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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Giving Thanks on Thursday!

Woo, everypup and everycat; it's me, Dave!  Oh, did I get a special surprise yesterday!  Let me tell you all about it ....

There we all were, gathered around the dinner table.  Mom and Dad were eating; Zim and I were snoozing until it was time for our dinner.  The doorbell rang and Mom made the big announcement:  "Dave, the UPS man just brought you a package!"

IMG_1521 Dave
"Really?!!?  For me?  It's not my birthday or anything..."

How exciting!  We have a special friend named Lori who works at Hill's -- and it was from her!  She always keeps us filled in on all the latest news from Hill's and so when I tried the new Ideal Balance treats they make and just LOVED them, we sent her an email and let her know!  The first time I tried one, I ran into the living room with it, tossed the treat around, then pounced on it like a puppy!  I was so excited!  Mom says that anything that makes a 14.5 year-old puppy do that is ACES in her book!  (She should taste them, then she'd understand!)

Anyway ... guess what was in the box?!?  Check it out!

IMG_1534 Dave
"Thank you, Lori!  And thank you Hill's!"

A BUNCH of the new Ideal Balance treats!!!  We appreciate this so very much!  Thank you, thank you!

Oh!  And really - Lori knows that Zim is on a restricted diet and can't deviate from that at all.  (The first time we heard from her was after she read a post about Zim's Stinky Goodness treats!)  She did send ear scratchies and hugs to him () and asked Mom to give him some of the homemade Stinky Goodness treats!

DSCN4516 Zim
"Really?  She was thinking about me, too?!?"

Mom reminded Zim the same people make his special prescription food and that Lori knows how much he likes his treats.

DSCN4517 Zim
"Oh, YEAH!  That is SO cool!  Thanks for thinking about me, Lori!"

Mom always has a batch in the fridge for him, so he got to have a special treat!

IMG_1547 Zim
"For what I am about to receive, I am humbly thankful..."

I didn't show me getting a treat yet, did I?  Let's do something about that!

IMG_1535 Dave
"A Veggie Chip?!?  Those are my favorites!"

I'm willing to do just about anything for these - and Mom knows that.  I thought you weren't supposed to teach a senior pup new tricks (or something like that....), but ... well ... for a Veggie Chip ...

IMG_1540 Dave
"Wait for the ''OK''.  Wait for the 'OK'.  Wait for ..."

For the record, Mom found that way more amusing than I did.  But it was worth it!  Here's my favorite part of the act:

IMG_1543 Dave
"Crunch!  Crunch!  Crunch!"

I must be a magician ...

IMG_1545 Dave

... I made it disappear!  Ha wooooo!

To Lori and all the Hill's people - thank you SO much for the wonderful treats!  I appreciate them very much (and I hope you don't mind, but I'll be sharing with some friends of mine!), Zim appreciates the Stinky Goodness treats, and all of us are so thankful for your friendship, Lori!


PS: Note from our mom: As with previous posts about Zim's Stinky Goodness Jerky Treats and Zim's Frozen Treats, any derogatory comments aimed at Hill's will be deleted. Such comments would be neither helpful nor relevant to this blog post.  Thank you for understanding.
The treats were sent as a gift with no expectation of "free advertising" on the Ao4 Digest.  This is strictly our way of saying "thank you" and to let our readers know how much Dave enjoys these new snacks!


  1. Food packages are the best

    Stop on by for a visit

  2. Hey mates!! Food in the mail is the best!!!! Enjoy yourselves!


  3. wow - that guy in the brown shorts brought you quite the bounty!!

  4. Wow Dave you made out great. We sure are jealous you got all those veggie treats and cookies
    Benny & Lily

  5. Dave you are one BLESSED pup!!! And so are you Zim. How thoughtful of Lori and Hills. Don't ya just love when peoples do unexpected and wonderful things like that? I know I do and it always brings a BIG smile to my MOM's face and heart when she sees and reads of such things. And believe me she needed that today. While I have not said anything to anyone yet (I will later) But I had to have surgery today (a accident on out last hike). I just finished the procedure and am doing OK. But you know how MOM's are... worry worry worry. Sheesh, I tell her, it really was just a scratch as for as I am concerned. So thanks Dave for the smile you brought her today.

  6. Wow, what a fantastic parcel you got. I hope you all enjoyed the wonderful treats :)xx

  7. I always find your posts so encouraging and it is a shame that anyone would leave a negative comment. I have seen these treats in the store but haven't tried them for Hunter yet. He would live on treats and stop eating any of his food because he is so picky(I guess spoiled too). Never had a dog that was so fussy with food before. Thanks for sharing, I will pick some of these up for him.
    Wags, Noreen & Hunter

  8. I like the little guy in the brown shorts too...i know he brings the best treats and love packages!!! Mom will have to check them out!!
    Stella Rose

  9. Wah, I am hungry now too....your snacks look very very yummy!!!! Enjoy!!!!!


  10. OMD Dave and Zim What a super THOUGHTFUL thingy that Miss Lori and HILL'S sent to you. I know that Hill's Does make MANY very specialized Foods fur both CATS and Dogs. It isn't always easy to make a specialized DIET at home.
    Enjoy your delicious thingys.

  11. I kind of agree with your mom -- anything that makes you THAT excited makes me think it's got to be a pretty good treat! I'll ask Momma to put it on her shopping list.

  12. Wow Dave you are a man of many talents.

    I find it sad that you mom has to put that disclaimer. People can be so rude sometimes.

    I think it was very nice of Lori to send you all those yummy treats. Oh...and for the sharing with friends...I'll be waiting, BOL! :)

  13. What a score, Dave! That was very sweet of Lori and Hills!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  14. You know why Lori loves you guys? Cause you're such nice pups! Have fun with your treats!

  15. ah ha! that's what those treats were! :)

    Dave, you have a sweet friend in Lori! such a blessing! we'll have to look for those treats, they do look yummy..especially the jerky...maybe we'll let mom get some fruity ones for Wriggley...maybe...

    Say, we are impressed you can balance the treat without any drool :D oh, should we call you Magnifico? ;-/

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, HOllie

  16. That was very nice of Lori to send you such yummy treats! We love anything that makes a 14.5 year old puppy act like one!

  17. Meal mail , nice one. Looks well yummy. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  18. I want to teach Darwin that trick! She won't let me balance anything on her head! booo. hehehe
    What a nice surprise! Such a generous gift!

  19. How do you do that trick with the treat on your nose? I can do a trick where Mom puts a treat on my paw and I wait for the OK, but I can't do the nose thing. Mom has tried, but whenever the treat gets close, I have to move my head so I can still see it. You must be very talented.


  20. Dave - We loved the picture of you sitting with the treat on your nose. Your pickle-nosed friend Rusty says he would never sit still with food that close.

  21. Holy smoke!..Charlie the Border Collie here... I just dont know what to say...that is amazing. I never seen so many treats at one time. And let me tell you I am one spoiled canine and no stranger to treats. you guys rock.. high five..love Charlie