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Friday, September 14, 2012

Photo Finish Friday!

Ha roo, pups and cool cats.  It's me - Zim.  So ... earlier this week, Mom wanted to do some portrait work on us guys - but Dave and I were each doing previously scheduled really important stuff.  Here's a shot of me, hard at work:

DSCN4297 Zim

That's right - I was on Guard Duty in the dining room, making sure the chairs didn't move around on their own or anything.  Mom was insistent about taking my portrait, so I got up.

DSCN4300 Zim

I know.  I look half in the bag still, don't I?  Mom should have checked my schedule a bit closer and done her portrait work at a more convenient time.

DSCN4303 Zim
"Heads up, Dave.  She's coming for you next!"

Dave was as busy as I was.

DSCN4304 Dave

That's his favorite hot-weather Guard Post; it's got it all - cool tile floor, windows on two sides, and a cold air vent.  Oh.  And a cushioned mat.  He'll be able to get up and do a nice pose for Mom!

DSCN4306 Dave
"Get up?  I ... umm ... I can't leave my post right now, Mom."

Mom's got to start checking our schedules first - don't you think?

Play bows,


  1. Rowan's got a crush on Zimmie. She thinks his fur is so beautiful and soft-looking, and his eyes? *sWOOn!* She must like older guys.... ;)

  2. Those moms, always thinking of what's convenient for THEM and not about US! Momma will wake me up from a perfectly good snooze on the couch with the flashy beast going off in my face.

  3. What was she thinking? You two work so hard, you just can't drop everything for a portrait. I bet she checks with you next time. "Half in the bag" hahhahhaha

  4. we think you are very handsome no matter what position, but it would certainly be more polite of your mom to check the schedule.... :)

  5. Military Challenge Coins
    WOW! What a cool pictures of your dog i have not seen anywhere like it, thanks for sharing.

  6. Cool pics! Have a fun weekend!

  7. Hey Zim...you look really serious in that pic. That must be your sleepy face as I KNOW you aren't serious.


  8. Hey Zim, I think your half in the bag look is cute. Keep up the good work making sure chairs don't move and Dave keeping eye on the outside movements.


  9. That was silly for her thinking you could just drop your duties for a photo session. Next time she needs to make an appointment!

  10. Zim you are just so handsome, asleep or not(all of you are). I keep thinking I should try to get some shots of Hunter but he has other ideas.
    Have a great weekend.
    Noreen & Hunter

  11. You both look great no matter what, but I do agree that the photographer should check our schedules first. I mean we do have a life and duties after all. I also don't want to be caught with a booger hanging out or my private parts showing. Please camera people, set up appointments. We have our dignity to protect.

    Loveys Sasha

  12. How inconsiderate of your mom not to have checked your itinerary earlier in the day!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  13. Anonymous7:48 PM

    LMTO! You guys do photo shoots like no one else! ANd I luvluvluv ya Zim, but yeah! You look half in the bag in both shots!! And Dave, just hopeless...and probably belongs in MENSA to have figured out the cold air vent, the tile, and windows on two sides...BOL and play bows to Dave! Paw pats guys, Savvy

  14. She really does need to check the schedule - we love the first picture of you, Zim!


  15. Hehe! You guys really over worked yourselves!! ;-))
    Happy weekend!


  16. Have a lovely snoozy Saturday guys.
    Best wishes Molly

  17. Well, I do like that portrait of you Zimmie, but really your mum should have called your secretary first to schedule a proper appointment.


  18. You 2 take great pictures even when your busy.

    The silvers and more