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Monday, May 14, 2012

Count On Me!

Woo, everypup and everycat!  It's me, Dave.  You know, there was a lot of work involved in that whole "kitchen re-do" thing - plus lots to do before and after the crew got here.  As you may remember from one of our posts before we took our blog-break, Zim and I knew Mom would have to do a lot of up and down the stairs to stash everything in the guest rooms.  I think the exact number of anticipated trips was 2.3 million.  Us boys had a meeting ...


...and decided that I'd take the first shift to help Mom.  We knew there was a big job ahead of us and being the Working Breed pups that we are, we knew to pace ourselves!

I got right to work, putting myself in the perfect position to help Mom while she was lugging everything up the stairs.

"I'm all set, Mom.  And ... trip number one ...."

I'm not sure why, but Mom thought her job would go faster and easier if I wasn't  laying  in my supervisory post at the bottom of the stairs.  I thought it was the best way to make sure I didn't  nod off and  miss a trip or anything, but she persuaded me to move.  I found a place almost as good and held my ground.

"Trip 1.8 million and 4..."

She had to go through the doorway I was guarding to get to the stairs, so it worked out really well.  She thanked me almost every time she stepped over me.  Woo.

Since we were well past the halfway point, I wondered why Zim hadn't relieved me yet and went to look for him.  Mom was curious about where he was, too - I think she must have been concerned about us guys working too hard.  I should have known Zim would be every bit as busy as I was.  Check it out:


Yep.  No one is going to steal the bed with Zim on duty!  What a pro!  Since he had things covered so well in there, I thought I should leave him on that assignment and get back to counting  sheep  Mom's trips up and down the stairs.  Woo.  What an exhausting process this remodel was!



  1. yep - you boys were working hard.... :)

  2. Oh wow. If you guys ever need extra money, you should see if you could get jobs as guard dogs. There are lots of families in need of a bed guard. In fact, the Masters need one as Boris got up on their bed on Saturday night. WHILE THEY WERE IN IT! SLEEPING!

    Can you help them?


  3. You guys are such good guard dogs! No one's going to sneak by with you on duty.

  4. Dave, we about took you literally on that "trip" number one :D we don't know how your mom would've managed all that work without you and Zim!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  5. oh my, you both have the same work ethic as me then!!

    Yesterday my J was lifting some furniture up the narrow steps to the cabin, and I tried to help her by squeezing myself between the side wall and her. Protecting her really.....but from the words she said at the time, I feel my efforts went unappreciated.......

    Good work both of you today!!

    Marvin xx

  6. Looks like you have your jobs down pat! Well done!

  7. Job well done, your mom is pretty lucky to have such good workers.

    The silvers and more

  8. Mom is finally catching up on her blog reading, and it is good to know you guys are still running a tight ship!


  9. Your mom is so fortunate to have such good helpers! Nice work, guys!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  10. You boys are working too hard! I prescribe treats and naps for all.


  11. Davy In the Gravy... You picked a grrrreat spot fur sure. Can't be left outta anythingy, RIGHT?

  12. Well..Make sure you guys get plenty of rest after all that hard work!! ;-)


  13. Haaa!
    You two took the best spots to help your mom better!
    Kisses and hugs

  14. Dave, it takes great skill to count all those trips without messing up. If you had lost track of the number of trips, your mom would have had to start all over again! She should be very happy that you are such a thorough helper!

  15. You know what? Just tonight I was helping momma with housework in much the same way by positioning my large self on the dirty spots so that she could find them more easily.

    I think that the base of the stairs was the ideal helping spot. Step lively mom, right? I bet her thighs and buttocks are sore from all that up and down work. Maybe time for a soak in the whirlpool.


  16. you provide a good extra workout ;)

    Stop on by for a visit