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Monday, December 10, 2012

Let's Fire This Thing Up!

Ha roo, pups and cool cats!  Our weather here at Ao4 Headquarters has finally taken a turn in the right direction!  We've gone from this craziness of "highs in the 60s" to ... well, let's just say it had warmed up to 8℉ for our second walk of the day!  Is that great or what!??!  (Oh... that's about -13℃, for our international readers.)

For some reason, our mom and dad aren't as psyched about this cool weather as we are.  I know - crazy!  They must be disappointed there's no snow.  That's got to be it!  Anyway, if your parents are like ours and don't see the need for extra walks on days like these, you still need to be diligent about getting the proper amount of exercise.

When two walks before 0900 and a round of zoomies through the main level of the house isn't enough to fill your needs for the morning, I recommend hitting the workout room for some extra training.

IMG_2679e Zim
"C'mon, Mom!  Let's fire this baby up!"

Cold weather is no excuse to slack off from PT!  Let's see how many more miles I can get in before lunch!

Play bows,
Drill SGT Zim


  1. Ha ha we bet you get in miles. We go out in all weathers and only call it a day when it is raining hard. I just got to chase those squiggles. Have a marvelous Monday.
    best wishes Molly

  2. Unless it is raining I make sure to take MOM out for her walks. It is a must. But I do not have an option of a treadmill. I suppose I could have her run in place in the living room, but where is the fun in that? Very happy to hear that you have those cooler temps that you guys love so much. Now for the snow to come and all will be perfect. It is snowing right now where I am and, yes, I am about to take MOM outside (it's her day off so that means extra walks and romps).

  3. Zim, have Mom stand in front with Stinky Goodness Treats for "motivation and focus" and have Dad straddle you while you get the hang of it! That's how we taught Rubi and Denali. I think we set the speed at 3-4 mph.

  4. yes sir drill sargent sir!!

    wait - we don't walk outside anyhow. and that is waaaaay to cold. we are going back to bed.

  5. Zim you better get mom on the treadmill to warm her up. You guys probably love that weather
    Benny & Lily

  6. I have to make sure Momma gets her two walkies a day so she can stay healthy, no matter WHAT the weather. We all bundled up in our coats this morning!

  7. Isn't this weather delightful? I was running and romping this morning. I saw Mrs. Master roll her eyes though. What do you think that was about?


  8. Hawoooo! Grandma has one of those things. They kind of freak us out...


  9. I think we need a video of you running on the treadmill Zim.


  10. Whew! Woo really are a drill Sargent, Zim! Did woo read our post today?

    Lazy butts Jack & Moo

  11. We walk around the lower part of the yard (far away from the highway) in circles, round and round each day. I lock my little legs if mom even trys to move me out of the yard....so sometimes mom complains of getting dizzy cos we go in circles and circles and circles...
    stella rose

  12. We have one of those walking machines but ours is a bit dusty

  13. Truly Zimmie, I don't know how your mum would get through the day without your help and guidance!

  14. You are one tough drill SGT Zim! We bet your mom goes through shoes faster than anybuddy we know with all the walking you make her do. We know she loves every mile with you and Davy though!

  15. We've always wanted to try one of those with Monty, but I think it would end up being a disaster.


  16. Drill Sgt. Zim, SIR.
    Permission to Speak


    WE don't want ANY pawt of THAT.

  17. Sgt. Zim, it's times like this that we are thankful to be cats and sleeping 23 hours per day is our routine workout. We can see how you keep such a dashing figger tho. Good on you for keeping your peeps in shape :)

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, HOllie

  18. How cool!!


  19. Eight degrees? We had almost 60 yesterday!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  20. WAIT! You aren't suppose to start that until Jan. 1st....with everyone else that will "get in shape" for the new year....ha ha!

  21. Anonymous7:10 PM

    I so agree Zimmers, pawrents must be exercised! It is for their own good, don't they get it?? I have to get Mom off her bottom at least 6x a day to play with me...I don't like to play alone...and it give her great cardio workout swinging my interactive wands and swishing my peacock feather around...good work DS Zimmers!! I salute you, paw pats, Savannah

  22. Oh Zim, that's funny

    The silvers and more