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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Say It With Photos

Ha roo, pups and cool cats!  It's me, Zim.  Got a big story to tell you today, so as the title reads, let's say it with photos!

I knew the day was going to be interesting when I walked into the kitchen mid-morning to get a beverage and saw this:

A gaping hole, where once our magic cold box lived

I guess it was more what I didn't see.  But then I hit the living room and ...

The magic cold box

Yeah.  Most peculiar.  I had no idea why Mom and Dad put it there.

Then these other guys showed up and started talking about how they were going to get it out the front door.

"I'm a Drill Sergeant.  I know how to get things going.  Watch this."

"Are you going to move that thing outta here,
or do I need to put an ice-cold nose on the back of your knee?"


I thought that would get things moving.

Did you notice the front door?


They had to take it off the hinges in order to get the magic cold box out.  That would be why I was on a leash, and Cam kept Dave company while he napped in the bedroom.  Safety first!

The guys then wheeled a new magic cold box in!


Magic cold boxes don't fit through the door from the living room to the kitchen.  Please don't get Mom started about that.  These guys were very careful and even had a seatbelt for the magic cold box!

"I have to wear a seatbelt when I go for a ride, too!"

I made sure they hooked the water up, so we can have ice cubes and stuff, then I watched them slide the magic cold box into place.

"You're doing a fine, fine job, mister!"

Before I knew it ...

The LG is dead!  Long live the KitchenAid!

For the record - our magic cold box was not old.  We even posted about it when we got it in '07.  The problem?  The lights inside stayed ON, even when the doors were shut.  How did Mom figure it out?  An electric-y smell at first, THEN later that day, she went to get a Stinky Goodness Treat for me ... and the top of my plastic container was HOT!!!  The plastic housing around the lightbulbs had melted and there was a huge electrical problem.  Not a good thing!  So yes, if you're wondering, by asking for a Stinky Goodness Treat, I basically saved us from a major house fire.  Make sure your peeps check to make sure everything is COLD when they first open the door to the magic cold box, even the plastic shield around the lightbulbs!

Stinky Goodness Treats for EVERYONE!

Play bows,


  1. Zim, you are always such an inspiration.

    I am wondering though, why wasn't Cam allowed to cheer the guys on? I'm sure you would have loved an extra set of paws to help you help them!


  2. Oh yikes! Good thing you noticed it!


  3. And here we were convinced that some pup decided to take a nap inside the cold box only to complain that the light stayed on.

  4. Your new refrig is beautiful mom is basically drooling all over the screen cos ours was made back in the stone ages.....great job and helping those guys get it in the spot correctly.
    stella rose

  5. OMD that is so true about fire risk with magic cool boxes. Glad you noticed. Hooray for the new one. Have a terrific tasty Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Wow! Well done ZIM! You sure saved the day. May I say your new Magic cold box looks very cool too!
    ~lickies, Ludo

    pee ess: our house very new and the UK has very strict rules on 'lectrics, so if anything firey was to happen all our switches will trip off, so I will never get to be a hero!

  7. We hope you keep asking for more Stinky Goodness, for safety's sake of course! You did a great job helping the guys get that new magic cool box in place. Our house has so many stairs that the guys who brought us a new one last year had to carry it in between the two of them with no wheely thing at all, just straps over their shoulders. It took 10 minutes to get it in although it took Mommy and Daddy 2 hours to get the old one just out of the kitchen! MOL!

  8. Hi there, Zim I'm so glad you helped the guy getting your old fridge. Your style fridge is what I'd love, maybe if we ever move again. I saw that your mom didn't get a water dispenser-so I guess you won't be helping yourself to cold water now.
    Have a great afternoon.
    Noreen & Hunter

  9. Electrical problems totally whig our mom out! We're so glad that you were on top of this problem, Zim!
    Your new coldbox is just beautiful!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  10. When our new fridge got delivered, they took the doors off it! Our front door stayed in place.

  11. Zim you did an excellent job of snoopervising. They would have never done it without you. I am happy you got a new box for your treats.

    Loveys Sasha

  12. What an awesome cold box. I love Kitchenaid products.

  13. Zim you saved the day and most likely the house and possibly a few lives. Zim you are amazing! I will take a Stinky Goodness or teo. Oh and it goes without saying, job well done making sure the worker guys got the job done right. On a side note. Out light in our cold box thingy does not come on at all. We've changed it, and stuff, but still it is always dark in there. But no problem I can sniff my way around in there.

  14. Good thing you were wanting that stinky goodness and helped mom discover the problem.

    Millie & Walter

  15. Anonymous4:10 AM

    Who thought a treat could save your life?? I hope you got plenty of treats as a thank you?!

  16. Whew! I'm so glad you were on safety patrol, Zimmie! Did your new magic cold box come fully stocked with stinky goodness treats?


  17. Nice! Obviously more room for treats!
    Benny & Lily

  18. Zim to the rescue! I'm so glad you saved your house from burning down. I love the magic cold box. It keeps my hot dogs and cheeses the pawfect temperature. I wish we could get a new one now...

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  20. Cold box fail! That is certainly an emergency situation. Thank goodness you were there to supervise installation of a new one.