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Friday, July 26, 2013

Photo Finish Friday

Hello, everyone.  It's me, Cammie, here with Photo Finish Friday.  A quick update for you, before I get started.  Remember yesterday's post about Mom putting that bone-shaped mat in my favorite napping spot?  What on earth was she thinking?!?  Well, by the end of the day yesterday, she was ready to move it out of there, since the most I had done was use is as a pillow.  Just as she was coming in there to get it ...


Zimmie said my timing was perfect. Mom doesn't know what to think now. Ha roowooroo.

In other news this week, Zim and I have been helping Mom in her Studio. (She has started her blog back up, if anyone is interested. There are pix of Zim and me in it. I especially like the collar Mom made me and the watchband she made Dad!) Anyway, there are all kinds of interesting things down there, to include a dog who always seems to have a cookie in his mouth. It doesn't seem quite fair; he won't share and he seems like a real stiff. I found another guy down there.

"You don't have a cookie, either, do you?  Is that why you look so sad?"

 He's a bit of a stiff, too, but at least he isn't flaunting a cookie in my face.

Zimmie's been real helpful down there, too.  He makes sure Mom takes frequent breaks and also stands Guard Duty on the stairs.

SGT Zim on Guard Duty

He's really good at it.  No one's gotten down to the Studio except for Dad, and he's authorized!

Other than that, Zim and I have been spending a lot of time playing really sweetly and gently with each other.

"Hi, Zimmie!   Want to know a secret?"



We're Siberian Huskies.  That IS playing nice!  No one got hurt, we didn't knock into any furniture or bipeds holding the iPhone, and we had FUN!

Have a great weekend, everyone!



  1. glad you two are keeping your mom guessing :)

  2. This is an A+ post from start to finish. You are one great gal Cammie!


  3. Great photos to finih up the wek, Camo! Especially that last one of woo, what a beautiful pic!

    We're furry glad woo & Zim have such a good time playing together!

    Jack & Moo

  4. Cam-a-Roo you want to know a swcert? I want to play with you too! Do you think Zim would let me pass his guard position? I'll give him a cookie.

  5. Cami - so glad you finally approved of the mat move. Maybe next time SHE will ask you before she moves it again.
    Have a grrrrrrrrreat weekend.

  6. BOL re the mat you sure are keeping mum on her toes Camo and Zim. Enjoy your playtime pals. It is humid here now and we are just chillaxing trying to stay cool. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. We had a little chuckle when we saw you on the rug, was that a spearhead patch on that bulldog? We thought we recognized it.
    stella rose

  8. OK... so TOMORROW you will go back to using it fur a PILLOW again, Right? Gotta keep her on her toes. BaaaaWaaaah

    Can't wait to have you show us the stuffs your mom is making.

  9. BOL - keep your Mom guessing, Cam... Eventually she will decide you need more walks or treats to help deal with the odd behaviors... :D


  10. Look at that face of innocence. I'd frame that puppy and put her on the wall.....too precious!

  11. Cammie, that last picture of you is adorable!

    I chewed on mum's toes for fun really early this morning. Just putting that out there.

  12. That last photo is PURRFECT.
    ...sorry, that's cat-speak for awesome.

    ; ) Katie

  13. Love that you are keeping your momma on her toes!! It's a dogs job you know. BTW, love that Cam's collar and the watch band you made for your hubby. What a special memory of Dave.

  14. We can't believe that bulldog didn't even have a cookie . Are you sure you guys were playing nice.
    Benny & Lily

  15. We love the secret telling and then BOOM! We play like that too!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  16. Just keep them guessing Camo! We love that last "What?" picture of you.

    Millie & Walter

  17. Hi Camo - that last picture of you is just GORGEOUS!! :-)

    I also really love your bone-shaped mat. It's been lovely catching up on your news - and I always like your "Photo Finish Friday" posts!

    Honey the Great Dane