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Monday, December 24, 2012

The Special Memories Tree

Woo, everypup and everycat.  It's me, Dave.  I'm here today to show you another one of our Christmas trees and some of the ornaments.  We don't really have a name for this one, but since there's a story behind everything on it, I'm calling it the Special Memories Tree.  Fair enough?

You caught a glimpse of this tree the other day; it's right behind where Zim and I were having a little Christmastime fun!  It's filled with some old ornaments and some new ones - it's the tree we hung our special mini mitten ornament from Mollie and Mitch and other ornaments friends have sent us!

I was a lot of help decorating it.

IMG_2811e Dave
"Snuggle in right here, Sock Monkey!"

I kept the Sock Monkey out of trouble over by the fireplace while Mom put everything else on the tree. Let's look at some of the ornaments!

DSCN4705e Deer ornament
Deer ornament from Germany

I showed you the Lab ornament the other day; we also have a Beagle one:

DSCN4702e Beagle
Beagle ornament, for the Beagles in Mom's life

Mom grew up with Beagles, so they're very special to her.  We also have some husky-like ornaments:

DSCN4699e Husky ornaments

To keep the real meaning of Christmas in the forefront, we have this near the top of the tree:

DSCN4697e Perspective

And topping the tree itself is a crown:

DSCN4706e Crown
Our grandma made the crown!

One year, our mom's mom helped make a bunch of ornaments for the Chrismon trees at the church she attended; she made a couple extra crowns and this one is ours! A Chrismon tree is an evergreen tree filled with handmade ornaments that are Christian symbols.  A crown at the top of the tree symbolizes that Jesus is the King of kings and Lord of lords.

Let's step back and have a look!

DSCN4695e Dave
"Don't worry, Sock Monkey.  You'll be safe up there!"

Oh, I know what you're thinking.  "So many things at snooter level!"  Am I right?  Don't worry - Zim and I have been trained to leave things alone that aren't ours.  We wouldn't dream of messing with the tree - right, Zim?  Besides, Mom seems to know when someone gets too close to the tree...

DSCN4724e Zim
"Hey!  Hey, Sock Monkey!  Wanna play?!?!
Hey, what's with the bell?!?"

That's right.  Mom still uses the brass bell from Germany as a "Zim Detection Device".  As the saying goes, "Every time a bell rings, a Siberian is too close to the Christmas tree!"  Ha woo.  Works like a charm.

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve!



  1. Oh my goodness Dave that is a wonderful tree! And the crown your mom's mom made brought a smile to my MOM's face. Her Grannymom did the same thing for our church's Chrismon tree (well before my time). And to this very day those Chrismon's Grannymom made still hang on the tree at our church. Merry Christmas to you and your whole pack. I hope it is filled with love and joy overflowing.

  2. Dave that crown brought back such wonderful memories...my grandma made lots of those Chrismons, they are very special and some much work and love was put into each one.
    I've loved looking at your trees. YOU even got me inspired to put a tree up this year. We have a Giant tree that's much too big for our house, so it's been in the box for years. Yesterday I found a charlie brown type tree at a home improvement store,(on sale even:) brought it home and prettied it up. I'm loving it. Thanks for the push!! Merry Christmas friends, Merry Christmas!!

  3. Your tree is so pretty and has such special memories! Zim, we think you're supposed to ring the bell to symbolize the birth of Jesus. Where our daddy works they play a lullaby over the intercom whenever a baby is born and it plays several times a day so it has to be the same thing, right?

  4. We love the idea of a crown on top of the tree. We just have three naked little trees wrapped in lights. How boring.

    Mrs. Master is wondering if your mom should write a post sometime called, "tips and tricks of being owned by a sibe." That bell on the tree (while I think it is awful) she thinks is so clever!


  5. Those are wonderful memory ornaments. What a beautiful little tree for you.

    We are sending much love your
    way for a very Merry Christmas

    Bert, Allred and My Vickie

  6. hee hee! love the ZDD :D Dave, your memory tree is really nice, and the crown is the purrfect touch. You know, we're actually pretty good about leaving our tree alone too...it's in more danger form a certain crazy Lab tail :D Merry Christmas!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  7. You sure have some lovely ornaments on your trees. I think the Zim detection bell is a good idea.


  8. that is a lovely tree - Merry Christmas to all of you!!

  9. BOl you guys are the funniest. Love all your great decs,

    We wish you Dave & Zim & all your folk

    A Happy Holiday
    & A Merry Christmas.
    Thanx for being our pals. We luv ya!

    Best wishes Molly

  10. Is that Round Aluminum SnowFlake ornament from Wendall August Forge?

    We love the Crown on the top of your tree.

    You have very beatiful ornies.

  11. What - your mom doesn't trust you?! That bell is too funny!
    Merry Christmas, Dave and Zim!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  12. Anonymous7:16 PM

    LMFBO you kill me Zimmerz!!! And that Zim detection bell, so clever!! ANd Dave protecting that monkey...sure Dave, you just have an innocent face...heh...heh...merry merry holiday to this special furramily, paw hugs, Sav-a-dab-a-do

  13. Those sure are some nice ornaments.

  14. What a lovely tree
    Merry Christmas

    The silvers and more

  15. Anonymous4:32 AM

    That's the best tree ever... have a wonderfu l christmas ;o)

  16. What beautiful ornaments!


  17. Anonymous4:37 AM

    What a lovely tree and a brilliant idea your mum had - I hope she keeps it to herself tho! I would hate a bell to ring everytime I was up to no good!