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Thursday, July 18, 2013


As readers of the Ao4 Digest know, we like this blog to be upbeat, to celebrate the lives of our sweet pups.  Today, the keyboard has been turned over to me, their mom, so that I can ask you to CELEBRATE with us the remarkable life of Dave.

(honorary birthday)  15 January 1998 - 17 July 2013

Dave loved life and was so happy just to "be invited to the party".  He had a hug for everyone he met, had one of the richest singing voices, and was such a happy-go-lucky guy.  He loved to play, he loved to snuggle, he loved to help me work with the colors I'm unable to see.

Dave, Guide Dog for the Color Blind

Every day with Dave was a gift.  He brought love and joy, he brought playfulness, he brought fun to the party.  And I strongly believe he wants that to continue.  For all of us.  He's with his sisters Stormy and Amber now, and has met the rest of our pack, Jesse, Lucky, and Booter.  He can run and play again, he's feasting on beef brisket and watermelon (like the Texan that he is), and other than missing us, he's happy.  His body is no longer a burden to that hearty spirit of his.

Dave was a walking, jumping, gallumping celebration of life.  He plunged into our lives with gusto and changed all of us for the better.  He asked for very little in return.  Maybe for some tummy rubs.

So, please - celebrate the life of our Dave!  Don't be sad - and please don't post about him on your blogs.  Do not post photos of him, don't blog about us losing him.  He would not want that; it would only spread sadness.  If you have something you'd like to say about Dave, please leave a comment here or zip an email to Ao4HQs - at gmail.com.  

Now go do something fun to honor him.  He'd like that.

Thank you for honoring my request - and thank you for celebrating the great life of Dave with us.

From all of us here at Ao4 Headquarters - 


  1. Heading out for morning walkies right now. All our love,

    RA, Isis & Nanük

  2. Mom Kim here in Topeka - oh shucks, I am stuck here at work after being on extended medical leave so I can't take off to go home and be with Shiloh'n Diva Shasta like I want to be right now. Wish I could get out and walk the Beaglebratz all around the neighborhood. My Shiloh sounds like Dave - content to lay and nap but loves to just hang out wherever is invited.
    Mom Kim, Shiloh'n Diva Shasta

    PS- I hope you don't mind if I say g'bye to Dave - sounds like he was a sweet guy.

  3. OK! Extra tummy rubs all around in honor of Dave.

  4. We will celebrate Dave's wonderful and happy life to be sure. Sad news indeed but we will honour your wishes.

    Dave will dance on in heaven, sweetheart Boy!

    Much love to you all, Jeannie and Marvin xxxxx

    Marvin will get an extra treat tonight in Dave's honour xx

  5. Dave will always be one of our favorites. Sending hugs to all of you, tummy rubs to the pups, and we'll be taking Sam on a special walk for him tonight.


  6. Cinderella hopes that he will save her the first dance when she joins him at the Rainbow Bridge. Dave was such a wonderful, awesome guy who always made us smile. I loved his fun playtimes with his toys, his snuggle-time with his momma, and his little feety-feet. We'll miss him very much. We'll take an extra-long walk and family time tonight in his honor.

  7. Run Free Sweet Davie! You were always one of my favorites and were lucky to have lived a long life (mostly) at the A04 HQ. I will miss the work you did with your mom and her quilting. Those were some of my favorite posts with you. Here is a kiss on you sweet pickle nose. Till we meet again.

    Love and hugs,

    Cindy, Millie & Walter

  8. We shall miss that beautiful freckly face, have fun when you meet up with your pack Dave north of the rainbow bridge.
    We will celebrate your life and have extra dinner tonight.
    Much love from your friends in Spain
    Khumbu, Kyra and our hu'mum

  9. We never got to meet Dave but if he is anything like you guys then he was extra special.
    Mom is rubbing our tummies extra today.
    stella rose

  10. He will be missed. I will give my cats an extra belly rub in his honor.

  11. Dear Dave,

    I never quite did understand your love for snuggles but to honor you, I promise to give Mrs. Master some snuggles tonight.

    We will miss you very much. You were always so wise and caring. I hope you have lots of lab *ahem* I mean husky friends up there and that there is a great mom to snuggle with you.


  12. We have to get over the initial shock and incredible sadness before we can smile. We are so very, very sorry. We loved you, Dave.
    Make sure you have a HUGE ice cream cone with angel Maggie, sweet Dave ♥

    Mitch and Molly

  13. Dave...say hi to all our friends. We will miss you. Hugs to you Karen, Zim and Cammy...

    Love, Ruby, Speedy & Michele

  14. I was so hoping to meet Dave someday... I feel like I've known him for so long even though we've never met. Good bye Dave....

  15. We love Dave, always have... always will. Mom says that today we'll get extra hugs, extra belly rubs, and extra-good stuff for dinner in celebration of Dave and what a great pup he was.

    Mom said that she thinks about Dave every time she paints (cause of his fabulous color-sense, of course) and that will continue to be her way of celebrating your handsome sweet boy.

    We do send woos, licks, puppy snuggles & prayers to all of woo.

    Jack & moo

  16. As always, we will honor your request not to blog about him, but know how much he has meant to all of us at Chez Herd. Dave was one of our very first blogging friends (along with the rest of the A04) and we will always cherish his memory.

    Hopefully, he and Rusty are finally comparing their pickle noses and running around the bridge with gusto!

    We have many memories of him to make us smile.

  17. You will me missed and not forgotten Dave. We are shocked but in your honour we will go and give some big hugs all round pal. Run free and fast furend.
    Best wishes Molly

  18. We are so sorry for the loss of Dave, but rejoice that you choose to celebrate his life! He was a special guy and we know that he made sure Zim and Cammie were well trained.

  19. I'm so sorry Dave has gone to the Bridge. He will be missed but not forgotten. Hugs...

  20. We're so sorry about Dave but we'll be sure to celebrate his life by playing and having some fun. We know he wouldn't want us to be sad but we are. We loved him like he was family and will miss him but we're super glad we got to know him through the Ao4! Love, hugs and purrs to you!

  21. Additionally belly rubs will be distributed as soon as I get home from work in celebration of Dave!

    -Dr. Liz and Family

  22. Dear Friends, Words escape me; I know you said no sadness but my heart hurts for you guys. So many memories to bring you smiles. He will be running free and saying thank you for all the love you gave.

  23. OH Davey we just do not know what to say.

    We will take turns allowing mom to rub our tummies in YOUR HONOR.

    Run Free and FAST dear furend...

  24. dear, sweet, Dave! we cannot help it but our eyes are a little bit leaky...then we think about your Labra-spirit and sense of fun and smile. We bet you have endless squeaky toys there Over The Rainbow Bridge :) we're having some extra playtime in your honor. purrs,

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie, Wriggley

  25. I'm so very sorry for your loss. Dave is running free, with Schoep (who also passed yesterday) at the bridge.

  26. Anonymous7:30 PM

    Why yes, I can celebrate Dave for sure. In my mind, heart and memories...no problem...don't need to post about that...I knew I just knew...paw pats, Savannah

  27. Havestg's nana here. It was with tears I read the post and with tears I write this. But I also have a beautiful image of Dave running like the wind; running as only a Sibe can and meeting his sisters. What joy for the three of them and the meeting of the other three. Hugs for you Karen and Mike and Zim and Cammie. Dave there will be ear scratches for you and the others when in time I come to find my own four legged and feathered family.

  28. I will always remember you dear Dave.
    You gave us a great example.
    You worked very hard with your mom.
    You enjoyed your toys. You knew how to have fun. You were a master of the snuggly time.
    Thanks for sharing your life with us.
    Lots of love to you, Zim, Cammy, your mom and your dad.
    Lorenza and mom

  29. Dave Dave Dave my brother I sure will miss you, words really can't express how much. But I know that you are with your family over that bridge and helping the Big Guy pick out the perfect colors for those sunsets and sunrises. I will snuggle with my MOM tonight as we watch the sky for your colorful display. I love ya brother, save me some watermelon for when we meet again.
    Much Love,
    Goose and my MOM

  30. RIP Dave!! I am sure he had a wonderful life he is remembreing at the bridge right now!!

  31. Here's to celebrating a life well lived - I've learned alot about the breed from your posts and Dave leaves a heck of a legacy. Run free Dave.

  32. I love your blog, and this post is wonderful. I was shocked to hear your news, but we will honour your request by playing with feety feet.

  33. goodbye, sweet David of the best haiku um hai-woos I've ever seen!

    Hugs to your family - I know you will miss him terribly! I lost touch with the Army (my fault - oh life) and hadn't realized until a few months ago that the others were gone.

    A life of joy, that's what his was, right?

  34. Run swift in your silver harness, sweet Dave. We will miss you so much. But we will honor you by living life to the fullest and doing zoomies every chance we get!

  35. We'll miss you Dave! I hope this doesn't come off as irreverent in light of your loss, but to keep with Dave's fun-loving personality, it might be a good tribute to see what kind of funky quilting you do without his expert assistance in color selection.

    Thank you so much for sharing Dave with us!
    Steve, Kat, and Wilbur

  36. I will remember Dave as the only dog who has ever jumped IN my car through the driver's window while I was sitting in the driver's seat! Sweet and silly boy with a big heart! In his honor, I will use the window to get into my car tonight, so I can see it from his perspective! Much love to you all!

  37. I learned a lot from Dave…. he was very smart and wise. I will miss you Dave.

  38. Dave was so handsome and I will always think of him cuddling around his Mommies feet and legs. Run free Dave and look for Remington.

    Loveys Sasha

  39. Dave found his furever home and you were all blessed with each other. I'm sure he'll meet Bryn & the two of them will watch as Brad and Dolly walk each day. After all, he really was a lab inside that husky fur.

  40. So sorry to hear about Dave. He was the best color dog to the blind we knew!
    Big hugs and giant Dane kisses from us in Singapore!

  41. Anonymous5:34 AM

    Awwwweee. Dave. I'm gonna miss you and your beautiful freckles!

    Much love from all of us at Wild Dingo to your mom and family!

  42. Dave we will miss you! You were always such a big help to your mom! We will always cherish the laptop case that you helped pick out the materials for!

    Hugs to your family!

    Mochi and Bali

  43. Oh Dave, I will miss you. sorry I missed this place. Have fun over the bridge. What a great boy you were, I hope I can bring such happiness to my family for as long as you did to yours!
    Off to go do some zoomies with Arran for you.
    ~Lickies, Ludo

  44. We love you Dave and will always. You and your zest got us, Remy and Flash to try blogging, our Dad is the one who didn't keep it up but we always enjoyed checking up on you.

    We will do something good for you this weekend.

    Remy and Flash

  45. Dave,
    You were one special guy and really ran a tight ship at A04 HQ. I'm going to miss you, but what a great life you had. I hope that your household can survive being run by the blond and the redhead. Run free, buddy.


  46. Hi Davey,

    We just want you to know that we thank you for being an inspiration to us Piappies on being creative with your hai-woos, fun-loving with all the catch-toy skills and just simply loving!

    We will celebrate you with lots of tummy rubs from Piappies Mom.

    We will miss you but we have you in our hearts so you'll still be near, right?

    We love you, Davey!!!

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Max, Wai-Pai & Forgie