new bed, Zim.

    In the meantime, you can also try to sneaking on your mom's comfty bed for some naps.

    -Frappie, Mocha, Sugar & the Piappies

  28. I hate that new bed business! What's wrong with our old beds?


  29. You trained him well Storm! That second to last picture is soooooo cute!


  30. its good to let knew things settle for a while, make sure they wont splode or anything scary.

  31. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Hey Gang,
    We don't like change. Period. End of story. Mom and dad say that two things that they've learned about us over the years are; 1. never introduce anything "new" to us; that hardly ever works. They just quietly slip the "new" thing into a conspicuous place and let us discover it on our own. then we are usually more than happy to claim ownership. 2. Anything that is washed suddenly becomes new. Perhaps if Zim's favorite blankets had not been washed they would have been more like his old stuff and that would have possibly made the bed not seem so obtrusively "new." When mom and dad are trying to trick us into accepting something "new" they usually go out of their way to make it appear "old." Much like Zim, we often derive alternative uses for "new" things that are other than for what they were designed to do. As you say, once the bed is no longer "new" it will probably be accepted by Zim, especially if one of you other three decide to claim it as yours.
    - TBH&K

  32. Zim, that new bed looks awful comfy!

  33. Anonymous2:37 AM

    Is that a Buddy Bed? (the kind with memory foam?) i had to get one for Juno for her hip dysplasia. it helps LOTS for doggies w/bad hips. anyway, since i got one for HER, i had to get one for you know who ELSE... (HIM)... and at first they weren't into it, but i put in 2 small throw pillows and their own fleece blankies and they got used to the beds fast. i think she sleeps on it more now than the tile floor which she always used more than her old bed.

    anyway, they were TRES EXPENSIF if you know what i mean. And Mr. Wild Dingo was NOT happy about THAT and kept guessing at how much I spent, but luckily he never found out. but he guessed well! in the end, he's happy it's good for his favorite girl and Silly Sibe!

    Zimmy will get used to it soon. you'll see...