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Thursday, September 20, 2012

We're Addictive!

Woo, everypup and everycat.  It's me - Dave!  I'm just here with my very well-behaved kid brother Zim ...

IMG_0748 Dave and Zim
"Hey... I think I see Fluffy Black Cat out there!"
"Seriously, Zim!  You need to get down!  I hear Mo ... oh.  Hi, Mom.  Umm... we were just ... umm..."

... just relaxing in the foyer.  Nothing to see here.

Hey!  Did I tell you (deftly changing the subject) that our very sweet friend Stella Rose Long over at the Three Little Pugs gave us an award?!?  It's called the Addictive Blog Award!

Thanks Stella Rose

Isn't that cool?  And so very thoughtful of her!  The rules of the award are to tell how we got into blogging and to share the award with 10 friends.

We started blogging WAY back in September of 2006!!!  That's a mighty long time ago.  Check out our first post at this link!  We had a couple friends with blogs and they were our inspiration to begin this   siber  cyber-journey.  They were a tremendous help to us and still help us keep going with their support and encouragement; those friends are  Meeshka and Tubey.

As per who we'd like to share this with - we would like to honor the following bloggers:

1.  Meeshka.  You helped us get it going.  And you're the Queen.

2.  Tubey!  You also helped us get it going - AND you even let us share some pix from our adventures before we started our own blog!

3.  Goose.  Reading Goose's blog always makes us feel good.  Like down to our feety-feet good.

4.  Bert.  Outstanding photos taken by Bert's Vickie.  We especially like the ones of Bert and Goose.

5.  Huffle Mawson, Zim's Bestest Friend and Explorer Cat.  Huffle is another long-time blogger friend! And Zim's bestest friend.  Did I mention that already?

6.  Nora B. Webster.  Nora is relatively new to blogging!  She writes an excellent blog and helps Mr. and Mrs. Master train foster pups from Taysia Blue Siberian Husky Rescue until they find their forever homes.  We thought that maybe if Nora is in a little bit of hot water with her bipeds, seeing her get this prestigious award might help her out a bit.  Really.

7.  Casey and Cinderella over at The Legacy Chronicles.  Casey is tons of fun and they do great stuff for Boxer rescue down in my former home state of Texas and there's a good chance that both me and Zim have crushes on Cinderella.  Moving right along...

8.  Jake and crew over at Our Silver Labs and More - because they are all the snuggliest (even more than me!), schmoopiest, cuddliest pups ever.  And they're good dogs.  Woo.

9.  Angel and Isabella at the Beaded Tail.  I never knew that cats could be such hard workers, but those two do more to help their mom with her jewelry enterprise than you could imagine!

10.  Last but certainly not least - the Fraidy Cats.  That's EVERYONE at the Fraidy Cats, OK?  Yes, that means Wriggley the Lab.  Woo.

So - many thanks again to Stella Rose!  This was very special and we appreciate it very much!

I can't believe I followed all the rules.  Maybe that'll help Mom forget about Zim being on the Sitzbank again...

Dave  (and play bows from Zim!)


  1. Congratulations on your well deserved award.


  2. Concats on the award. We think you are very addictive (and we never saw ANY husky type dog on the sitzbank....MOL)

  3. What is a sitzbank and why were you sitzing on it? I am glad you enjoyed your award!
    Stella Rose

  4. Just hanging out in the foyer, that's all! Why do peeps get so excited over silly things?

    Thanks SO much for the award, I'm honored!! Cinderella is blushing just a little bit and says she likes you too.

  5. Congratulations, everyone!


  6. Concatulations on your award! You've been blogging a really long time! I was just a month old at the time of your first post and we weren't even in our furever home here with Mommy and Daddy until two months later. Thank you for thinking of us too! Our sisfur Sadie gave us tips on how to be members of the working group so we try to make her proud!

  7. You are pretty addictive. I bet once your mom starts brushing you, she just can't stop. At least that's the way it goes here.


  8. Anonymous6:02 PM

    hey guys, nice award! Totally addictive as far as I am concerned! And I am definitely going to go check out those blogs! New stuff to read,great! ANd BTW, I did not see Zim on that sitzbank whatsoever, so not sure who Mom or others think they are seeing there, but absolutely NOT MY ZIM! just saying....Savvy

  9. Thanks puppers! You are too kind to share your award with me! Congratulations on getting in yourselves too. And Zimmie is just guarding the sitzbank, in case it tries to make a break for it, or something. Seriously.


  10. Wowee! You have been blogging like totally forever! Dave! You look so young in that first ever post.

    Kind of sad to see Amber and Stormy, but they are watching over you.


  11. hee hee! we see Zim is channeling his catitude again :)

    Concats on the awardie, Dave! you pups are addictive :) we're touched and honored you shared with us and Wriggley won't stop going on that you thought of him too ::sigh:: say...thinking of your comment, are you SURE you aren't a Lab? you do remind us of Wriggley...

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  12. Haaaa!
    Looks like your mom got you in the act!
    Congratulations on your Award!
    Kisses and hugs

  13. Congratulations on your cool award
    Benny & Lily

  14. Congratulations on your award and keep watching that door.

    Loveys Sasha

  15. It is true that your blog is addictive. You're one of the first dog blogs we started reading....back when we were Sibe Specific Readers.

    So, I'm out of the hot water. The humans played A VERY MEAN TRICK ON ME! They put chicken wire above the fence. It's like a prison fence except with chicken wire instead of barbed wire.

    I bumped my head this morning when I went to go over the fence. I mean, I really should have been suspicious that they let me out there by myself (watching from the window, so they could laugh at me). Looks like I'll be hanging out more at Webster Manor instead of at the neighbors/in the neighborhood. *sigh*

    Thanks for the award. We'll need to pass it on!