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Monday, September 17, 2012

New Kid On The Block

Ha roo, pups and cool cats!  It's me, Zim.  I've been meaning to tell you about this, but just haven't had a chance yet.  There's a new addition next door.  Let me explain how I discovered him...

There I was, walking down the sidewalk, when --

DSCN4363 Zim
"Hey!  What's that!?!?"

Right there!  About 7-8 feet in from the sidewalk, on the ground, right out there for all the world to see/smell/hear/sense/trytomesswith.  Let's get closer.

DSCN4364 Zim

It's a bunny!  At first, I was really happy - I love bunnies!  I like to commune with them and just hang out and stuff.  (As many of you know, when God was giving out Siberian traits, I messed up and stood in the "play drive" line instead of the "prey drive" line.  Oops.)  But then I thought, if I'm on a 6-foot leash and, with Mom standing on the sidewalk, I can get this close:

DSCN4365 Zim
"Ha roo, neigh-bunny.  I'm Zim!" 

... then what about dogs who might be interested in the bunny in a different way?  And on retract-o leashes?  Or loose?  Or the neighborhood loose cats?  Or coyotes?!?

This just doesn't seem like a real good idea to me.

DSCN4366 Zim
"I'll keep looking in on you..."

Maybe Mom can have a discrete, kind, diplomatic conversation with the bipeds over there before the cold weather comes.  On the ground, out in the open is no place for a little domestic bunny!

Play bows,


  1. Yes! Your mom needs to go over there ASAP. I don't have any pics of the bunnies I've caught or you could use them as evidence.

    So...if your mom can't keep a hydrangea alive, we don't have a prayer!

    I guess I'll have to start getting out more to guard them from the bunnies. Yeah! That sounds like a very very good idea!


  2. bunny rabbit should definitely not be out like that.


  3. We have free range bunnies in our yard...they are free and run all over our range, none of us would hurt them, but sammer enjoys chasing them...mom yells at him ....yep that bunnie probably needs to be up off the ground in a bigger cage..kinda like our Alcatraz on stilts....
    Have a good day
    stella rose

  4. That also seems like a small cage for such a big bunny. I hope your mom can share her feelings with the bunnies family.


  5. Oh bunny we'd be chasing you. Have a lovely Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. what a cute bunny.....

    we hope your mom can convince this family to give that bunny better housing - INSIDE

  7. Ooooo a bunny. I like bunny's too. But I think you are right his safety might be in danger. Look forward to seeing and hearing more about the bunny.

  8. What a cute little friend Zim. We never met no bunny in a cage before
    Benny & Lily

  9. Bunny bunny bunny!! I'd LOVE to play with that bunny... but I don't know if the bunny would like it. I hope that his parents listen to your mom and put him someplace safe.

  10. OH, we live out in the country some and it drives My Vickie crazy when she sees little bunnies confined like that. We had a big white bunny that lived in our yard and he did fine in the winter cause he was free to go where he wanted and we had a nice warm place for him to stay if he wanted. and he wanted. We sure hope your mom can gently lead the neighbors to take better care of bunny. Your a good dog neighbor

  11. I question their location too, especially since that is a light weight cage with no bottom...


  12. Shiloh here (God’s gift tue the wabbit hunter) Our mom sez your neighbor soundz like ourz only we livez in a duplex an’they kept their bunny rite by their half of the duplex an’within’a foot of our fence an’it wuz also on the ground. Butt it wuz gone b-4 winter - don’t know where butt they iz not good with petz – they keep loozin’em – az in the Rainbow Bridge kinda loozin :( We also haz sum wild wabbitz that like tue teaze me’an Shasta - honest - they will sit smack in the middle of neighbor’z yard an’just sit there an’sumtimez even look at us az we stand by the fence just droolin’an’barkin’an’growlin. Ya’know Beaglez think wabbitz iza delicacy BUTT we ain’t NEVER had sum - oh woe iz me.

  13. Oh noes! That doesn't look like a big enough or safe enough place for that bunny. We're glad you spotted him Zim so your mom can help him get the proper shelter. Keep us posted!

  14. Oh poor bunny, hopefully this place is just temporary for her/him.

    The silvers and more

  15. What a cute bunny! We wish he could live inside the house like we do.

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  16. Maybe he was just getting some fresh air...?


  17. You are so right, Zim. That little bunny could die of heart failure if a loose doggie ever went mental fits at his protective cage enclosure. I am sure your mom can be gentle and diplomatic.


  18. Zim, we sure hope your new bunny friend was just enjoying a bit of fresh air and that spot isn't his permanent home.

    Pip, Smidgen, minnie, Hollie

  19. I hope your neighbors will listen to your Mom!
    That Bunny needs to be safe!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  20. That is a very cute bunny but we agree that isn't a good spot for it. It doesn't look like it has any room to hop around!


  21. Cool friend! Don't know how safe that is, however....

  22. Hmmm.. that house is what they call a chicken tractor. It is used for baby chicks and their Momma, or an injured bird, to keep them seperate from the flock. THat is not for a bunny,

    woof - Tucker