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Thursday, October 18, 2012

This One's For You!

Ha roo, pups and cool cats!  It's me, Zim.  I'd like to dedicate this post to some very special friends of ours.  You'll know who you are once you see what I saw the other day!

There we were, out running some errands, when I saw it!

IMG_1630 Zim
"Pull over here, Mom!"

Can you see what I see?  Saw?  Whatever?

IMG_1653 Zim
"Tennis balls!"

They were EVERYwhere!  Or ... at least all around that tree!  What kind of tree is it, you might ask?  Well, just look up!


That's right - it's a Tennis Ball Tree -- or for those into Latin names, it's a Maclura Pomifera Tennis Ballus.  They grow all over the place here; Dave and I showed you one back on Columbus Day of '09 when we first made the discovery.  They're so cool, aren't they?!?!

IMG_1652 Zim
I was so excited here, I lost my head.  Ha roo roo roo!

I mean, I'm no Tennis Ball fanatic like Dave and some of the rest of you (you know who you are!!!), but it was still mighty exciting to see that many tennis balls all together!

Check out how cool they are!

IMG_1654 Zim
"Look, Zimmie!"
"It's cool, Mom!  I still don't get the whole 'ball' thing, though...."

What I DO get, however, is trying to snarf stuff off the ground when your biped isn't paying attention!

IMG_1657 Zim
Action snarfing shot!

Just a little grass.  This time.

I admired and studied the crop of tennis balls for a while ...

IMG_1660 Zim
"I wonder if I could harvest these and send them to some of my ball-loving pals?"

Mom reminded me it wasn't our tree, and that we'd have to get permission from the tree owner first.  I decided to think pleasant thoughts about my special pals instead!

IMG_1661 Zim
"Lemme see ...
there's Bert ... and Dex
... and our new friend Millie's trying tennis balls for the first time ...
 and so many other wonderful pups ...."

Too many of you to name are in the Tennis Ball Fan Club, but rest assured, I thought of each and every one of you - and I wished that you could have a Tennis Ball Tree of your very own!

I hope you enjoyed seeing this incredible Kansas crop.  We're having another day of 40 mph winds, so I'll bet a LOT more tennis balls will be self-harvesting!  (Note to all:  Be careful walking under Maclura Pomifera Tennis Ballus Trees on Red Flag wind days!  You heard it here first!)

Play bows,


  1. Oh my goodness BERT would go crazy!! I mean crazy, if he had a tennis ball tree. We would have to wrap him up super tight in a sheet or something and take him to that "special" place where he could get the crazy zapped out of him.

  2. Wow we want one want one of those. A tennis ball tree would be so cool. You could make a fortune selling tennis ball tree cuttings. Lucky you. Have a terrific tennis ball Thursday guys.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. OH BOY HOWDY are you EVER right about not being under there on a WINDY DAY.. THOSE thingys are HARDER and HEAVIER than ROCKS.

    did you know that you can put them IN LEAK PROOF CONTAINERS... withOUT lids on ... and put those in all your CORNERS... and they will repel SPIDERS... Seriously... BUTT don't furget to put them in somethingy like a margarine bowl... so you can throw the whole thingy away... about mid January.
    I am so glad that you found that Tennis Ball tree. You could SELL SEEDS and make a fortune. I'm just sayin.

  4. Oh My HEART, Oh My Gosh, Oh My golly......Oh Is Kansas heaven? I am almost sick to my stomach with desire to be there.

    Oh I can hardly breath. Seriously, A tennis ball tree. and they fall to the ground all on their own.

    Oh my heck I can hardly stand it.


  5. OMC - we had no idea that is where tennis balls came from. You tell us the most amazing things.....

  6. Wow every doggie should have one of those trees it looks pawesome fun your very own supply of tennis balls. What could be better :)

    From Milo & Jet

  7. OMD! So that's where tennis balls come from! Boy, my aunt Kaitlin would've looooooved that tree. I don't think she ever would've left it. I bet she has a great big Tennis Ball Tree of her own up on the Rainbow Bridge!

  8. Well my Vickie is beside herself with naughty words for this internet cause I just wrote a long comment on those cool tennis balls and blogger didn't take it. Or maybe they did and then decided I was too excited so they deleted it.

    ANYWAY it said something about My Heart and that it almost couldn't handle seeing all thos balls and not being able to grab them......and that Kansas must really be heaven..and more but I just can't say it again cause my mouth is watering and the drool is probably falling into the keyboard and OH MY HECK I need those balls.


  9. Squirrels like tennis ball trees (we have several of these trees) so double the entertainment value!

  10. Zim! Can it be true? I almost fainted at the sight of all those tennis balls. They grow on trees? I am moving to Kansas!


  11. that tears it, Zim, we want to move to Kansas! you have so many cool things there! Nice action snarfing shot :D

    oh, Wriggley wanted us to ask if that tree produces the squeaky tennis ball variety...

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, HOllie

  12. I was really worried when you lost your head. So glad you got it back.

    That tennis ball tree looks really great! We don't have any in our neighborhood but I'm going to keep a look out.


  13. I've never seen a tree like that before! I think our boys would go nuts! Are they edible?


  14. Wow, that is really cool! They really look like tennis balls! See if you can't find a livergreat tree now!


  15. Mommy forgot that tennis balls grow on trees in Kansas! That's pretty cool that you can harvest them for all your friends Zim!

  16. So let me get this right zim you have an ocean and now tennis ball trees...wow....
    stella rose

  17. Hi Zim! Mommy doesn't know if we have any of those tennis ball trees around here. Maybe like Frankie said you could send me some seeds and I will help daddy plant them for me.


  18. Mesa wants a tennis ball tree SO BAD

    Stop on by for a visit

  19. Be careful or you guys are gonna go


    over this tree!


  20. Dude! We are winding up the rubber band on AirFiona and we'll be there ASAP! That is SO COOL! We'd LOVE our own tennis ball tree! (Well, except that Mom has a toxic thumb and would probably kill it while it was growing ping pong balls...) And we thought Kansas had nothing but ocean! ;-)

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  21. Holy crap Zim, you live in the best place on earth. PPPppplease send us some seeds
    Benny & Lily

  22. I have never ever seen a tree that grows tennis balls before! How amazing!


  23. I've seen these before-they sure look like tennis balls to me! It was pretty windy coming home yesterday and now the wind has picked up again. Hope you have a wonderful evening.
    Wags, Noreen & Hunter

  24. Holy Moly look at all of those tennis balls! Are there seeds inside the tennis ball, Zim? Please send us one so we can start our own tennis ball tree!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  25. Anonymous9:09 PM

    squeeee! Zim! We never, ever knew about tennis ball tress!!! how totally pawsome!!

  26. OMD between that and Frankie and Ernies milk bone tree, my head is spinning.

    Loveys Sasha

  27. Wow! That's really some tree! Never seen anything like it before! Can i have one? Way cool!!!