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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Assorted Christmas Decor

Ha roo, pups and cool cats!  It's me, Zim!  Dave and I thought we'd take some time today to start showing you some of the Christmas decorations we helped put up this year.  Let's start over by my Sitzbank, shall we?

IMG_2856e Zim by Sitzbank
"Let's start right here with some little quilts!"

Wasn't it nice of Mom to make my  Guard Post more festive?  What's that, Mom?  You want to get a closer look?  OK!  I'm on it!

IMG_2852e Zim ON Sitzbank
"How's this?"

Yeah, yeah ... "No Siberians allowed on the furniture." ... gotcha.  Right.  Whatever.  Here's a detail shot of my favorite of the three quilts:

DSCN4708e Let Your Heart be Merry
"...Let your heart be merry."
Judges 19:6

(Hard for Mom to get too serious about a silly little sitzbank rules infringement after that, don't you think?  I mean - be merry, Mom!)

Moving right along ... here's a nice shot of Dave by the fireplace:

IMG_2835e Dave by fireplace

Just to the left of the fireplace are Mom's Belgian sabots - wooden shoes left out for Saint Nicolas to fill on December 6th (St. Nicolas Day!).  To the right of everything is one of our Christmas trees -- that's the Patriotic Tree, and we'll show you more of that tomorrow or so.  On the mantle itself ... let's zoom in for a close up:

DSCN4690e Mantle
Carolers on a music box, pottery angels and Nativity Crèche, tiny tree, shepherd and sheeps 

Here's a closer look at the music box:

DSCN4692e Carolers

Mom and Dad bought it in Germany.  If they had purchased it here in the US, it would play Silent Night, but since it's from Germany, it plays Stille Nacht.

Here is the tiny Crèche:

DSCN4691e Nativity

Mom bought it when she and Dad (and Jesse and Lucky) lived in Belgium from one of Mom's favorite stores.  The pottery angels are from right here in Kansas.

Down at the end is the shepherd and his flock:

DSCN4693e Shepherd/sheep

It's from Germany, also.  It has candles, and when they're lit, the shepherd and his sheeps spin around.  Or they don't spin around and the fan blades catch on fire.  (Click here for a flashback to explain...)  Needless to say, Mom doesn't light the candles much anymore.

In the kitchen, Mom has an antique quilted sack with cinnamon sticks, dried apple slices, applesauce/cinnamon ornaments, fake greenery, and a stuffed gingerbread man.

IMG_2784e Gingerbread in quilted pouch

It's entirely possible that Mom made and added the gingerbread man several years ago and that there used to be an applesauce/cinnamon one in there instead.  I ... have NO IDEA what happened to the applesauce one!  Besides, it might not have been me... and I refuse to point the paw at any one of my pack mates!  I've said enough about that!

Pursuant to our new agreement about me not having to pose with stuff touching my feety-feet, here's Dave:

IMG_2817e Dave

That's our Lab ornament, honoring great-brother Booter!

And here's Dave with a card we got from one of our special pals and his peeps:

IMG_2897e Dave
Nice feety-feet, Dave!

And ... yeah, yeah.  I held up my end of the bargain.  OK ... let's make it quick:

IMG_2829e Zim
Me.  Doing some snooter hanging.

The quilt reads "In the meadow we can build a snowman!"  It's a nice thought, anyway.  Our snow is an icy mess now, but it was fun for a while there.  They said we were going to get more for Christmas, but now they're backing off.  I only have one thing to say about that.

IMG_2797e Zim
"Bah, humbug!"

Ha roo roo roo!  Just kidding!  (Especially if Santa's reading!)

More decor coming in the next few days!  Be merry, everyone!

Play bows,


  1. hasn't it been established that the Sitzbank isn't furniture, Zim? ;-/ Your wall hangings and ornaments are beautiful! Our mom really likes all of your mantle decorations. She let out an involuntary shudder tho, thinking of a cat in the mix with that...can't understand what she means...

    How fitting for Dave and his pawsies to pose with the Lab ornament, hee hee! and cute pawsies too! Way to cover the snooter-hanging duty, Zim :) Have a great weekend!

    Pip, Smidgen, minnie, Hollie

  2. Wow, you guys have some really awesome looking Christmas decor. We really like all the "german" stuff :)
    Hope you have a Merry Christmas!! I am sure Santa Paws will be dropping a load at your house, cuz you've been so good. :)
    Gracie and Schatize

  3. Sitz means SIT and that is what you did. NO PROBLEM with that.. you were following ORDERS.
    OH what lovely Decorations you do have. Only ONE of those THINGYS that we can see. We hate that it was hanging off your NOSE though.
    Can't wait to see everythingy else.

  4. Lovely decs and your pad is looking well festive. The Sitzbank isn't furniture so you can sit on it yea. I want one of those for my Homeland Security. have a super Saturday.
    best wishes Mollu

  5. Oppp Molly I think!

  6. Oh Zim I just loved it all! I wanted to say what was my favorite but I just can't. You know what MOM's was???? Sure you do, Dave's feety-feet. She is such a push over. Looking for more of the festiveness around your place. None leaves your house without the Christmas spirit.

  7. Your house is looking quite festive!


  8. Love all your decor and that is a good place for Dave to lay, right in front of the fireplace, so he won't miss Santa!


  9. Those decorations are lovely. Mom smiled at the Bah Humbug.... we aren't getting the white stuff for Chrismas either.

  10. You have lots of pretty Christmas decor Zim! Your mom is very talented and so are you with the snooter hanging!

  11. Your house is so festive! I love all the quilty things.


  12. Anonymous12:59 AM

    Wow Zim! Your home should be like on some kind of decor tour! Mom wants that sweet music box on the left of your mantel! She tried to grab it through the computer! MOL...and Dave's feetie feets are just too nice! You snooter work is pretty spectacular too...play bows to both of woo, Savannah

  13. Your Christmas decorations are just wonderful and your home is looking so beautiful, guys!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  14. Such pretty things! Our Oma is from Germany and many of our decorations have a very strong German influence - or did, till we got Monty. Now those are packed away and we have the less fragile, easily replaced ornaments out.


  15. I like that you have multiple trees. Great job on the snooter poses. What a patient guy you are.


  16. We love your decorations. And the guard post! Simply beautiful
    Benny & Lily

  17. Anonymous5:38 AM

    I love the decorations!! Have a lovely Christmas