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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Landscapes 'R' Us

Ha roo, pups and cool cats.  It's me, Zim!  So ... as you know, Mom and Dad have been doing some major league work out in the gardens lately, digging up dead stuff, putting in new stuff, adding rocks, adding mulch, moving stuff around, knocking themselves out doing all kinds of crazy things!  Well, back in October (please remember that anything in that font color is a hyperlink to help explain), they re-did the bed along the driveway.  The plan was for Mom to plant stuff in with the big boulders I helped her buy once it was growing time.

A few weeks ago, she bought three really cool ornamental grasses called Purple Love Grass and put them in! Mom thought they'd be great because they don't get real tall - 18-24 inches - and they're a real intense red color! Here's a look at them after Mom planted them:

IMG_8074 Purple Love Grass  

They'll grow in no time - or at least two of them will.  The third one is dead, unfortunately.  Mom decided rather than mail order another one, she'd find something locally -- she knew they wouldn't have Purple Love Grass, but maybe another grass that would stay fairly short and be a bold contrasting color?  Keeping that in mind, she hit one of the local places and came home with this:

IMG_8627 Erianthus Ravennae

Nice, isn't it?  And the lady at the store said it would only get to 14" tall!  That sounds perfect, doesn't it?  Oh ... are you wondering why it's in a terra cotta pot instead of the ground?  Well, after Mom got home and was getting ready to plant, she read the tag that was in the pot it came in.  It's a grass called Erianthus Ravennae, and it's not supposed to get 14 inches tall ... it's supposed to get 14 feet tall!

IMG_8591 Zim and Dave
"You're going to need a bigger pot, Mom!"
"Ha woo.  A bigger pot.  Good one, Zim!"

Mom's got just the place for it out back, fortunately, where it will have plenty of room to grow.  

Instead of trying to find another grass, Mom decided to put one of our favorite sedum plants in the front part of the bed - Dragon's Blood sedum.  It's tiny now:

IMG_8532 Dragon's Blood Sedum

...but in no time, it will fill in and turn deep red.  It only grows to a few inches high (not a few feet... ha roo!) and it will set off the big rocks real nice.  We have some out back that we've showed you.  Dave and I really like this stuff - Mom should have asked us what to plant there!  What could be cooler than something called Dragon's Blood?!?

Just so Mom wouldn't feel too bad about the inches/feet confusion, we decided to give her a nice pose by the front porch.  We even smiled for her!

IMG_8555 Dave and Zim
" 'You're going to need a bigger pot.'  Ha woo.  You crack me up, Zim!"

Well, OK - Dave is still laughing, but I was definitely smiling for the camera.  (That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

Play bows,

PS:  Also, all the time spent in the garden means less time at the computer.  We're trying to get to all of your blogs - we promise!  If it would just RAIN one day!!


  1. We love seeing the landscaping around you home! You all did a good job supervising.

    The inches vs feet thing sounds like something hu-mom would do here.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  2. Never trust the people that work at the garden centers for advice. They usually only get paid minimum wage and don't know a thing about plants. I'm glad you were able to find a place for that huge grass and the sedum will make a nice substitute.

    We are hibernating inside with the AC on due to oppressive heat. Over 90 deg. the past two days and about 110% humidity!

    Happy gardening.

    Cindy & Nina

  3. We're hoping you get some rain.

    14 ft! I can see why she mixed that up...that's SOME VERY TALL GRASS!


  4. NO matter what heigth, your garden always looks perfect. It is so well planned out and so colorful. We love seeing pictures of your yard as along as the post always carries at least one pic of you two.


  5. 14 foot grass??? yikes. :) glad you mom caught that BEFORE she planted it.....

  6. Good thing she read the tag,even better she still found a place for it. Your hard work sure pays off with a such beautiful yard. Great porch picture.

    The silvers and more

  7. Bigger pot! BAWhahahhahhhaha
    It rained for us most of the weekend. But yesterday was nice and cool. Hope you get your rain.

  8. I like to see your smiley faces. Cheer up my day.

  9. I LOVE the new Plants.. esp. the Dragons Blood stuffs.

    Funny about the feet and inches.. good thingy your mom didn't say she wanted 87 Inches high... WHEW.

    You two just crack me up!!!

  10. Ha-roo, that's a good one, "you're gonna need a bigger pot"! Our mom ordered purple love grass and they all died. no more mail order for her, either. our pawrents were trying to find nice TALL grass (6-8 feet) last year, but could only get some that is 4' tall. But its still nice.
    Woo two are top gardeners!

    jack & moo

  11. Ha roo roo! We're laughing too! A bigger pot! That's funny!

    Our mommy finally ordered the mulch for our yard and it's arriving in 3 weeks and then the landscapers will come do all the work. She's too lazy to tame the jungle herself. It'll take 6 guys 8 hours to do everything so that is a lot of work but still...

  12. So many pretty plants!! We can't see wait to see how pretty they turn out!!


  13. You are always working so hard!
    Kisses and hugs

  14. How neat! Mom is still trying to nurse one small plant thru the heat - she really wants a garden!


  15. Very nice work guys!!
    We love your yard and garden!!

    Maxx and mommy

  16. You guys are doing a fine job in the garden. Can't wait to see the grass when it starts growing a bit
    Benny & Lily

  17. 14 feet?! YIKES! That's a small tree for cryin' out loud!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  18. Wow, 14 foot high grass? You're gonna need a really really big lawnmower for that one.

  19. A bigger pot. I am crying with laughter!