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Saturday, May 04, 2013

Morning Patrol

Hello, everyone!  It's me, Cammie.  Zim and I usually do PT with our dad first thing in the morning, then we go on Morning Patrol with Dave and Mom.  Dad came with us yesterday, too, and so Mom took the iPhone so we could share some pix with you.

Here we all are, at the end of our driveway:

dzc Dave, Zim & Cam
"Let's go right!"
"Let's go left!"
"Let's go straight!"

We did the one potato - two potato thing and Dave won.  We headed down the hill, to go around the block.  

We had barely left Ao4 Headquarters and were into the neighbors' driveway when I saw it!

IMG_4550zc Zim and Cam
"CAT!!!  CAT!!  No, really - CAT!!!"
"Oh, Cammie!  Ha roo roo roo!  That's one of my friends!"

I needed to sound the alarm - but for some reason, Zim reacts way differently to cats than I do!

IMG_4551z Zim
"G'morning, Fluffy Black!"
"Hey, Zim!  What's your new sister all spun up about?"

Zim's like that with ducks, too, and bunnies.  And a possum we saw this morning.  And everything.

IMG_4554czd Cam, Zim, & Dave
"I don't get it, Zim.  I just don't get it!"
"Everybody needs friends, Cam!"
"Gotta love my kid brother!"

Anyway, that was the big excitement during Morning Patrol.  I still have SO much to learn about life in the Ao4!



  1. Cammie! What a good girl to listen to your big brother! Otto get's uber excited when he sees another dog, while Bart is mr. calm, cool and collected. I hesitate to walk them together as I'm not sure who will influence whom!!

    Bart, Ruby and Otto's mom

  2. Oh Cam-a-Roo there is always much to learn. I am sort of between want to chase and want to just watch. But in the end I always bark as the cat walks off. Oh and if it starts to run well yea I want to run after it. I just can't help myself. But birds, I just love to watch them. I have never seen a real live possum before. That is way cool. Have a wonderful weekend!!

  3. Cammie you have a lot to learn to get into the Zen of Zim Zone.


  4. Momz and I pass some neighbor cats on our walks and i always greet them nicely...except when they tease me and run and then i have to chase them...i really have to ...have a great weekend!

  5. Camo you got to go with the flow round your pad. Over hear it is another story and my hood my rules. Here Kitty, Kitty, licking of jowls. Have a super Saturday and learn from the boys sweetie.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. We just love you all! Zim, we hope you teach your sisfur to love kitties like us too!

  7. It is GOOD that you all think AND ACT a little differently. It helps avoid the crowds. Just sayin.

  8. Anonymous7:33 PM

    whew! I was afeared for that kitteh! Thanks Zim, hope you can help Cammie learn to 'preciate us felines...love the decision making models you guys exhibit...MOL

  9. You will get used to it all. Although, you should never turn your back on those cats.


  10. I don't get them either Auntie Cam. I would be chasing the kitties and ducks and bunnies (I DO chase bunnies here). You might need to look for zippers in their Sibe suits!

    Khady Lynn

  11. Hey Camo, any time you feel like sounding the alarm and chasing things, you can come on a walk with me and Cinderella. We're not quite as Zen as Zim!