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Friday, May 03, 2013

Photo Finish Friday

Woo, everypup and everycat!  It's me, Dave.  I've worked really hard trying to decide what to post for Photo Finish Friday:

IMG_4508d Dave
"Hmm.... lemme see..."

After much thought, a lot of work, and a nap, I put together a little collection of some of our favorite photos from the week.

One afternoon, Mom asked who wanted to go on an adventure.  We had already been on about 87 walks, but you know who wanted to go!

IMG_4516z Zim
"Oh, boy, Mom!  Let's do it!"

That's right - Zim!  He's always up for adventure.  I was a bit tired and so was Cam, so we opted to stay home and guard the house.  Here's a shot of us hard at work:

IMG_4520cd Cam and Dave
Cam and me.  On Guard Duty.

Yes, yes, it WAS hard work, but there were two of us.  Teamwork helps lighten the load.

After one of our walks, I called a meeting:

IMG_4503dcz Dave, Cam, Zim
"OK, listen up, you guys!"
"About to kiss Davy on the muzzle in 5.... 4.... 3...."
"About to Zimstigate some play with Camo in 3.... 2...."

It was ... um ... a pretty productive meeting.  From a Siberian standpoint.

Even though there's a new member of the family, as you can see Zim still gets to go on special adventures - and me?  I still get to do a lot of this:

IMG_4535dc Dave
"Mom?  Hi, Mom.  Mommmmm...."

(Cammie is still growing her tummy fur back in after her spay operation.  It's a tough time of year for coat re-growth, but it'll come back in!)

Mom is thrilled that things like this are happening:

IMG_4545zc Zim and Cam
"Who, US?"
"Yeah.  Who, US?"

Not exactly that the redheads are getting into mischief together ... but sort of.  It's yet another sign of a really good pack fit with Camo.  In many ways, it's like she's been here forever - but we're just this weekend going to have her 4-week anniversary!  Speaking on behalf of me and Zim, we're really happy that she's our sister.  And we're pretty sure that even though she had a good home before, she's really happy here.  

So, yes, Mom loves that Cam and Zim are playing and hanging out together.  She knew that would happen eventually, but she and Dad were concerned about my quality of life if we adopted.  Mom thinks this next picture speaks volumes about the relationship between me and Cammie.

IMG_4547cd Cam and Dave

Yeah.  It's like that.

Have a great weekend, everyone!



  1. Davy, you posted the perfect Photo Finish Friday! You made us feel as warm and fuzzy inside as we are on the outside! We love that your sisfur is a happy member of the Army and of course you'll still your mom's cuddlebug!

  2. That last picture is just pawfect! The bond between a brother and sister. That's so sweet.

    But I think you were a mean big brother to show a picture of poor Camo's bare belly! Don't worry, Camo, I looked away. I still think you're beeYOUtiful.

  3. awwww - sounds like Cammie is a great fit into the family. you all (gonna have to learn to stop sayin "guys") had a great week. :)

  4. You are so right the last pic speaks volumes. Happy days guys n gal. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. First we liked the army blanket you were laying on and second we loved seeing all well cammie is fitting into her new home, two big brothers would definitely be cool!!
    stella rose

  6. Awesome Photo Finish Friday, Davy!


  7. You and Cam-a-Roo sure have things covered on guard duty. All entry ways are secure. No one is getting in there. I am glad that there is still plenty of mom time for you, you know my MOM loves to see that. In fact I think your mom is managing time with each of you very well. You have a super mom. But it helps that the three of you are just...well perfect.

  8. Perfect

  9. We are so very happy that you boys have a sissy in your lives again. She's beautiful and she ALWAYS looks happy!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  10. Aren't siblings great? We are happy to have each other here too.

    Millie & Walter

  11. I couldn't be happier that you are all so happy! There's nothing better than having a great family!

    Khady Lynn

  12. You guys make up a great team. Kiss on the nose to Dave. <3

  13. Great pictures, and love the stories that go with them!