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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Serene Scenery Sunday

Ha roo, pups and cool cats!  It's me - Zim - here with Serene Scenery Sunday.  I have a collection of a bunch of different things that made us feel that inner calmness; I hope I can spread some of that tranquility around through our photos.  Ready?

Let's start with a dynamic sunset:

IMG_1676 17 OCT 12

Those colors are so warm and wonderful, aren't they?

Here's last night's sunset:

IMG_1757 20 OCT 12 sunset

Mom took that down the street when Dave and I were taking her on an after-dinner walk.  Here's what the sky looked like toward the south(ish):

IMG_1755 20 OCT 12 skies

There was an explosion of color all over the place!  That's the moon up there in the upper third of the picture.  It was a little bit cloudy.

The skies cleared up later on and the stars were just stunning!  Dave and I had read about the Orionid meteor shower and that there would be great viewing overnight.  We set our internal clocks and got Mom up at 0200 this morning to go out and enjoy it.  We took a walk to the end of the street and saw a couple shooting stars!  It was really cool!  We don't have any photos of that, but here we are from a walk later this morning:

IMG_1782 Zim and Dave
Me and Dave on Morning Patrol

Pretend it's dark, starry, and that we're on the sidewalk instead of the street, and you're there!

Speaking of being places ...

IMG_1718 Zim

I don't really care where Mom and I go on our afternoon adventures, but I do insist that Mom puts the Jay Sekulow Show on the radio.  I don't "settle" into my serenity zone until she does.

Flower-wise ... our Mums are pretty much the only things still blooming.  Here's a look at the Burgundy ones by our mailbox:

IMG_1620 Mums

They've really filled in nicely this year.  Let's stick our snooters in for a close-up:

IMG_1622 Mums

What a great burst of color!

We've had a couple light frosts, so our sunflowers are gone.  We did take this picture before they got zapped out and wanted to share it with you:

DSCN4508 Sunflowers

We Kansans can't get enough of our sunflowers!  Mom even likes them when they're starting to fizzle out for the year.  It's a sign of the changing of the seasons ... and ... given that it's Serene Scenery Sunday, I'll share another reason with you, with one of the special pix Mom likes to do.


What a great reminder!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Play bows,


  1. Beautifully serene! Your sky shots are great!


  2. Thanks for sharing your pictures. They are all beautiful.


  3. thanks for sharing - mom gave a huge sigh.....

  4. So serene and beautiful in Kansas! Too bad your mom didn't get photos of the shooting stars. :)

  5. LOVE that third sunset photo!


  6. Hi there, Oh how I love your photos-the sky is so beautiful. Our mums-almost the same color as yours, are just about done in but I don't want to cut them back yet. Thank you for sharing life in your neck of the woods with us-you bring me joy!
    Hugs, Noreen & Hunter

  7. What gorgeous pictures - the sunsets and the beautiful flowers! We are definitely feeling serene!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  8. Your mums are doing a lot better than ours. Momma did some beheading this morning as some of them seemed to have given up after our giant rainstorms.

    I loved seeing you two out on morning patrol. Woo hoo!


  9. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh

    I may change our names from
    Sir Frankie Furter and Sir Ernest.. to

    Sir Reeeen after this LOVELY Post.

  10. What a great bunch of pictures for us to end our day with. Thanks, we especially love the flowers.

    bert and My Vickie

  11. That is just what me and MOM needed on this Sunday evening. Be a very long day for MOM, she is still very sick, but being that it is Sunday she of course had to be at church. I said I would preach and teach for her, but she thought maybe I should just keep her company while she did it. Loved the last photo!! Our favorite.

  12. Have a lovely Monday Zim and thank you for sharing your serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  13. Wow - what a wonderful post filled with beautiful serene Sunday photos! Love the last sentiment - so good to remember! Gorgeous skies...glad you enjoyed your walk! I would too with all that beauty around you!

  14. Ommmmmm... Oh yeah, I feel totally serene. Thanks!