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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Surfin' Safari?

Ha roo, pups and cool cats!  It's me, Zim!  I went on the coolest adventure the other day!  I thought I heard Mom say something about another Sunflower Safari, but then I heard her mention the Kansas Ocean!  So then I thought about that old song Surfin' Safari and it all started coming together!  We were going surfing!  How exciting!

When we got there, I couldn't wait to check the surf conditions!

IMG_1210 Zim
Me, on the transoceanic bridge

Oh, wow.  Talk about low tide!  There was no way we could go on a surfin' safari.  Mom suggested we have a look around; maybe we'd find something else to get into.

We walked down toward the eastern shore - and I couldn't believe my eyes!

IMG_1220 Zim

Someone's building right on the waterfront!

IMG_1222 Zim
"I should have bought up these properties when I had the chance!"

I wonder what they're building.  Maybe a sea-side casino ... thought it's a little far from the boardwalk.

IMG_1223 Zim
"Maybe they'll extend the boardwalk..."

We decided to go do some more exploring toward the west.

IMG_1225 Zim
"Let's go over here..."

I have no idea why it looks like I'm standing/walking so funny.  I must have been in mid-something.  Who knows.

So anyway... the western shore, being what it is (western) was covered in - guess what?!?!

IMG_1214 Zim

Sunflowers!  Everywhere you looked!  It was great!

Anyway, not only did Mom take a bunch of pix, but she went back WITHOUT me (something about not wanting me in tall grass, where there are ticks and snakes and stuff) so she could do a shoot with the camera.  Today, I'll share the pix she shot with the iPhone, then tomorrow, we'll share some of the ones she took with the Nikon.

Here are the pix I helped Mom take:

This is a hill.  We do have hills in Kansas.  But not mountains.  

Check out our sky.  And the SUNflowers.


This next one is one of our favorites of the day:


Yep.  Taken with the iPhone, not the camera.  It's not the paintbrush, it's what you do with it.  Or something like that.

Here's one to show you all the rich Fall colors:


Yeah.  Maybe we couldn't go on a surfin' safari, but this was a mighty good alternative.  Thanks for coming along with me!

Play bows,


  1. Thanks for taking me with! AWESOME shots!

  2. Hi Zim, I love the great shots that IPhones take! But since I also have a Nikon, I'm partial to it. I love the sunflowers and vistas. I wonder if you are getting the same cold weather we are here in Colorado. Have a great Friday!
    Noreen & Hunter

  3. At least you didn't end up with surfers knobs... or Sand in your Zoom-0's... itchy.. Speakin from experience here buddy. Low tide had One PAWSitive. right????

    I think it turned into a super SUNNY Flower filled day and that is grrrreat.

  4. Those flowers are beautiful!


  5. That IS a nice alternative. I'm really surprised your mum went back without you for protection, seeing as how scared she is of those snakes.


  6. Wouldn't it be nice to live right on the KCO?

    Those flowers sure are pretty.

  7. ok, so no surfin but what an adventure....tell your mom those are wonderful pictures

  8. You should've snapped up that ocean front property when you had the chance Zim! With the low tides, did you see any tide pools? Your mom's photos are beautiful but of course you're as handsome as always!

  9. all those colors are so beautiful...thanks for the tour
    Benny & Lily

  10. aack! ticks! ::shudder::

    we like your sunflower safari's better than surfin, Zim, that way we don't have to get wet :) beautiful pictures! love the flowers and the sky!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, HOllie

  11. Anonymous8:16 PM

    what great sunflowers! Mom just smiles like crazy when she has sunflowers! A Happy Flower

  12. That was one beautiful safari!! It was like you could surf on a sea of sunflowers.

  13. Nice!! Thanks for taking me along!! It's just what i needed on Friday!!


  14. Beautiful colors!! Zim I am certain, it would have been even more beautiful with you in it but I do understand your Mommies concerns.

    Loveys Sasha

  15. The sunflowers make such stunning pix Zim. Really lovely. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  16. Gosh, Zim, I sure hope that seaside casino doesn't impair your enjoyment of the ocean at all. But wait until they start booking entertainers! Maybe you could do you and Dave could sign on as stand up comics.

    Mango Momma

  17. Wow, that looks like so much fun. I bet a seaside casino would be a HUGE hit. Maybe I can finally convince Momma to take a trip there if I can promise her slot machines.

    Cinderella sends wiggles to you and Dave.