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Saturday, June 01, 2013

Indoor Games

Ha roo, pups and cool cats!  It's me, Zim!  As Cam told you yesterday, our weather has been a bit of a challenge lately - storms, thick and hot, just crazy stuff!  The afternoons have been too hot for us to go much further than to the corner and back for a walk so we've had to resort to playing some indoor games.  Oh, not like Parcheesi, Monopoly, or Scrabble ... I mean Siberian games!  Take the other day, for instance ...

There I was, hanging out with Mom, being the very good boy that I am:

"Hey, Mom.  What's shakin'?  Need help with the dishes or anything?"

Yep.  Just trying to lend a hand where needed ... when I heard the call.

"Ohhhh... ZIMmmmm-ieeeee!!??!!"

It was my kid sister, and clearly she needed my help!

"Want to playyyy?!?"
"Bring it, sista-C!"

That kid sure knows how to spice up a boring afternoon!

"Zoom, zoom, zoom!"
"Zoom, zoom, zoom!"

We were having all kinds of fun - then things might have gotten a little bit on the crazier than acceptable side - I mean just maybe.  Dave told Mom he'd step in so she wouldn't have to.  Is he a wonderful big brother, or what?!?!

"OK, you two!  Remember the house zoomie rules!  Nothing too rough, no banging into furniture ...
Zim, are you sure your back is up for this?"

"Yeah, Dave!  I'm good to go!"

Sometimes I forget that I have a bad back.  OK, most of the time I forget that I have a bad back.  Ha roo!

"You're clear on the rules, right, Cammie?"
"She'll be OK, Dave!!!"

"Let's go, go, GO!!!"

"OK!  Remember the rules --- now ... ZOOM!!!"

We zoomed and zoomed and ZOOMED and had a blast!  We observed ALL the rules - didn't bang into one thing and played really nice!  Here's a collage:


What a great way to spend the afternoon!

"You about ready for a water break?"
"Sounds good, Zimmie!"

Got to stay hydrated, right?  Besides, it was almost time for another walk!

Have I mentioned lately how fun it is to have a kid sister?

Play bows,


  1. Hey Zim, I know you'd love having a kid sister to play with. Glad your back isn't bothering you! I think it is crazy here when Hunter does his Blitz's inside but if there were more Bichons, it would just be nuts.
    Wags and Woofs,
    Noreen & Hunter

  2. Lovely photos - I enjoyed today's post as usual!

    Pop over and follow and comment ;) @www.mydogdiaries1.blogspot.com and/or www.mycatdiaries1.blogspot.com

    Jessica, Charlie Boy, Roman and Brooke xxxx

  3. Pawsome Zim that your are having fun with your sis and that Dave makes sure it is all fun and no banging into furniture etc etc. Go have a blast pals. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. That looks like FUN!! I want to come have zoomies with you!

  5. OMD I love watching you do zoomies. Dave is super for stepping in with the rules. You must be pooped.

    Loveys Sasha

  6. It's nice to have someone to play with!


  7. Who could resist that sweet sweet Wooo of Can-a-Roo. Zoomies indoors are fun fun fun. Good thing Dave stepped in to remind all of the rules. He is indeed a GREAT big brother. Some would have just went straight to the kitchen and told a mom or dad, but not Dave. That is why he is the best.

  8. At FURST we thought this was gonna be somethingy like REINDEER Games... butt NOoooooo Way... these are WAY better than ANY Reindeer games could EVEr be.

  9. You two were all a blur! It looks a lot like our house. We've been having hot weather too so there has been a lot of in house zoomies and wrestling matches.

    Millie & Walter

  10. We're glad that Davy was just making sure everySibe was safe so you and Cam could do zoomies without hurting your back! Looks like you both had a great time!

  11. Love the blurs! This made me laugh. When its really nasty here, we have to find ways to play indoor games as well.

  12. Dave is the fun police. It is a thankless job, but in the long run, it saves you from getting into trouble for banging into things that could topple and break.

    Your little sister has turned you back into a youngster yourself. It's all good.


    P.S. It's 7AM and I better get momma walking before it is too jungle hot for yours truly. Yikes!

  13. we get like that around here sometimes. Mom says the furniture is safe, but toes and kittens must be up :)

  14. It's so weird that once zoomies start, the humans always decide it's FINALLY time for a walk!


  15. Zim you guys are making Gizmo jealous...He's bugging me now to get him some zoomie partners You all had a blast!

  16. That's the perfect way to spend the day!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly